Quick Shots

Group from Geneseo
John Lambropoulos teaching a class
Robert Henchen working on the Thomson Telescope
Wolfgang Theobald (left), Mingsheng Wei (right)
Crane extended over LLE
Andrey Okishev
Banner on light pole for "The Rochester Effect" advertising campaign. OMEGA target bay in background. Reads: "Delivering 40,000 joules per billionth of a second for energy ever better"
2018 Summer High School Research program participants: Upper left: Steven Booth upper right: Katie Kopp, Lower left: Maia Raynor, lower right: Hannah Lang
OMEGA EP Laser Bay
Gérard Mourou, top left, Donna Strickland, bottom left, pictured with a graph showing their discovery of chirped-pulse amplification and the Nobel Prize medal
Sam Agnello working on test bench
Comb pulse generator
Danae Polsin assembling a powder x-ray diffraction image plate
Magnetic fields around Jupiter
Alison Christopherson with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Collin Stillman with Hall-geometry crystal spectrometer
John Soures receiving plaque from Roberto Mancini at OLUG Workshop
Dan Neyland changing filtration in front of the charge-injected–device cameras GMXI diagnostic
Participants in the 12th DOE Laser Safety Workshop (top), and images from the workshop (bottom)
LLE employees wearing biking jerseys
2018 OLUG Workshop participants
Top: employees inspect emergency shower, Bottom: practicing using a fire extiguisher

Safety at LLE