Quick Shots

Molten lead at 800°F is shown being “puddled”, a process originally used to make steel from pig iron
Attendees of the OLUG workshop
National Geographic Energy
NLUF Jet Target

NLUF Jet Target

LLE Blood Drive

LLE Blood Drive

A cone target

NLUF Jet Target

A crew from the Discovery Channel prepares to film in the OMEGA Laser Bay

Discovery Channel at LLE

Oliver Landoas, Jean-Luc Bourgade, and Cédric Courtois
Neutron Time-of-Flight Detector in Fabrication
Team from University of Michigan
Target shot
Inertial confinement fusion cover
Rachel Kurchin looking at spherical target inside a glass hohlraum

Summer Research Program

Off-Axis Parabolic Optic installed

Off-Axis Parabolic Optic

OMEGA EP target chamber illuminated by green light
OMEGA EP tiled grating assemblies
Honoring Captain Steven J. Loucks, retirement