Quick Shots

Steven Loucks, Robert McCrory, and Steven Koonin
CEA Visit, Amy Rigatti, Jim Oliver, group photo

CEA Visit

Eric Glowacki, preparing a membrane for testing using a custom-built permeation measurement tool
Physics Today cover
A fisheye view of the OMEGA EP target chamber
Attendees of the 2010 OMEGA Laser Users Workshop
Tony Brancato performing diagnostic tests on one node of the 72-node cluster
Dale Guy whose helmet design is illuminated by the weld's intense light
Charles Kellogg and Kevin McGowan examining a prototype diffraction grating
Jake Bromage and Tina Oldknow
Harvest Zhang working on cryogenic targets
A short-pulse high reflector EP mirror (SPHR10)
Carolyn Kuranz and Christine Krauland examining SOP (Streaked Optical Pyrometer diagnostic) data
Gate Valve Electrical Drive (GVED)
Phillip V. Sarcione, Randy M. Biegelman, and Paul M. Moskal
A polymer target with an embedded gold cone
Gold-plated copper components for the Moving Cryostat Upgrade
Nuclear Diagnostic Inserters
Garrett Harencak tours the Omega Laser Facility
A partially assembled service trailer that includes two cable carriers
Attendees of ILOW
Amplifier housings are lit as OMEGA EP's four beams fire
Group photo with Stephen Craxton and high students
Colorful spectral dispersion

Grating Photomask