Quick Shots

Velocity interferometer (VISAR) system

VISAR System

MIFEDS (magneto-inertial fusion electrical discharge system); Larry Folnsbee

MIFEDS Upgrade

Neutron Time-of-Flight Detector
Steve Jacobs and Brittany Taylor examine a color-coded amplitude map
Joint-Shot Short-Pulse Beam Tube
Glancing-angle–deposited (GLAD) films are evaluated by scientists wearing protective clothing
Group photo with Stephen Craxton and high students
Part of the new Neutron Temporal Diagnostic (NTD) assembly being lowered into target chamber
High school student studying Deuterium
Coil for Magnetized Plasma Experiments; kapton-insulated wire wound around a nylon coil-form
Chad Forrest shown aligning collimator
Ray Bahr is shown assembling the Sydor X-Ray Framing Camera (SFC) in the staging laboratory prior to the first use
Matthias Hohenberger giving presentation on Polar Drive Experiments
LLE timeline
Students Emily Armstrong, Christa Caggiano, and Raz Rivlis
Amy Rigatti
Karl Lintz with XRTS planar target

XRTS Planar Target

Scientists examining data from an OMEGA EP shot
Four beamlines of OMEGA EP firing during a target shot
Seung-Whan Bahk, Matthew Barczys, Mike Spilatro
Illuminated image of probe diagnostic
Brittany Taylor positioning a circular polarization rotator
Emily Armstrong, Brian Kruschwitz, and Matthew Barczys