LLE Theses

LLE Theses


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X. Gong

High Pressure Phase Diagram of Silicon

R. Jia

Interfacial Property Modification by Organic Monolayer Coatings

D. Patel

Understanding the Effects of Laser Drive Perturbations on Inertial Confinement Fusion Cryogenic
Implosions on the OMEGA Laser

B. J. Henderson

Hugoniot Measurements of Silicon and Radiance Transition in Shocked Silica Aerogel

16.0 MB 2023
M. F. Huff

The equations of state of shocked iron and bridgmanite

9.5 MB 2023
D. W. Ramsey

Electron Dynamics and Radiation Generation in a Flying Focus

G. Tabak

The Insulator-to-Conductor Transition in Methane and Neon at Extreme Pressures

S. F. Nwabunwanne

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Efficient and Ultrafast Ultraviolet Photodiodes Based on Aluminum Gallium Nitride/Gallium Nitride Heterostructures

4.14 MB 2023
M. B. P. Adams

Elucidation of Magnetic Field Generation via Laser-Target Illumination in the Magnetohydrodynamic Framework 

P. K. Franke

Spatiotemporal Pulse Shaping for Laser-Plasma-Based Applications

6.1 MB 2022
J. M. Garcia-Figueroa

Depiction of the Ambipolar-State of the Gas-Substrate Interphase of the Electron Cyclotron Resonance – Microwave – Chemical Vapor Deposition (ECR-MW-CVD) Method and Its Influence over the Properties of Vapor-Deposited Hydrocarbon Films

4.7 MB 2022
V. Gopalaswamy

A Statistical Analysis of DT Cryogenic Laser Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments

4.1 MB 2022
G. W. Jenkins

Divided Pulse Nonlinear Compression: A Scalable Technique to Overcome High-Power Nonlinear Compression Limitations

5.2 MB 2022
L.S. Leal

Plasma Dynamics in Magnetized Laser-generated Plasmas

5.3 MB 2022
A. Lees

A Physics-based Statistical Mapping Approach to Understand and Improve the Performance of Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on OMEGA

6.7 MB 2022
S. C. Miller

Hydrodynamic Instabilities in Inertial Confinement Fusion: Physics, Numerical Methods, and Implementation

7.5 MB 2022
Z. L. Mohamed

Neutron and Gamma Time-of-Flight Measurements in Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments

6 MB 2022
R. Paul

Temperature-induced Complexities in Phase Transitions and Dynamics of
Compressed Matter

13.51 MB 2022
Y. Akbas

Carrier Transport and Photoresponse Studies in Asymmetrical Nano-Channel Diodes 

13.4 MB 2021
C. E. Fagan

Tritium Interactions with Austenitic Stainless Steel Type 316

13.4 MB 2021
A. M. Hansen

Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Saturation

6.9 MB 2021
L. E. Hansen

Exploring the Off-Hugoniot Phase Diagrams of Carbon Dioxide and Magnesium Oxide Utilizing Static and Dynamic Precompression Techniques

4.2 MB 2021
O. M. Mannion

Studying High Energy Density Plasmas Using Three-Dimensional Neutron Spectroscopy

26.3 MB 2021
A. L. Milder

Electron Velocity Distribution Functions and Thomson Scattering

5.2 MB 2021
J. J. Ruby IV

Bayesian Inference of Fundamental Physics at Extreme Conditions

5.84 MB 2021
A. Schwemmlein

A TNSA Based Platform for Deuterium and Tritium Beams to Study Nuclear Reactions between Light Nuclei

4.1 MB 2021
A. Christopherson

Effects of Charged Particle Heating on the Hydrodynamics of Inertially Confined Plasmas

13.9 MB 2020
Y. Ding

Ab Initio Studies On The Transport Properties Of High Energy Density(HED) Plasmas

11.2 MB 2020
D. Zhao

Multi-Scale Energy Transfer in Variable Density Flows, with Applications to the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability

A. S. Davies Picosecond Thomson-Scattering Spectroscopy Investigation of Thermodynamics in Laser-Plasma Amplifiers 40.4 MB 2019
E. M. Schiesser Design Methods for Two Regimes of Unobscured Reflective Optical Systems 4.9 MB 2019
K. M. Woo The Influence of Three Dimensional Effects on the Core Dynamics and Nuclear Measurements of Inertial Fusion Implosions 24.1 MB 2019
D. Barnak Applications of Magnetic Fields in High Energy Density Plasmas 3.7 MB 2018
Z. Chen Evolution of Low-mass Symbiotic Binaries 13.6 MB 2018
B. Chock Electric-Field Assembly of Oil-Water Emulsions on a Lab-On-Chip Device to Make Targets 7.2 MB 2018
R. J. Henchen Direct Measurements of Nonlocal Heat Flux in Laser-Produced Coronal Plasmas Using Thomson Scattering from Electron-Plasma Waves 5.5 MB 2018
D. N. Polsin High-Pressure Phase Transformations of Ramp-Compressed Aluminum and Sodium 14.1 MB 2018
D. J. Saulnier Liquid Crystal Chiroptical Polarization Rotators for the Near-UV Region 5.1 MB 2018
C. R. Stillman High-Energy-Density Radiative and Material Properties Studies using Picosecond X-ray Spectroscopy 5.5 MB 2018
N. D. Viza A Droplet-Based Lab-on-Chip Approach for the Fabrication of Polymeric Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Shells 8.7 MB 2018
Y. Zhao AlGaN Metal-Semiconductor-Metal UV Photodetectors 5.6 MB 2018
A. Bose Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion: Analysis of the Implosion Core 11.1 MB 2017
A. K. Davis Laser Ablation and Hydrodynamic Coupling in Direct-Drive Inertial-Confinement-Fusion Experiments 3.8 MB 2017
M. C. Gregor The Shock and Release Behaviors of Diamond at Terapascal Pressures 5.4 MB 2017
T. S. Petersen Scaling Infrared Femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators to High Average Powers 2.9 MB 2017
B. W. Plansinis Applications of Space-Time Duality 4.8 MB 2017
K. A. Sharma Polarization-Dependent Coherence Measurements of Scattered Light Fields 80.9 MB 2017
J. R. Serafini Ultrafast Optical and Electronic Characterization of (Cd,Mg)Te Single Crystals 6.2 MB 2017
R. Xin All-Fiber, Directly Chirped Laser Source for Chirped-Pulse–Amplification 7 MB 2017
E. C. Hansen Outflows From Young Stellar Objects: Bringing Numerical Simulations Closer to Observations of Herbig-Haro Objects 21.5 MB 2016
C. A. McCoy The Sound Velocity and Grüneisen Parameter of Fused Silica, Periclase, and Polystyrene shocked to TPa pressures 3.4 MB 2016
K. Mehrotra Nano-mechanics of Optical Structures for High Laser-Damage Threshold Applications 6.2 MB 2016
S. Salzman Optimal Magnetorheological Fluid for Finishing of Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Zinc Sulfide 6.8 MB 2016
M. D. Sharpe On the Interaction of Tritium with the Surfaces of Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel (type 316), and Gold 11.2 MB 2016
H. Wen Two-Plasmon–Decay and Stimulated Raman Scattering in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 15.6 MB 2016
H. Yao Towards Ultra-High Efficiency Rare-Earth Doped Fiber Lasers in the Visible and Infrared 4.1 MB 2016
J. Zhang Numerical Investigation of Two Plasmon Decay Instability with Zakharov Model 20.9 MB 2016
R. Follett The Multiple-Beam Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability 1.4 MB 2015
C. J. Forrest Measurements of the Fuel Distribution in Cryogenic D-T Direct-Drive Implosions 2.6 MB 2015
L. J. Giannechini Design and Quanti cation of Highly Corrosion-Resistant Magnetorheological Finishing Powder 5 MB 2015
S. Ivancic Channeling Experiments on OMEGA EP 1.9 MB 2015
R. Nora Hydrodynamics of Inertial Confinement Fusion: Conventional Hot Spot and Shock Ignition 8.7 MB 2015
D. J. Christensen Investigation of Capillary-level Blood Flow Variability Through the Application of Random Access Multiphoton Microscopy to Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging 2.2 MB 2014
K. Fuerschbach Freeform, φ-Polynomial Optical Surfaces: Optical Design, Fabrication and Assembly 10.2 MB 2014
L. Gao Measurements of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Effects in Ablatively-Driven High Energy Density Systems 10 MB 2014
G. H. Jensen Temperature-Dependent Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of Thin-Film Vanadium Dioxide 3.4 MB 2014
C. L. Lewis Structure-Property Relationships for Polymers Bearing Reversibly Associating Side-Groups 5.3 MB 2014
S. Li Heterogeneous Flow in Interstellar Medium and Star Formation 2.6 MB 2014
Q. Du Electrospinning of Polymeric and Ceramic Fibers: Understanding of the Morphological Control and Its Application 8.6 MB 2013
P.-Y. Chang Laser-Driven Magnetic-Flux Compression: Theory and Experiments 13.4 MB 2013
E. Groves Soliton Solutions for High-Bandwidth Optical Pulse Storage and Retrieval 3.5 MB 2013
X. Kong GPU Accelerated Particle-in-cell Simulations with Charge-Conserving Current Deposition 3 MB 2013
P. Li Group IV Semiconductor Spintronics 2.8 MB 2013
H. P. H. Liddell Enhancing the Performance of Multilayer-Dielectric Diffraction Gratings Through Cleaning Process Modifications and Defect Mitigation 4.3 MB 2013
M. J. Moynihan Double Emulsion Generation in the Mass Production of Inertial Confinement Fusion Targets Using T-Junctions 2.7 MB 2013
S.-K. Ni Electrical Properties and Infrared Luminescence of Er:SiO2/nc-Si Multilayers under Lateral Carrier Injection 2.3 MB 2013
K. Park Theory and Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamos and Faraday Rotation for Plasmas of General Composition 5.9 MB 2013
K. Savino Microstructured Hydroxyapatite Membranes for Ion Conducting and Orthopedic Applications 2.6 MB 2013
Y. Fu Light Emission and Slot Waveguide Effect in Er-doped SiO2/Si nanocrystalline Multilayer Structures 2.5 MB 2012
S. Lee Organic Light-Emitting Devices with Linearly-Graded Mixed Host Architecture 1.1 MB 2012
T. Y.-H. Lee A New Class of Bipolar Chemical Hybrids as Prospective Hosts for Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes 3.0 MB 2012
G. Li Laser Channeling and Hosing in Millimeter-Scale Underdense Plasmas in Fast Ignition 3.7 MB 2012
H. Lin Study of Molybdenum Oxide as a Back Contact Buffer for Thin Film n-CdS/p-CdTe Solar Cells 2.1 MB 2012
J. B. Oliver Evaporated HfO2/SiO2 Optical Coatings and Modifications for High-Power Laser Applications 4.0 MB 2012
W. Wang On-Chip Double Emulsion Droplet Assembly Using Electrowetting-on-Dielectric and Dielectrophoresis 3.1 MB 2012
R. Yan Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability and Energetic Electron Generation in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 1.8 MB 2012
J. Zhang Time-resolved Characterization of Non-equilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Gallium Based III-V Materials and Devices 2.4 MB 2012
C. Zhao Characteristics of Noise and Photon Statistics of Fiber Components in Electro-Optical Systems 3.4 MB 2012
A. S. Cross Ultrafast Time-Resolved Characterization of (Cd,Mn)Te Semiconductors as Radiation Detectors 3.0 MB 2011
G. M. Gehring “Superluminal” Pulse Propagation Dynamics 1.6 MB 2011
J. D. Hager Rayleigh–Taylor Experiments in Materials and Conditions Relevant to Ignition in Inertial Confinement Fusion 7.5 MB 2011
J. Li Polymer Networks Containing Reversibly Associating Side-Groups 4.2 MB 2011
J. Limin A Novel Electro-Optic Measurement System using Multiple Wavelengths 2.0 MB 2011
J. E. Schoenly Selective Ablation of Dental Calculus at 400 nm 12.9 MB 2011
S. K.-H. Wei Ordered Organic Solids via Liquid Crystalline Mesomorphism for Optoelectronics 5.3 MB 2011
Z. Bei Dielectrophoresis-Based Double-Emulsion Droplet Centering for Concentric Laser Target Foam Shells 5.5 MB 2010
D. E. Fratanduono The Index of Refraction of Lithium Fluoride at Pressures in Excess of 100 GPa 3.4 MB 2010
M. Barrios Garcia Precision Equation of State Measurements on Hydrocarbons in the High Energy Density Regime 4.5 MB 2010
G. Guarino Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Photoconductive and Ballistic Semiconductor Nanodevices 1.1 MB 2010
C. Haimberger Photoassociation of Ultracold NaCs 1.6 MB 2010
H. Irie Ballistic Electron Transport in Nanoscale Three-Branch Junctions 2 MB 2010
H. Liu Thermal Stress Fracture of Optical Glasses 1.9 MB 2010
D. Pan Time-Resolved Photoresponse Studies of Ferromagnet/Superconductor Nano-Bilayers and Nanostructures 984 KB 2010
L. Sun All-fiber Faraday Devices Based on Terbium-doped Fiber 2.8 MB 2010
M. H. Wrue Synthesis and Phase Behavior of End-Functionalized Associating Polymers 3.8 MB 2010
L. Zeng Organic Materials for Electronic Devices 964 KB 2010
M. Bobeica Measurements of Heat Transferred to Solid Deuterium from a Source Similar to the Thermal Background in an IFE Chamber 1.8 MB 2009
X. Chen Fabrication of Structured Polymer Films Using Vapor Deposition Techniques 2.7 MB 2009
G. P. Cox Microencapsulation Effects on the Electro-Optical Behavior of Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes 7.1 MB 2009
X. L. Cross Time-Resolved Optical and Terahertz Characterization of Hg-Based High-Temperature Superconductors 1.4 MB 2009
W. Guan High-Power Single-Frequency Fiber Lasers 2.0 MB 2009
Z. Jiang Transverse Modes in Large-Mode-Area Fibers 1.2 MB 2009
D. Liu Engineering Particle Morphology and Assembly for Proton Conducting Fuel Cell Membrane Applications 8.8 MB 2009
C. Miao Frictional Forces in Material Removal for Glasses and Ceramics Using Magnetorheological Finishing 2.1 MB 2009
B. Prithviraj Collimation of Electrons via Three-Dimensional Spatial Intensity Shaping of Laser Focal Volume 16.7 MB 2009
R. Shen Surface Modifications of Nanometer- and Micron-Sized Particles and Their Applications 2.9 MB 2009
M. Storm Fast-Electron Source Characterization and Transport in High-Intensity Laser-Solid Interactions and the Role of Resistive Magnetic Fields 3.8 MB 2009
J.-H. Yang An Empirical Model for the Interaction of Ultraintense Laser Pulses with Fully Ionized Plasmas Including Electrostatic Effects 8.4 MB 2009
M. C. Ghilea Neutron Imaging with Bubble Chambers for Inertial Confinement Fusion 5.9 MB 2009
J. U. Wallace Carrier Mobility in Organic Charge Transport Materials: Methods of Measurement, Analysis, and Modulation 2.3 MB 2009
H. Sawada Experimental Investigation of a Direct-Drive Shock Wave Heated and Compressed Planar Target Relevant to ICF 8 MB 2008
C. Kim Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals and Development of Novel Glassy Liquid Crystals 2.9 MB 2008
J. Kleinert Electrostatic Trapping of Ultracold Polar Molecules 1.4 MB 2008
J. T. Nordhaus From Binaries to Asymmetric Outflows: The Influence of Low-mass Companions Around AGB Stars 2.6 MB 2008
J. Zhang Nonlinear and Linear Optical Phenomena in Silicon Nanostructures: Physics and Applications 1.8 MB 2008
Q. Zhang Nano-indentation of Cubic and Tetragonal Single Crystals 1.2 MB 2008
C. D. Zhou Fuel Assembly for Conventional, Fast and Shock-Ignition Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 1.8 MB 2008
Y. Zhu Ultra-Wideband Pulse Generation, Detection and Filtering Using Distributed Architectures and Circuit Techniques 5.3 MB 2008
N. Anderson Near-Field Raman Spectroscopy of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes 4.2 MB 2007
C. Bouvier Investigation of Polishing Algorithms and Removal Processes for a Deterministic Subaperture Polisher 2.8 MB 2007
J. E. DeGroote Surface Interactions Between Nanodiamonds and Glass in Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) 5.9 MB 2007
M. Khafizov Photoresponse Mechanism of Superconducting MgB2 1.1 MB 2007
J. E. Miller High-Pressure Equation-of-State of Porous-Ta2O5 1.7 MB 2007
A. K. Knight Analysis of the Discrete Stages of the Formation of Polyimide Films by Vapor Deposition and Their Effects on the Films Properties 2.6 MB 2007
R. Selkowitz Stochastic Fermi Acceleration and the Dissipation of Astrophysical Magnetic Turbulence 3.0 MB 2007
S. N. Shafrir Surface Finish and Subsurface Damage in Polycrystalline Optical Materials 34.5 MB 2007
S. Sublett OMEGA Laser-Driven Hydrodynamic Plasma Jet Experiments with Relevance to Astrophysics 78.7 MB 2007
A. Trajkovska Petkoska Enhanced Electro-Optic Behavior of Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes in Host Fluids 15 MB 2007
D. Wang Femtosecond Optical Characterization and Applications in Cd(Mn)Te Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors 1.2 MB 2007
S. Wu Time-Resolved Characterization of Carrier and Phonon Dynamics in GaN Single Crystals 4.7 MB 2007
J. Zhang Propagation Characteristics of Coplanar Waveguides at Subterahertz Frequencies 3.1 MB 2007
K. S. Anderson Adiabat Shaping in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 1.7 MB 2006
A. C.-A. Chen Full-Color and White-Light Polarized Light-Emitting Diodes Using Monodisperse Conjugated Oligomers 10.8 MB 2006
S. W. Culligan Organic Blue Light-Emitting Diodes and Field-Effect Transistors Based on Monodisperse Conjugated Oligomers 1.9 MB 2006
M. Haurylau Tunable 2-D Photonic Bandgap Structures for Optical Interconnects 12.3 MB 2006
O. V. Gotchev Experiments on Dynamic Overpressure Stabilization of the Ablative Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability in ICF Targets 2.1 MB 2006
J.-R. Park Time Resolved Imaging Using Non-collinear Parametric Down-Conversion 4.9 MB 2006
A. J. Pearlman Ultrafast NbN Single-Photon Optical Detectors for Quantum Communications 8.1 MB 2006
X. Teng Synthesis of Metal, Metal Oxide and Alloy Nanostructures for Magnetic and Catalytic Applications 15.5 MB 2006
A. Trajkovska Chiroptical Properties and Photoalignment of Monodisperse Glassy Liquid Crystalline Oligofluorenes 9.5 MB 2006
N. G. Usechak Mode Locking of Fiber Lasers at High Repetition Rates 6.1 MB 2006
C.-H. Wu Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanostructures and Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Composites 6.9 MB 2006
L. Guazzotto Equilibrium and Stability of Tokamak Plasmas with Arbitrary Flow 5.2 MB 2005
S. M. Weiss Tunable Porous Silicon Photonic Bandgap Structures: Mirrors for Optical Interconnects and Optical Switching 18.7 MB 2005
S. J. Bentley Transverse Effects in Nonlinear and Quantum Optics 8 MB 2004
M. Bhattacharya Forbidden Transitions in a Magneto-Optical Trap 4.4 MB 2004
M. S. Bigelow Ultra-Slow and Superluminal Light Propagation in Solids at Room Temperature 4.2 MB 2004
D. Chen Multi-Level Shared State and Application Specific Coherent Models 10.2 MB 2004
R. K. Erdmann Quantum Interference Engineered by Dispersive Parameter Design 5.7 MB 2004
M. V. Kozlov Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Multiple-Species Plasmas 4 MB 2004
S. Kurebayashi Using Nuclear Data and Monte-Carlo Techniques to Study Areal Density and Mix in D2 Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 3.9 MB 2004
J. Li Ultrafast Metal-Semiconductor-Metal UV Photodetectors on GaN 4.7 MB 2004
U. Rencuzogullari Dynamic Resource Management for Parallel Applications in an Autonomous Cluster of Workstations 7.2 MB 2004
R. Rey-de-Castro Ultrafast Optical Properties and Applications of Cd1–xMnxTe Semimagnetic Semiconductors 10.4 MB 2004
C. C. Striemer Applications of Silicon Nanostructures Compatible with Existing Manufacturing Technology 17 MB 2004
A. B. U’Ren Multi-Photon State Engineering for Quantum Information Processing Applications 13.9 MB 2004
Y. Xu Optical Studies of Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in High-Temperature Superconductors 4.5 MB 2004
J. Zhang Ultrafast NbN Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Non-Invasive CMOS Circuit Testing 4.8 MB 2004
L. Zheng UV-Laser-Induced Densification of Fused Silica: A Molecular Dynamics Study 3.7 MB 2004
X. Zheng Ultrafast Characterization of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems 4.2 MB 2004
M. J. Bonino Material Properties of Spider Silk 3.0 MB 2003
H.-M. P. Chen Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Glassy Liquid Crystals 4.6 MB 2003
T. Z. Kosc Motion of Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes in an Electric Field 7.2 MB 2003
R. Panfili Double Ionization of Multi-electron Atoms Exposed to Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses 7.8 MB 2002
F.-Y. Tsai Engineering Vapor-Deposited Polyimides 4.7 MB 2002
R. Adam Fabrication and Characterization of Ultrafast Superconducting Optoelectronic Devices 4.8 MB 2001
T. A. Gardiner Magnetohydrodynamic Studies of Stellar Winds: From Young Stellar Object Jets to Planetary Nebulae 6 MB 2001
A. V. Kanaev Propagation of Laser Beams Smoothed by Spectral Dispersion in Long-Scale-Length Plasmas 3.4 MB 2001
H. A. Lopez Porous Silicon Nanocomposites for Optoelectronic and Telecommunication Applications 5.3 MB 2001
C. Williams Ultrafast Photodetectors Based on the Hot-Electron Effect in Superconductors 4 MB 2001
S. Chan Porous Silicon Multilayer Structures: From Interference Filters to Light Emitting Devices to Biosensors 5 MB 2000
G. Delamarter Wind Blown Bubbles in Realistic Young and Old Stellar Environments 6.3 MB 2000
K. D. Hirschman Fabrication, Characterization, and Integration of Oxide Passivated Nanocrystalline Silicon Light-Emitting Devices 8.5 MB 2000
D. Katsis Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence from the Resonance Region of Vitrified Chiral-Nematic Films 5.7 MB 2000
O. A. Konoplev Generation and Measurement of High Contrast Ultrasound Intense Laser Particles 9.5 MB 2000
J. M. Larkin Optical and Photodynamic Properties of the Higher-Lying States of Rose Bengal 7.1 MB 2000
V. A. Lobatchev Hydrodynamics of Inertial Fusion Capsules: Feedout and Deceleration Phase Instability 5 MB 2000
A. B. Shorey Mechanisms of Material Removal in Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) of Glass 6.9 MB 2000
E. A. Startsev Ponderomotive Particle Acceleration in a Plasma 4 MB 2000
T. Tang On-Chip Interconnect Noise in High-Performance CMOS Integrated Circuits 11.1 MB 2000
H. Ye Hot Carrier Dynamics in GaN 3.2 MB 2000
J. Bromage Creating Rydberg Electron Wave Packets Using Terahertz Pulses 7.8 MB 1999
B. J. Buerke Accurate Measurement of Tunneling Ionization Rates of Atoms in a High-Intensity Laser Field 10.2 MB 1999
J. L. Chaloupka Observation of Electron Trapping in an Intense Laser Beam 5.9 MB 1999
M. Currie Ultrafast Electro-Optic Testing of Superconducting Electronics 4.5 MB 1999
F. Dahmani Laser-Driven Mechanical Fracture in Fused Silica 4.6 MB 1999
A. C. Gaeris The Stimulated Brillouin Scattering during the Interaction of Picosecond Laser Pulses with Moderate Scale-Length Plasmas 6.9 MB 1999
R. E. Giacone Spatiotemporal Evolution and Nonlinear Kinetic Simulations of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering 4.2 MB 1999
K. Green Characterization of Time and Frequency Varying Optoelectronic Microwave Silicon Switches 6.2 MB 1999
D. G. Hicks Charged Particle Spectroscopy: A New Window on Inertial Confinement Fusion 5.2 MB 1999
E. M. Michaels Interferometric Imaging of Semiconductor Devices 19.7 MB 1999
S. J. McNaught Precise Measurements of Electron Initial Conditions for Tunneling Ionization in an Intense, Elliptically Polarized Laser Field 6.8 MB 1999
H. Pu Properties of Multiple Component Bose-Einstein Condensates 4.7 MB 1999
J. P. Shaffer Heteronuclear and Homonuclear Ultracold Optical Collisions Involving Na and Cs 10.7 MB 1999
L. J. Waxer Quantum State Measurement for Molecules 8.9 MB 1999
V. A. Smalyuk Experimental Investigation of the Nonlinear Rayleigh–Taylor Instability in CH Foils Irradiated by UV Light 5.4 MB 1999
E. L. Alfonso Chemistry and Processing of Polymer Shells 6.3 MB 1998
H. Chen Material and Process Issues in Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID)-Grinding 5.1 MB 1998
A. V. Chirokikh Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Experiments on OMEGA 5 MB 1998
B. M. Conger Polarized Photoluminescence from Nematic and Chiral-Nematic Liquid Crystalline Films 6 MB 1998
R. Ejnisman Studies with Ultracold Atoms 5.1 MB 1998
V. N. Goncharov Self-Consistent Stability Analysis of Ablation Fronts in Inertial Confinement Fusion 5.7 MB 1998
D. Jacobs-Perkins Design, Analysis, and Implementation of an Ultrafast Electro-Optic Electric-Field Imaging System 6.1 MB 1998
J. A. Marozas Angular Spectrum Representation of Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Pulse Propagation in Loss, Dispersive Dielectric Slab Waveguides 7.0 MB 1998
P. J. Rodney The Photophysics of Ionic Semiconductors at Low Temperatures: Silver Bromide, Silver Iodide, and Cuprous Oxide 5 MB 1998
P. T. Rudy Manipulation of Laser Cooled Atoms Via Dynamical Optical Potentials 3.9 MB 1998
E. J. Turano Spatiotemporal Evolution of Stimulated Raman Scattering Driven by Short Laser Pulses 3.7 MB 1998
W. P. Grice Interference and Indistinguishability in Ultrafast Spontaneous Parametric Downconversion 5 MB 1997
E. M. Korenic Colorimetry of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals 15.8 MB 1997
A. I. Lobad Femtosecond Spectroscopy of Trapping and Recombination Processes In Low Temperature Grown GaAs and InGaAs 3.2 MB 1997
L. Mu A Study of Photoconductive Switching Phenomena and an Application in Ultrafast Electrical Pulse Shaping 4.8 MB 1997
K. B. Ucer Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Thin Porous Silicon Films 3.1 MB 1997
L. Zheng Third-Harmonic Generation of Intense Laser Pulses 4 MB 1997
J. C. Mastrangelo Design and Synthesis of Vitrifiable Low-Molar-Mass Organic Materials 5.9 MB 1996
C.-C. Wang Ultrafast Testing of Electronic/Optoelectronic Devices 4 MB 1996
M. Yu Longitudinal Modulational Instabilities 4.4 MB 1996
J. D. Zuegel Nonradiative Processes Affecting Laser Dynamics in Nd:YLF 4.6 MB 1996
D. L. Brown Pulse Timing in CW Mode-Locked Nd:YLF Lasers 1.4 MB 1995
D. Gupta Optically Triggered Superconducting Opening Switches 5.7 MB 1995
Y. K. Kostoulas Femtosecond Carrier Dynamics in III-V Semiconductors Grown at Low Substrate Temperatures 2.8 MB 1995
D. G. Lappas Aspects of Electron Correlation in One-Dimensional Electron-Hydrogen Scattering 5.8 MB 1995
C. I. Moore Observation of the Transition from Thomson to Compton Scattering in Optical Multiphoton Interactions with Electrons 2.8 MB 1995
W. Xiong Fabrication Optoelectronic Properties of Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin Films with Different Oxygen Contents 3.7 MB 1995
S. Alexandrou The Bent Coplanar Waveguide at Sub-Terahertz Frequencies 4.8 MB 1994
X. D. Cao Propagation of Ultrashort Optical Pulses in Nonlinear Media and Their Applications 4.3 MB 1994
B. Afeyan A Variational Approach to Parametric Instabilities in Inhomogeneous Plasmas 9.3 MB 1993
P. H. Ballentine High-Temperature Superconducting Thin Films: Sputter Deposition
and Fast Optical Switching
2.2 MB 1993
M. J. Cumbo Chemo-Mechanical Interactions in Optical Polishing 6.9 MB 1993
J. W. Herman Time-Resolved Structural Studies of the Low-Index Faces of Lead 3.4 MB 1993
E. A. Murphy Experimental Studies of Surface Melting and Time-Resolved Superheating of Metal Surfaces 3.2 MB 1993
J. B. Peatross The Far-Field Angular Distribution of High-Order Harmonics Produced in Light Scattering from a Thin, Low-Density Gas Target 4.5 MB 1993
C. J. Twomey Poly[(Methylene Oxide)Oligo(Ethylene Oxide) and Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Doped with Rare Earth Metal Compounds: Solubility, Complex Formation, Morphology, and Applications 3.8 MB 1993
G. G. Luther The Cooperative Transverse Modulational Instability of Counterpropagating Waves 3.4 MB 1992
J. A. Squier Development of High Average Power Femtosecond Chirped Pulse Amplification Sources Using Chromium, Neodymium, and Titanium Doped Materials 5.8 MB 1992
S. Uchida The Effects of Resonantly Enhanced Fields in Picosecond Laser Produced Plasmas 3.6 MB 1992
S. J. Augst Tunneling Ionization of Noble Gas Atoms Using a High-Intensity Laser at 1 mm Wavelength 2.0 MB 1991
C. Bamber A Pulsed-Power Electron Accelerator Using Laser-Driven Photoconductive Switches 4.4 MB 1991
Y.-H. Chuang Amplification of Broad-Bandwidth Phase-Modulated Laser Counterpropagating Light Waves in Homogeneous Plasma 3.9 MB 1991
L. E. Kingsley A Study of Picosecond, High-Voltage Photoconductive Switching Using Electro-Optic Diagnostics and Computer-Aided Analysis 4.4 MB 1991
L. Min Subpicosecond Electro-Optic Sampling of Charge Transport in Surface Space Charge Fields 4.9 MB 1991
T. H. Foster Magnetic Resonance, Optical, and Mathematical Methods Applied to Studies in the Biological Physics of Tissues 4.3 MB 1990
J.-C. Lee Applications of Liquid Crystals in Laser Resonators and Amplifiers 3.2 MB 1990
S. Lin Picosecond Fluorescence Studies of Physical Processes in Green-Plant Chloroplasts and Green Algae 3.1 MB 1990
R. S. Marjoribanks Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Nonequilibrium Ionization in Laser-Produced Plasmas 9.9 MB 1990
S. H. Batha The Observation of Enhanced Thomson Scattering in Submicron-Laser Plasmas 6.3 MB 1989
H.-C. Chen Subnanosecond Time-Resolved Electron Diffraction Studies of Short-Pulse Laser Heating in Thin Gold Films 3.3 MB 1989
T. B. Norris Time-Resolved Tunneling in GaAs Quantum Well Structures 4.7 MB 1989
K. E. Meyer Study of Subpicosecond Electron Transport in GaAs Using Transient Photoconductivity and Transient Absorption Spectroscopy 4.9 MB 1988
D. T. Strickland Development of an Ultra-Bright Laser and an Application to Multi-Photon Ionization 3.1 MB 1988
J. F. Whitaker Ultrafast Electrical Signals: Transmission on Broadband Guiding Structures and Transport in the Resonant Tunneling Diode 5.0 MB 1988
G. Ball Injection Seeding of a Q-Switched Nd:YLF Oscillator 1.4 MB 1987
D. R. Dykaar Picosecond Switching Measurements of a Josephson Tunnel Junction 4.2 MB 1987
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