Theses from NLUF and other External University Student Research

NLUF & Other Theses
Author Title University File Size Year
C. H. Allen Experimentally Measuring Thermal Conductivity in Warm Dense Matter Using Fresnel Diffractive Radiography University of Nevada, Reno 2023
A. M. Angulo Hydrodynamic Instabilities in High-Energy-Density Physics University of Michigan 2023
K. A. Bhutwala Intense Proton Beam Heating and Transport in Dense Plasmas University of California, San Diego (UCSD) 2023
S. Coffing Modeling Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Shocks, and Radiation Waves in High Energy Density Experiments University of Michigan 2023
N. V. Kabadi Exploring Evolution of Multi-Ion Effects and Electron Temperature in ICF Implosions at Omega and the NIF MIT 2022
B. M. Khan Advanced Direct Drive Shock Ignition Studies University of York 2022
D. Kim Laser-Driven Dynamic Compression of Planetary Materials Princeton University 2022
B. K. Russell Magnetic Field Dynamics and Shock Physics at High Intensity Frontier of Laser Plasma Interactions The University of Michigan 2022
R. Simpson Investigation of Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration for the Development of Tunable Ion Sources for Applications in High Energy Desnity Science MIT 2022
G. Sutcliffe Experimental Studies of Magnetic Field Generation and Saturation Mechanisms in Laser-Driven Plasmas MIT 2022
R .VanDervort Experiments at the Intersection of Inertially Confined Fusion and Astrophysics: An Investigation of an Asymmetrically Irradiated Foam Sphere The University of Michigan 2022
V. Boufettier Development of X-Ray Interferometry and Application to Phase Contrast Imaging of Dense and Turbulent Plasmas University of Bordeaux 2021
A. Chien Particle Acceleration Due to Magnetic Reconnection Using Laser-Powered Capacitor Coils Princeton University 2021
B. Lahmann Using Fusion-Product Spectroscopy to Diagnose Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions and Study Stopping Power on OMEGA, the NIF, and Z MIT 2021
H. J. LeFevre Radiation Hydrodynamics Experiments on Large High-Energy-Density-Physics Facilities that are Relevant to Astrophysics The University of Michigan 2021
D. Cliche Three-Dimensional Ray Tracing and Advanced Applications of Multi-Monochromatic X-Ray Imaging to High-Energy-Density Implosion Core Plasmas University of Nevada, Reno 2020
J. Levesque Magnetized, Laser-Driven, Plasma Experiments at Astrophysically Relevant Conditions, and Proton Imaging of Magnetic Fields The University of Michigan 2020
Y. Lu Multi-Physics Modelings and Analysis for Magnetized High-Energy-Density Laser Driven Plasma Flows Rice University 2020
J. Matteucci Magnetic Field Generation and Reconnection in High Energy Density Plasmas Princeton University 2020
D. Mayes Observation and Characterization of Trends in the Ionization of the Warm Absorber Photoionized Plasma Experiment at Z University of Nevada, Reno 2020
K. Meaney Cherenkov Gamma Ray Detectors on High-Energy-Density-Systems University of New Mexico 2020
G. Perez-Callejo Spectroscopic Characterisation of the Effects of Plasma Geometry on the Angular Distribution of X-Ray Emission in HED Plasmas Oxford University 2020
R. P. Schoenfeld Observations from a Long Duration X-Ray Source for Laboratory Astrophysics University of Nevada, Reno 2020
S. Zhang Hot Electron Generation and Laser–Plasmas Instabilities in Shock Ignition Conditions UCSD 2020
A. F. A. Bott Magnetic-Field Amplification in Turbulent Laser Plasmas University of Oxford 2019
L. E. Elgin High-Energy-Density Physics Experiments of Rayleigh–Taylor Instability Growth at Low-Density-Contrast The University of Michigan 2019

C. J. Holcomb

The Microphysics of Gyroresonant Streaming Instabilities and Cosmic Ray Self-Confinement

Princeton University

R. Hua Study of Fields Structure at Strong Shock Front in Low-Density System UCSD 2019

A. E. Hussein

Laser-Driven Electron Accelerators as a Broadband Radiation Source—from Infrared to

The University of Michigan

P. Kordell Collisionless Shock Acceleration of Ions in Underdense Plasma The University of Michigan 2019

A. M. Rasmus

Shock Driven Discrete Vortex Growth on Oblique Interfaces

The University of Michigan


J. Trela

Effect of Hot Electrons on the Hydrodynamic of Shocks and Implosions for Shock Ignition

Université de Bordeaux

17.8 MB 2019
A. Rigby Magnetic Effects in Astrophysically Relevant Laboratory Plasmas Oxford University 2018
A. Saunders Using X-Ray Thomson Scattering to Measure Plasma Conditions in Warm Dense Matter Experiments on the OMEGA Laser UC Berkley 2018
H. Sio Using Time-Resolved Nuclear Diagnostics to Probe
Kinetic/Multi-Ion Physics and Shock Dynamics on OMEGA and the NIF
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2018
M. Sims Simulating Meteor Impacts in the Diamond Anvil Cell Stonybrook 2018
J. R. Fein Mitigation of Hot Electrons from Laser–Plasma Instabilities in Laser-Generated X-Ray Sources The University of Michigan 22.5 MB 2017
M. G. Newman On the Kinetics of Materials of Geophysical Interest California Institute of Technology 2017
J. L. Peebles Impact of Pre-Plasma on Electron Generation and Transport in Laser Plasma Interactions University of California, San Diego 67.7 MB 2017
J. D. Sadler Optimisation and Applications of Raman Plasma Amplifiers University of Oxford 11.7 MB 2017
W. C. Wan Supersonic, Single-Mode and Dual-Mode Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Experiments Driven by a Laser-Produced Shockwave The University of Michigan 10.3 MB 2017
R. P. Young Laboratory Astrophysics Experiments to Study Star Formation The University of Michigan 21 MB 2017
S. Zhao Shock-Induced Amorphization in Covalently Bonded Solids UC San Diego 8.5 MB 2017
E. N. Hahn Non-Equilibrium Simulations of Defects, Damage, and Phase Transformations in Extreme Regimes University of California, San Diego 12.9 MB 2016
J. Kim Study of Intense Proton Beams: Generation and Transport in Solid Density Matter University of California, San Diego 14.6 MB 2016
M. J. MacDonald Time-Resolved Measurements of Shock-Compressed Matter Using X-Rays The University of Michigan 8.9 MB 2016
C. V. Stan High-Pressure Studies of Analogs with Applications to Materials Science and Geoscience Princeton University 9 MB 2016
A. E. Raymond Fast Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interactions The University of Michigan 13.1 MB 2016
L. C. Jarrott Fast Electron Transport and Spatial Energy Deposition in Cu-doped Fast Ignition Plasmas University of California, San Diego 17.8 MB 2015
T. P. Remington Extreme Response in Tension and Compression of Tantalum University of California, San Diego 58.5 MB 2015
H. G. Rinderknecht Studies of Non-Hydrodynamic Processes in ICF Implosions on OMEGA and the National Ignition Facility Massachusetts Institute of Technology 60.9 MB 2015
A. B. Zylstra Using Fusion-Product Spectroscopy to Study Inertial Fusion
Implosions, Stopping Power, and Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis at OMEGA and the NIF
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 49.2 MB 2015
C. A. Di Stefano Experimental Hydrodynamic Instability at High Energy Density The University of Michigan 14.6 MB 2014
E. J. Gamboa Spatially-Resolved X-ray Scattering Experiments The University of Michigan 6.2 MB 2013
C. M. Krauland Radiative Reverse Shock Experiments in High-Energy-Density Plasmas The University of Michigan 5.2 MB 2013
M. J.-E. Manuel Rayleigh–Taylor-Induced Electromagnetic Fields in Laser-Produced Plasmas Massachusetts Institute of Technology 33.9 MB 2013
D. T. Casey Diagnosing Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions at OMEGA and the NIF Using Novel Neutron Spectrometry Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5.1 MB 2012
C. M. Huntington High-Energy-Density Physics Experiments Relevant to Astrophysical Systems The University of Michigan 13.9 MB 2012
N. Sinenian Fast-Ion Spectrometry of ICF Implosions and Laser-Foil Experiments at the Omega and MTW Laser Facilities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 14.7 MB 2012
A. J. Visco Temperature Measurements in Radiative Shock Experiments The University of Michigan 11.8 MB 2012
F. W. Doss Structure in Radiative Shock Experiments The University of Michigan 30 MB 2011
T. Nagayama Polychromatic Tomography of High Energy Density Plasmas University of Nevada, Reno 3.5 MB 2011
R. L. Carver Shocks and Jets from the Laboratory Environment to the Astrophysical Regime: Transforming AstroBEAR Into an All Purpose MHD Simulation Package Rice University 2.7 MB 2010
E. C. Harding Observations of Shear Flows in High-Energy-Density Plasmas University of Michigan 3 MB 2010
D. K. Spaulding Laser-Driven Shock Compression Studies of Planetary Compositions University of California, Berkeley 9.3 MB 2010
C. C. Kuranz Blast-Wave-Driven, Multidimensional Rayleigh–Taylor Instability Experiments The University of Michigan 2.4 MB 2009
A. B. Reighard Collapsing Radiative Shock Experiments on the Omega Laser The University of Michigan 5.6 MB 2007
J. R. Rygg Shock Convergence and Mix Dynamics in Inertial Confinement Fusion Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 MB 2006
L. A. Welser Spectroscopic Determination of Temperature and Density Spatial Profiles and Mix in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosion Cores University of Nevada, Reno 5.2 MB 2006
D. G. Hicks Charged-Particle Spectroscopy: A New Window on Inertial Confinement Fusion Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4.6 MB 1999