The MTW Facility is located in room 131 and 132, inside the Laser Development Lab (LDL).  The MTW laser is housed in room 131 and the MTW-OPAL laser is located in room 132.  Together, these two laser systems make up the MTW Facility.

Unescorted access to the MTW Facility is controlled via the Lenel card swipe system.  Card swipe privileges are granted after successful completion of the required lab training.  To schedule lab training or to arrange a guest visit, please contact Chad Mileham (MTW Laser Facility Manager) at

Yes, the MTW facility conducts scientific campaigns similar to OMEGA and OMEGA EP.  MTW campaigns are typically scheduled in one week blocks.  Mondays are reserved for maintenance and planning, and shots are carried out Tuesday through Friday.  The MTW calendar outlines all the scheduled campaigns and is posted on the LLE website.

The MTW-OPAL system has 5 stages of noncollinear optical parametric amplification (NOPA1-NOPA5).  For full MTW OPAL amplification, the MTW beam is transported through the wall and is used as the pump beam for NOPA 5.