Medical Emergency

LLE Safety Zone

Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies require a deliberate and rapid response.

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Who to call:

  • During working hours:
    • Call the West End Front desk receptionist at x55101 or 275-55101 and state “MEDICAL EMERGENCY.” If there is no response, call 9-911
    • The receptionist will page the LLE Medial Emergency Response Team (Emergency Medical Technicians and those qualified in CPR/AED and first aid).
    • For those situations where it is obvious outside assistance is required, immediately call an ambulance through 9-911, then inform the receptionist.
  • During non-business hours:
    • Call 9-911
    • They are able to provide guidance to the caller regarding the patient and UR Public Safety receives automatic notification from 911.

What to do:

  • Provide the following information to the receptionist/dispatcher:
    • Your name and the name(s) of the injured person(s)
    • Your location
    • Telephone extension from which you called
    • Description of medical emergency
  • Enlist help and stay with the injured person until help arrives.
  • Render appropriate first aid for which you feel qualified. First aid supplies are available in all lavatories and in several public areas.
  • While waiting for help, ask for proper medical procedures by phone.
  • Do not unnecessarily expose yourself to hazards including fire, laser or nuclear radiation, electricity, chemicals, or bodily fluids.
  • It is the responsibility of the hosts to brief visitors on these procedures.

Non-acute injuries are not “medical emergencies.”

  • Emergency protocols should not be initiated for non-acute (non-life-threatening) situations; personal physicians should be contacted; colleagues may assist with transportation to a medical facility in non-emergency situations.
  • If a personal physician is not available during LLE business hours, access to the University Health Service (x52662) should be considered.
  • The Strong Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department can be accessed when medical care is not available through your private physician or University Health Service.
  • On-the-job injuries must be reported to LLE Administration within 1 business day of the injury.