Quick Shots

Figure showing XRD data captured on x-ray framing camera.
Group photo of researchers on top and schematic figure of their research on the bottom.
Group photo from the visit of New York State Senator, Samra Brouk.
LaserNetUS logo on background of OMEGA EP.
Avi Milder.
Maria Gatu.
David Turnbull
Photo of four LLE Researchers named Optica Senior Members: Chengyong Feng, Mark Meyers, Erik Power, and Benjamin Webb.
Physical Review Letters logo above figure from paper.
Danae Polsin, assembling a powder x-ray diffraction image plate (PXRDIP)
Research team group photo on top with Fresnel zone plate below left and x-ray pinhole camera chassis below right.
David VanWey being awarded the University of Rochester Witmer Award for Distinguished Service on Wednesday, June 8, 2023.
Graphic reading: Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Virtual Hiring Event hosted by DEI Counci in partnership with HBCUConnect.com.
Three researchers looking through a drilled hole in the wall.
Group photo of Day of Caring participants on top with employees working shown beneath.
Suxing Hu.
NSF Engines Development Award.
14th Omega Facility Users Group Workshop attendees shown in two group photos.
Six photos of students along the top and an image of the student expo beneath with students displaying their posters.
Jay Eastman and Barukh Yaakobi.

In Memoriam