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Laser and Materials Technology


POSITION SUMMARY: Seeking a technician with 5+ years of experience building laser systems to support the development of a cutting-edge laser system at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Extensive hands-on experience with laser diagnostics, optical systems, and vacuum systems is required.

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 226526.

Posted on 24 February 2021


POSITION SUMMARY: The optical coating group at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) deposits optical interference coatings for use in some of the most powerful laser systems in the world. The engineer in this position is responsible for technical and supervisory support in the production of optical interference coatings for large-aperture laser optics. The ideal candidate will design, monitor, and analyze optical interference coatings for high power laser applications, using commercial software such as Optilayer, or similar. Supervision of personnel engaged in the deposition of optical coatings on large precision optics, coordination of preventative maintenance of coating chambers, and coordination of necessary supplies and support will also be required.


  • Assist in the coordination of the production activities of the Coating Department by directing resources toward optimum efficiency in producing high quality products to meet LLE objectives and customer requirements.
  • Act as Program Manager for coating equipment installation projects; support both internal and external customers from program start to finish through quotations, status updates, and scheduling.
  • Assist in preparation and execution of development and engineering schedule and coordination of coating activities.
  • Assist in directing the flow of work through the coating department to meet internal manufacturing requirements and outside customer requirements.
  • Develop and implement operating methods, coating designs and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and improve product quality.
  • Monitor coating run setup & execution, track process integrity, identify stability issues, and implement corrective measures.
  • Support continuous improvement efforts including technician training, tooling design, software & PLC changes, chamber facilities modifications, and vacuum component upgrades.
  • Perform as a technical contributor by developing new techniques, methods and designs for coating applications.
  • Develop methods and practices for evaluating coating performance, which may include optimization of measurement hardware, defect evaluation, and laser damage assessment.

QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. Degree in Physical Science, Engineering, or Optics with 7-10 years hands-on experience in the design, application and measurement of optical coatings. In addition, experience in operating and maintaining optical coating machines is preferred. Computer programming, electrical and mechanical skills are advantageous. An MS Degree with 5 years of optical thin film experience is preferred.

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 224421.

Posted on 24 February 2021

Engineering Division


POSITION SUMMARY: The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) of the University of Rochester is a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology focusing on using lasers to initiate fusion and high energy density physics. LLE is currently seeking an experienced Senior Laboratory Engineer in the Electronics and Controls Engineering group.

The successful candidate will design and support custom high-speed/high-bandwidth electrical circuits and systems used on high power experimental laser systems. The candidate will be working independently with scientists and engineers from other disciplines in a team environment writing requirements, presenting project reviews, designing/fielding custom equipment, and documenting final assemblies.


  • Design, assembly, documentation, testing and troubleshooting electronic circuits and systems
  • Laboratory electrical measurement techniques, including high-bandwidth oscilloscopes and RF test equipment
  • CAD schematic capture
  • Component level circuit design and troubleshooting
  • Circuit simulation with SPICE or equivalent
  • Understanding of lumped and distributed circuit analysis


  • Strong documentation skills
  • Working knowledge of high speed circuit board layout concepts including grounding/shielding, microstrip transmission line, and reduction of parasitic elements
  • Experience with nanosecond/picosecond timing and measurement
  • Project budgeting and time management
  • Curiosity and a desire to learn new concepts, skills, and techniques


Candidate should have a BSEE and 10 years of experience, or MSEE and 5 years of relevant experience or equivalent.

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 222577.

Posted on 28 July 2020


POSITION SUMMARY: Model, develop, deploy, and maintain University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) organization Oracle database software and data services for a highly diversified research facility. Provide database support for research operations, management, advance controls, archives and reporting. Day to day duties involve modeling of application subject areas, PL/SQL database development and working with research operators and scientific principle investigators to extract, transform and load (etl) data. Additional duties include supporting data and web services and some database administration, monitoring of the health, usage for performance and capacity planning.


  • Relational Database modeling for new and existing application development. Including requirements gathering, storyboarding and documentation.
  • Development of database objects, PL/SQL procedures and packages for remote web and application interfaces.
  • Build robust data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) applications to support the transformation of raw scientific data into accessible information.
  • Refactor existing database objects to support enhancements of system control, diagnostic and other research subject areas.
  • Investigate and support new technology initiatives to improve or enhance current database capabilities.
  • Work with key laboratory and scientific research stakeholders to ensure data connectivity, access control and reporting in research applications.
  • Provide secondary support for database configurations, maintenance, installations and upgrades.


  • B. S. in Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Science or equivalent skills work experience
  • 5+ years of hands-on Oracle Relational modeling and database development experience
  • 3+ years working in Oracle Database DDL, DML and concepts (table, triggers, views, procedures, functions, packages), PL/SQL, SQL languages with SQLplus, SQLcli and/or SQLdeveloper, Modeling (SQLmodeler, ERWIN, TOAD), Data extraction, Oracle Datapump
  • Experience with database version control through GIT or equivalent
  • Demonstrated technical excellence working to support scientific user base to engage in problem solving and finding proactive solutions
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to support scientific work in MSAcess, Excel, MATLAB, PV-Wave, IDL, Python or other scientific language


  • Proven track record of leading database transformation and development project through to successful implementation
  • Significant Oracle database test development and performance tuning experience
  • Experience on Red Hat Linux (RHEL+) and Oracle server performance and configurations
  • Experience with software project lifecycles and deployment strategies, including UML visualization, requirement gathering, use cases, and flow charting
  • Solid mathematical and scripting skills in sh and Python or other scripting language for data reporting, analysis and Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) of data is highly desired
  • Basic programming experience in MATLAB, R, Python, PV-Wave, or other scientific languages is a plus
  • Proficiency in technical writing, documenting solutions, and communicating with clients and users


  • The ability to obtain a DOE Q Clearance (which requires U.S. citizenship) is essential.

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 223582 .

Posted on 16 September 2020

Experimental Division


POSITION SUMMARY: The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) at the University of Rochester is a unique national resource in the science and technology of using lasers to initiate fusion and to investigate laser-target interactions. LLE also supports the NNSA stockpile-stewardship program and conducts basic science research in high energy density physics. LLE is currently seeking an Assistant Scientist in experimental laser-target physics to study new applications for the Omega laser facility in the following fields: laser ablation, laser-target energy coupling, shock wave interactions, and radiation hydrodynamics. The primary experimental facilities for this work include the 60-beam, 30-kJ (UV) OMEGA laser, the 4-beam, 40-kJ (UV) OMEGA EP laser and a 10-J fs-class laser. Over 3000 experiments are conducted annually at these three facilities.

The successful candidate will plan & design experiments on LLE laser systems; build needed hardware; conduct experiments; analyze data; manage reporting; and support other university collaborators in their research. The candidate should be able to work independently and with scientists from other disciplines in a team environment, and write and present reports detailing experimental design, requirements, needed diagnostics, and project reviews. Findings will be disseminated at scientific conferences and as articles in scientific journals.


  • Leading the technical effort for the LLE DTRA University Research Alliance (URA) Material Science in Extreme Environments (MSEE) grant
  • Planning experiments on high-power laser systems at LLE and other laboratories.
  • Design the experimental and diagnostic layout of the experiments
  • Use high-power lasers to conduct experiments (MTW, Omega, collaborators)
  • Analyze the data generated in the experiments
  • Strong experimental aptitude
  • Interact with scientists in the LLE Theory and Computational Groups


  • Hands-on experimentalist with a strong aptitude learning skills covering a wide range of experimental hardware, diagnostics, and laser sub-systems for laser-material interactions
  • Knowledge of laser optics and optics setup
  • Background in lasers and laser-material interactions
  • Background in high-energy density physics (HEDP)
  • Data acquisition and electrical measurement techniques
  • Experience with x-ray diagnostics
  • The ability to use a wide range of laser-plasma diagnostics including: optical diagnostics, VISAR pressure measurements, and/or PDV pressure and stress measurements
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Curiosity and a desire to learn new concepts, skills, and techniques


  • Ph.D. in Physics or an appropriate discipline


  • Ph.D. in Laser Physics or HEDP Physics with multiple refereed publications
  • Past experience in high-power lasers
  • Ability to obtain a DOE Q security clearance

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 226663.

Posted on 15 February 2021


POSITION SUMMARY: The Experimental Support Group at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, is seeking a Laboratory Engineer to support the development and operation of advanced diagnostic instrumentation for use in the Omega Laser Facility. The Experimental Support Group collaborates with scientists on hundreds of sophisticated experiments per year on the various laser systems at the laboratory. The successful candidate will interface directly with the scientists in the Omega Experiments Group, High Energy Density Experiments Group, Plasma and Ultrafast Physics Group, external visiting scientists and the engineers and technicians within the Engineering and Operations groups. The position requires solid mechanical, laboratory, organizational and computational skills as well as the ability to work independently and communicate effectively. The successful candidate will lead development efforts for new instruments to enable the Laboratory's long-term scientific mission and support the operation and maintenance of the existing scientific instrumentation.


  • Bachelor's degree in a STEM field, Master's strongly desired
  • Applicants should possess a technical background, with experience working with optical, electrical, and/or mechanical systems including vacuum systems
  • Computational software (Matlab, Python) experience strongly desired
  • Experience with MS Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) strongly desired
  • Flexibility in schedule support occasional off normal hours to support experiments

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 227123.

Posted on 5 March 2021

OMEGA Laser Facility Division


POSITION SUMMARY: Candidates are sought to operate and maintain state-of-the-art laser systems and their associated laser diagnostics. Responsibilities include direct support of shot operations, preventive maintenance tasks, calibration of instrumentation, and system reconfiguration in a dynamic team environment. Applicants must possess a technical background, with experience troubleshooting optical, electrical, and mechanical systems. Excellent computer and documentation skills are desirable. An Associate's degree in optics or related field (or equivalent experience) is required. Applicants must be able to work the second shift (1400-2200).

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 226969.

Posted on 25 February 2021


POSITION SUMMARY: The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) of the University of Rochester is a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology focusing on using lasers to initiate fusion and high energy density physics. LLE is currently seeking a Data Processing Technician in the Experimental Operations Group. Candidate will operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a variety of film recording/processing and digital scanning equipment, and also will serve as a member of the operational crew conducting high energy density physics experiments in a fast-paced environment.


  • Load/unload X-Ray film and image plate cartridges used in nuclear physics experiments
  • Process photographic film and image plate
  • Maintain film processing equipment and chemistry
  • Troubleshoot equipment issues
  • Qualify and serve as an operations crew member as a Photographic and Image Plate Technician
  • Perform regular preventative maintenance
  • Qualify as a NYS Radiation Worker
  • Maintain radiological containment areas
  • Create and update system documentation and procedures
  • Second shift work is required


  • Demonstrated high reliability and attention to details
  • One year or more of darkroom experience
  • High mechanical aptitude
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills suitable for working in a team-based environment
  • The ability to obtain and maintain a Department of Energy security "Q" clearance (which requires U.S. citizenship) is required


  • Experience with small automated photographic film processors
  • Experience with chemistry operations
  • Experience with image plate scanning
  • Experience with radiological materials is a plus
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to learn additional software

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 227619.

Posted on 26 March 2021

Theory Division


Applications are invited for an assistant scientist position in code development focusing on computational hydrodynamics with application to inertial fusion and high energy density physics. The candidate will work on code development of the Integrated Modeling Group's radiation hydrodynamics simulation codes. Of particular interest is an applicant who can adapt codes to new GPU architectures, preferably using platform-independent tools. We welcome applications from candidates with experience in computational physics. Preference is given to candidates with a strong background in code development and experience in radiation hydrodynamics or astrophysics. Evaluation of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The start date is September 2021. The position is for three years subject to funding availability and satisfactory performance. Salary and benefits are competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. More details can be found by contacting Dr. Tim Collins at

In addition to applying online, applicants should email a single PDF file to containing (i) a brief letter (max 2 pages) describing the candidate's academic background and interests (ii) CV, and (iii) contact information of three references.

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 226435.

Posted on 3 February 2021

Administrative Division


POSITION SUMMARY: To provide support to the procurement activity for the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), by creating requisitions (P2P-Workday system) and processing/maintaining accurate records for University PCard system.


  • Personal computer, University P2P system (Workday), Pcard system (Workday), LLE Purchasing database (Microsoft Access), and other standard office equipment.


  • Approves and authorizes requisitions up to a maximum of $1,000.
  • Places orders with vendors, via P2P requisition/order, via Pcard.
  • Creates all requisitions for LLE to be entered into University P2P Workday system.
  • Investigates and resolves pricing disputes with vendors.
  • Initiates contract renewals and monitor contract expiration dates.
  • Requests updated pricing from vendors for database accuracy.
  • Compiles preventive maintenance orders to include pricing verification and contract compliance.
  • Confers routinely with vendors and departments (accounts payable, LLE Finance) to follow up on payment problems or service issues.
  • Handles routine phone calls and advises LLE faculty and staff on appropriate procurement procedures.
  • Assists the purchasing manager in maintaining accurate LLE databases and contracts.
  • Requests price quotes from vendors, uses experience and knowledge to compare, suggest alternatives to the LLE staff and faculty.
  • Assists the Purchasing Manager in maintaining accuracy of current applications and suggesting more effective ways of doing business moving forward.
  • Interfaces with Accounts Payable on invoice resolution for all requisitions and purchase orders processed by LLE staff.


  • Associate's degree in business administration and 1-2 years of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience

Candidates are invited to apply online at
Please apply to Job Opening ID 227248.

Posted on 11 March 2021

Laboratory Safety

Currently there are no career opportunities in this division at this time
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