Quick Shots

Phillip V. Sarcione, Randy M. Biegelman, and Paul M. Moskal
A polymer target with an embedded gold cone
Gold-plated copper components for the Moving Cryostat Upgrade
Nuclear Diagnostic Inserters
Garrett Harencak tours the Omega Laser Facility
A partially assembled service trailer that includes two cable carriers
Attendees of ILOW
Amplifier housings are lit as OMEGA EP's four beams fire
Group photo with Stephen Craxton and high students
Colorful spectral dispersion

Grating Photomask

Tiled-grating assemblies (TGA1) is shown reflected off the Fizeau Selection Mirror
Tour of Omega EP

Touring LLE

Panoramic view of OMEGA EP
A grating tile being aligned for evaluation on a Zygo 18-in. phase-shifting interferometer
Molten lead at 800°F is shown being “puddled”, a process originally used to make steel from pig iron
Attendees of the OLUG workshop
National Geographic Energy
NLUF Jet Target

NLUF Jet Target

LLE Blood Drive

LLE Blood Drive

A cone target

NLUF Jet Target

A crew from the Discovery Channel prepares to film in the OMEGA Laser Bay

Discovery Channel at LLE