Quick Shots

Target shot inside the OMEGA target chamber.
High School Program students inside of the OMEGA EP Laser System.
Collage of people giving demonstrations at the LLE Safety Appreciation Day.
SafeZone Initiative speaker presenting in the LLE Coliseum.
Group photo of woman standing on a staircase
Image montage of LLE in Focus magazine cover on top of two pread images from the issue.
Terry Kessler
Dustin Froula speaking with a reporter next to the LLE Contributions to Ignition plaque.
Scientist Jeremy Pigeon installing a radial echelon by inserting a metal part into a system in front of a blue-lit background.
Image of Cooperative Agreement publication on a background of a blue target shot.
IFE-COLoR Logo on target shot photo background.
Group photo holding framed awards in front of the OMEGA airbrush illustration.
Three people standing at a conference booth with banners for LLE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council.
Screen capture of YouTube video for Vox Science
Two photographs, a group photo on top of NNSA and LLE Senior Leadership, and a photo on the bottom of visitors in a lab dressed in clean-room hairnets, protective glasses, and white lab suits.

DOE Officials Visit LLE

Photograph of Conesus supercomputer cluster.
OPAL logo in gold against a blue bagkround with a transparent target burst icon.
Group photo of Stephen Craxton with 2023 Summer High School Research Program students.
Figure showing XRD data captured on x-ray framing camera.
Group photo of researchers on top and schematic figure of their research on the bottom.
Group photo from the visit of New York State Senator, Samra Brouk.
LaserNetUS logo on background of OMEGA EP.