Quick Shots

Ron Callari machining a spectrometer body
Upper and Lower Cryo Shrouds
Upper and Lower Cryo Shrouds
South pole bang-time detector is shown here inside the NIF target chamber
Attendees of the OLUG 2011 workshop
Shroud Cooler used in the Fill Transfer Station
Hubble News Team Visits LLE and filming in hallway
Coil shapes superimposed on an image of a target shot

Magnetized ICF Targets

Attendees of First International Workshop on ICF Shock Ignition
Inspector; vacuum window, focus lens (center), and ultraviolet diagnostic beam splitter (UV DBS)

Integrating Optics

South Pole Bang-Time Diagnostic
Spherical Crystal X-ray Imager
Discussion between Eric Toone, David Meyerhofer, and Sam Morse during visit

Dr. Eric Toone Visits LLE

NIF Zirconium Neutron Activation Diagnostic
Participants shown with the ICUIL board

ICUIL 2010 Conference

Thomas Jones demonstrating ignition of acetone vapor
Walter Shmayda lecturing at 2010 high school summer program
Steven Loucks, Robert McCrory, and Steven Koonin
CEA Visit, Amy Rigatti, Jim Oliver, group photo

CEA Visit

Eric Glowacki, preparing a membrane for testing using a custom-built permeation measurement tool
Physics Today cover