Undergraduate Program

The LLE Undergraduate Education Program enables students to engage in mission-critical science and engineering. The unique research, workforce, and career building opportunities the LLE has to offer undergraduates are well suited to provide training, while helping to fill the critical future workforce needs of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) at all levels, including operators, technicians, and scientists. Undergraduate students pursuing degree programs in related science and engineering fields are welcome to apply.

For Fall Internships – Deadline to Apply: July 31st

For Spring Internships – Deadline to Apply: October 31st

For Summer Internships – Deadline to Apply: February 15th

Application Requirements:

    1. Must be enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university
    2. Send Email to Laura Kappy, at lleugp@lle.rochester.edu including the following:
      Resume (both stem and non-stem positions and activities are of interest)
      If you are not a University of Rochester student, please also attach an unofficial academic record with the email
      Optional: Brief statement of interest (ideally 250 words or less)

Please reach out to Laura Kappy, for more information about Undergraduate Internships at LLE. All applications are considered for possible internship opportunities at the LLE. With limited mentors/projects available in any given term, we may or may not be able to reach back out to you directly. Please know we have received your initial application once you submit and look forward to considering you for possible upcoming internship opportunities. Thank you! (For those interested in pursuing a future connection to the LLE through admission to Arts, Science, and Engineering degree programs at the University of Rochester, please visit the University of Rochester’s Undergraduate Admissions Website

Support and funding for our undergraduate education program comes from our sponsors, including;

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A Unique University Research and Education Center for HEDP, Fusion, and High-Power Lasers

LLE is a world-leading university-based laboratory of scale with activities focused on laser fusion, high-energy-density physics (HEDP), laser and optics sciences and engineering, and education for the future workforce in these areas.
The lasers at LLE are the largest in any academic setting and are the major user facility in the world for HEDP with over 400 users and over 85 institutions conducting research at LLE. The quality of research has recently been highlighted by the 2018 Nobel prize in physics awarded for research done at LLE.

Semyon Papernov with his students in his Nanometrology class wearing white lab coats