Quick Shots

Result (top) and summary of the technique (bottom) used First Ever Spatially Resolved Ion Temperature Data in ICF
Three technicians putting the spool on the Moving Cryogenic Transfer Cart (MCTC).
Assembly Member Clark Sarah Visits LLE
Bob Nagler (LCLS scientist), Linda Hansen (UR graduate student), Alex Chin (UR graduate student also visible in the inset), Hae Ja Lee (LCLS scientist), Ethan Smith (UR graduate student), and Danae Polsin (LLE scientist).
Adam Frank, seated, speaking from the stage of a symposium.
David Eimerl in the cockpit of an airplane
1.3 MJ written on top of target shot image
Group shot of BEST Research Program for high school students and teachers
Target shot on the OMEGA Laser System
The stage F Alignment Sensor Package (F-ASP).
Stephen Craxton, Kimberly Truebger zoom meeting with summer high school students 2021
Target shot image
Roger Falcone, Mike Campbell, Mike Perry, and Jon Zuegel at General Atomics.
Neutron detector prototypes.
MTW Multi-Terawatt laser.
Emma Garcia, Steve Craxton, Yugia Yang, Pat McKenty, and Charles Yeamans.
Rick Spielman
OLUG 2021 Group Photo of all the participants on Zoom.

OLUG 2021

2020 Timeline plaque
John Palastro