High School Reports

2022 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2022 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2022)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Sara Davies Pittsford Sutherland R. S. Craxton Direct-Drive Uniformity Calculations for a Future High-Gain Laser Facility 938 KB
Olivia Fietkiewicz Mercy S. Bucht Measuring the Mode Field Diameter of Single-Mode Fibers Using the Knife-Edge Technique 4.32 MB
John Giess McQuaid V. N. Goncharov and K. M. Woo Mitigating Rayleigh–Taylor Instabilities in the Deceleration Phase of Inertial Confinement Fusion 646 KB
Samuel Gray Brighton W. T. Shmayda and E. Dombrowski Characterizing a Cryosorption Pump for Collecting Tokamak Exhausts 774 KB
Micah Kim Home School D. W. Jacobs-Perkins Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a 3-D–Printed Optomechanical Assembly for MIFEDS Coil Characterization 999 KB
Jackson McCarten Webster Schroeder B. N. Hoffman and K. R. P. Kafka Viability Testing of Polymer Coating for Optical Cleaning Applications 1022 KB
Elizabeth Norris Brighton M. D. Wittman Determining the Absorption Efficiency of a Flow-Through Pd-Bed as a Function of Initial 4He:D2 Ratio and Flow Rate
Arjun Patel Brighton D. Chakraborty and R. Sobolewski Terahertz Time-Domain Characterization of Biological Tissues Modeled Using COMSOL Multiphysics
Vinay Pendri Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Computational Modeling of Liquid Crystals and Related Materials Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory 671 KB
Jayden Roberts Brockport S. T. Ivancic Investigation of Microwave-Induced Chemical Etching in CR39 499 KB
Cameron Ryan McQuaid R. W. Kidder Containerized Application Management for Cloud-Based Scientific Analysis 463 KB
Alisha Upal Pittsford Sutherland R. S. Craxton Development of a National Ignition Facility Laser Configuration with X-Ray Backlighting for Direct Drive of a Foam Ball Target 3.28 MB
David Villani Harley School M. J. Guardalben Energy Prediction on the OMEGA EP Laser System Using Neural Networks 1.40 MB
Grace Wu Pittsford Mendon I. A. Begishev Measurement of the Refractive Indices of KDP and ADP at Low Temperatures 1.21 MB
Jenny Zhao Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall and N. D. Urban Chiroptical Properties and Mesophase Stability of Saturated Chiral Dopants for High-Peak-Power Liquid Crystal Device Applications 4.25 MB
Rick Zhou Brighton W. T. Shmayda and M. Sharpe Measuring the Performance of Molecular Sieve Driers 1.95 MB

2021 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2021 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2021)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Semma Alfatawi Victor C. J. Forrest Inferring a Neutron Yield from Nuclear Activation Techniques 1.95 MB
Felix Huang Webster Schroeder H. G. Rinderknecht Uniformity of X-Ray Prepulses for Imprint Mitigation in Directly Driven Implosions
Audrey Kohlman Churchville-Chili R. S. Craxton Polar-Direct-Drive Designs for the Laser Megajoule 1.25 MB
Meghan Marangola Brighton R. S. Craxton Optimization of Direct-Drive Designs for a Proposed Dual Direct-/Indirect-Drive Laser 8.83 MB
Tyler Petrillo Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Development of a Polar-Direct-Drive Design for Large-Diameter Beryllium and Plastic Targets on the National Ignition Facility 1.09 MB
Leo Sciortino School of the Arts R. W. Kidder Data Services to Improve Access to Scientific Image Data 950 KB
Aditya Srinivasan Pittsford Sutherland A. B. Sefkow and M. Lavell Exploration of Conduction and Stopping-Power Models for Hybrid Fluid-Kinetic Simulations 596 KB
Andrew Wu Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Computational Modeling of the Polarizability of Liquid Crystals 489 KB

2019 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2019 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2019)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Henry Berger Brighton C. J. Forrest Design of a Single-Hit Neutron Spectrometer for D-D Fusion 3.5 MB
Adelyn Carney Webster Schroeder H. G. Rinderknecht Optimization of X-Ray Prepulse Geometry for Imprint Mitigation in Directly Driven Implosions 591 KB
Ji-Mi Jang Pittsford Mendon T. Z. Kosc Micro-Raman Spectroscopy of Silica and Hafnia Laser Damage Sites 1.9 MB
Michele Lin Attica M. McCluskey and R. Boni A Comparative Study of the Effects of Methanol and Ethanol Solutions on the Bulk Etch Rate of CR-39 568 KB
George Morcos Rush-Henrietta K. L. Marshall Glassy Liquid Crystals Based on Natural Products for High-Peak-Power Laser Optics 2.9 MB
Adam Mroueh Pittsford Sutherland D. Broege Schlieren Diagnostic for the Imaging of Thermal Turbulence 5.6 MB
Ka-Hyun Nam Brighton C. E. Fagan
and W. T.  Shmayda
Comparative Analysis of Oxygen Uptake in Nickel and Copper-Zinc Beds 495 KB
Simon Narang Pittsford Sutherland M. D. Wittman and D. Bredesen Modeling for Direct Drive Fusion Implosions: Cryogenic Target Filling at Arbitrary Viewing Angles and Yield Prediction 4.5 MB
Max Neiderbach Geneseo M. D. Sharpe, V. Anand, and R. Peck Enhancements to the Calorimetric Measurement System on the Omega Laser 734 KB
Stephen Rosa Eastridge W. T. Shmayda
and M. Sharpe
Investigations of the Hydrogen-Palladium and Deuterium-Palladium Systems 738 KB
William Wang Pittsford Sutherland R. S. Craxton Development of a Beam Configuration for the SG4 Laser to Support both Direct and Indirect Drive 7.4 MB
Hanna Wiandt Pittsford Mendon R. S. Craxton Optimization of the Uniformity of 12-Quad Direct Drive Targets for the National Ignition 1.7 MB

2018 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2018 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2018)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Aditya Bhargava Victor M. J. Guardalben Measurement Accuracy of the Harmonic Energy
Diagnostic on OMEGA EP
Steven Booth Brighton W. A. Bittle and V. Anand Analysis Tools for Current Characteristics of Pulse-Forming Networks Driving High-Energy Flash Lamps 515 KB
Carwyn Collinsworth Brighton M. D. Wittman and D. H. Edgell Real-Time X-Ray Analysis of Liquid-DT Fill Level in Full-Tube Capsules to Control Solid-Layer Thickness 774 KB
Matthew Cufari Pittsford Sutherland P. B. Radha and O. M. Mannion Modeling Charged-Particle Spectra to Diagnose Asymmetries in OMEGA Implosions 721 KB
Audrey DeVault Penfield C. J. Forrest Spectral Moment Analysis of the Deuterium–Deuterium Neutron Energy Distribution from Inertial Confinement Fusion on OMEGA 588 KB
Katherine Glance Pittsford Sutherland W. T. Shmayda and M.–Sharpe Measuring Isotherms of the Hydrogen-Palladium System 2.9 MB
Katherine Kopp Victor S. G. Demos Microscopy with Ultraviolet Surface Excitation in Life Science Education 4.9 MB
Hannah Lang Rush-Henrietta K. L. Marshall Computational Chemistry Modeling of Photoswitchable Liquid Crystal Alignment Materials 646 KB
Maia Raynor Brighton W. T. Shmayda and C. Fagan Oxidation of Copper Zinc Alloy 982 KB
Margaret Rudnick Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Protective Polymer Coatings for Laser Optics 855 KB
Aidan Sciortino Wilson Magnet R. W. Kidder A Containerized Approach for Data Analysis on Omega 76 KB
Anirudh Sharma Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Optimization of Cone-in-Shell Targets for an X-Ray Backlighter on the National Ignition Facility 1.2 MB
Alan Tu Pittsford Sutherland A. B. Sefkow Complex Ray Tracing and Cross-Beam Energy Transfer for Laser–Plasma Simulations 1.6 MB

2017 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2017 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2017)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Viknesh Baskar Webster Schroeder J. P. Knauer and C. J. Forrest Ion Temperature Analysis of Neutron Time-of-Flight Data
Nikhil Bose Pittsford Sutherland M. J. Guardalben Compensation for Self-Focusing on the OMEGA EP Laser by Use of Frequency Conversion 1.1 MB
Benjamin Chabak Byron Bergen J. P. Knauer and C. J. Forrest Design and Analysis of Cherenkov Radiation Detectors 625 KB
Meshach Cornelius Gates Chili T. Walker and G. Brent Characterization and Detection of the Deterioration of Electrical Connectors in a Flash-Lamp System 1.2 MB
Griffin Cross Pittsford Sutherland W. T. Shmayda Study of the Hydrogen Palladium System 455 KB
Matthew Galan Fairport R. W. Kidder Data Services for Scientific Analysis on OMEGA and OMEGA EP 818 KB
Claire Guo Penfield A. Bose and R. Epstein Analysis of Hot Spot Asymmetries Using Synthetic X-Ray Images 1 MB
Joyce Luo Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Ambient-Temperature Ammonia Removal Process for Sol-Gel Anti-Reflective Coating Solutions 5.4 MB
Jonathan Moore Pittsford Sutherland M. D. Wittman and A. Kalb Predetermination of DT Fuel Mass in Cryogenic Target Capsules from Any Viewing Angle
Arian Nadjimzadah Brighton W. T. Shmayda Modifying Stainless Steel Surfaces by Electropolishing 1.4 MB
Yujia Yang Brighton R. S. Craxton Improving the Uniformity of Revolver Designs for the National Ignition Facility 3.2 MB

2016 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2016 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2016)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Kyle Bensink Victor D.  Jacobs-Perkins Post-Shot Data Analysis Tools for Cryogenic Target Shots 357 KB
Lindsay Browning Penfield R. S. Craxton Development of a Standardized Saturn Ring for Proton Backlighting on the National Ignition Facility 1.4 MB
James Hu Brighton R. Kidder Using Social Media Technologies for Online Scientific Analysis and Collaboration 823 KB
Webster Kehoe Wilson Magnet R. S. Craxton Beam Pointing Optimizations for Omega Implosions 2.1 MB
Grayson Lenhard Prattsburgh W. Shmayda and M. Sharpe Characterizing a Cu/Mn Alloy for Extracting Oxygen from Inert Gas Streams 656 KB
Joseph Mastrandrea Webster Thomas W. Shmayda Measuring Hydrogen Pressure over a Palladium Bed 1.2 MB
Nathan Morse Allendale Columbia M. Guardalben Frequency Conversion Crystal Designs for Improved Ultraviolet Power Balance on the 60-Beam OMEGA Laser 490 KB
Sapna Ramesh Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Characterization of the Electrical Properties of Contaminated Dielectric Oils for Pulsed Power Research 1.8 MB
Jonah Simpson Brighton C. Stoeckl Validating the Ion Slowing Model in the Geant4 Simulation Toolkit 2.5 MB
Matthew Wang Pittsford Sutherland C. Stoeckl Impulse Response Calibration of a Neutron Temporal Diagnostic Using the Multi-Terawatt Laser 1 MB
Leah Xiao Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Simulations of Laser-Driven Magnetized-Liner Inertial Fusion 1.5 MB
Joy Zhang Penfield R. Janezic Development of a Digital Microscope for the Characterization of Defects in Cryogenic DT-filled Targets 27.8 MB

2015 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2015 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2015)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
James Bonadonna Honeoye Falls Lima K. L. Marshall Next Generation Liquid Crystal Mixtures for OMEGA Circular Polarizer/Isolator Devices 730 KB
Christopher Bosso Penfield P. B. Radha Optimizing Picket-Pulse-Shape Polar-Drive Implosion Designs on the National Ignition Facility 1.1 MB
Ryan Gao Brighton M. Barczys Modeling Damage Propagation on the OMEGA EP Laser 672 KB
Phoebe Huang Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Analysis of Unabsorbed Light from Exploding-Pusher Targets Used for Proton Backlighting on the National Ignition Facility 1.1 MB
Jake Kinney Pittsford Sutherland R. S. Craxton Optimization of Backlighter Targets Using a Saturn Ring on the National Ignition Facility 1.5 MB
Nathan Knauf Harley R. W. Kidder A Web-Based Interface for Collaborative Multi-User Data Analysis in a Scientific Research Environment 732 KB
Eileen Norris Brighton S.-W. Bahk Design of an Imaging Telescope with Variable Magnification and Imaging Distance 1.2 MB
Alexander Proschel Pittsford Sutherland W. T. Shmayda Isotopic Exchange Over a Platinized Molecular Sieve 926 KB
Ishir Seth Brighton J. P. Knauer Analysis of CVD Diamonds for Neutron Detection on the OMEGA Laser 888 KB
Xilin Zhou Webster Schroeder S. X. Hu Radiation reaction of electrons at laser intensities up to 1025W/cm2 3.6 MB

2014 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2014 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2014)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Ryan Dens Allendale Columbia D. W. Jacobs‑Perkins Display of Scientific Image Sources with Mobile Devices 940 KB
Pranav Devarakonda Brighton R. Epstein The Use of Rosseland- and Planck-Averaged Opacities in Multigroup Radiation Diffusion 344 KB
William Franceschi Victor B. E. Kruschwitz and A. Kalb Optimization of Wavefront Control Using a High-Resolution Wavefront Sensor 1.6 MB
Emma Garcia Penfield R. S. Craxton Optimization of Uniformity for Current Polar Drive Implosion Experiments on the National Ignition Facility 1.3 MB
Jack Gumina Harley K. L. Marshall Next-Generation Polymers for High Power UV Replicated Optics 562 KB
Krishna Patel Webster Schroeder W. T. Shmayda Capturing Hydrogen on Chilled Molecular Sieve 445 KB
Sophia Rogalskyj Mercy W. T. Shmayda Water Collection on a Platinum-Coated Molecular Sieve 571 KB
Liam Smith Webster Schroeder R. W. Kidder Evaluation of a Collaborative Networking Environment for Experimental Configurations 529 KB
Jeremy Weed Victor D. Hassett, R. Peck, and D. Axman Creating an Open Source LLE-Based Ethernet to LonTalk Adapter 337 KB
Felix Weilacher Penfield P. B. Radha Optimizing Beam Profiles for Polar Drive Implosions on the National Ignition Facility 1 MB
Kyle Xiao Webster Schroeder K. L. Marshall Computational Modeling of Azobenzenes for Optically Addressable Liquid Crystal Alignment 1.1 MB
Nathan Xu Pittsford Sutherland S. X. Hu Effects of Alpha Particle Stopping-Power Models on Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 1.1 MB
Christopher Ye Webster Schroeder J. A. Delettrez Limits on the Level of Fast Electron Preheat in Direct-Drive Ignition Designs 431 KB
Robin Zhang Webster Schroeder C. Kingsley Statistical Investigation of Cryogenic Target Defects 396 KB
Roger Zhang Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Polar-Driven X-Ray Backlighter Targets for the National Ignition Facility 1.6 MB
Junhong Sam Zhou Victor C. Stoeckl Analyzing the Sensitivity of a Hard X-Ray Detector Using Monte Carlo Methods 1 MB

2013 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2013 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2013)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Aaron Appelle Brighton R. Sobolewski and Y. Akbas Drift-to-Ballistic Electron Transport for Operation of Ballistic Deflection Transistors 777 KB
Alexander Frenett Allendale Columbia F. J. Marshall Integration of X-ray Microscope Elements to a High-Speed Framing Camera Format 1.5 MB
Sara Gnolek Webster Thomas W. T. Shmayda Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrogen in Air Streams 675 KB
Samuel Goodman Pittsford Mendon W. T. Shmayda Detecting Hydrogen in Helium Streams 771 KB
Michael Hartman Pittsford Sutherland R. W. Kidder Emulating Laser Facility Operations through a Real-time Collaborative Network 370 KB
Eric Hwang Penfield R. Boni and W. R. Donaldson The Development and Testing of a Signal Processing Algorithm to Improve OMEGA Beam Timing 1 MB
Katherine James Honeoye Falls Lima K. L. Marshall Rewriteable Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals as a Route to High-Laser-Damage-Threshold Active Beam Shapers 635 KB
John Jamieson Allendale Columbia M. J. Guardalben Modeling the Effects of Deformable Mirror Location in the OMEGA EP Pulse Compression System 405 KB
Yifan Kong Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Beam-Pointing Optimization for Proton Backlighting on the NIF 1.3 MB
Nathaniel Rogalskyj McQuaid Jesuit G. Brent and D. Lonobile A Radiation and Cryogenic Tolerant Encoder 626 KB
Ben Saltzman Brighton P. M. Nilson Determining Plasma Temperature Using K-line Shifts in Rapidly Heated Matter 1.9 MB
Adeeb Sheikh Pittsford Sutherland R. Epstein Controlling Laser Beam Speckle with Optimized Illumination of Zooming Phase Plates 426 KB
Logan Toops Webster Thomas R. Sobolewski and Y. Akbas Modeling and Controlling Electron Movement in a Ballistic Deflection Transistor 584 KB
Erin Wang Brighton D. R. Harding Thermodynamics of the Solid–Liquid Phase Boundary of Deuterium 955 KB
Cameron Ziegler Canandaigua Academy S.-W. Bahk Alignment of an Offner Triplet Radial Group Delay Compensator 789 KB

2012 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2012 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2012)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Emily Armstrong Our Lady of Mercy M. Barczys and B. E. Kruschwitz Wavefront Measurements of High-Power UV Lasers with a Hartmann Sensor 1.4 MB
Virginia Boy East Rochester R. W. Kidder Integrating Semantic Technology with Legacy Databases 308 KB
Christa Caggiano Victor C. Dorrer and K. L. Marshall Fabrication and Characterization of Radial and Azimuthal Polarization Converters with Photoaligned Liquid Crystals 1.1 MB
Ian Gabalski Webster Thomas P. B. Radha Polar Drive Target Designs for Early NIF Experiments 697 KB
MaryKate Hanchett Fairport W. T. Shmayda Oxygen Uptake Using a Nickel Catalyst 521 KB
Aaron Jo Victor W. T. Shmayda and N. Redden Hydrogen Isotope Separation Using Gas Chromatography 608 KB
Alec Kirkley Pittsford Sutherland G. Fiksel Magnetic Field Penetration into a Conducting Hohlraum 722 KB
Evan Lustick Canandaigua Academy R. S. Craxton and M. D. Wittman Modeling Density Changes Inside a Cryogenic Target Using a Fabry–Perot Interferometer: A Feasibility Study 440 KB
Aimee Owens Home School T. Z. Kosc and S. D. Jacobs Performance Degradation of OMEGA Liquid Crystal Polarizers 305 KB
Jesse Pan Webster Thomas S. X. Hu Opacity Effects in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 415 KB
Mitchell Perry Brighton J. Qiao Deformable Grating Design Optimization for Large-Aperture Pulse Compressor Systems 327 KB
Raz Rivlis Brighton R. Boni Optical Modeling and Analysis of a High Throughput and High Temporal Resolution Spectrometer 797 KB
Lucas Shadler West Irondequoit W. D. Bittle Prediction of Getter Bed Regeneration Intervals Through Absolute Humidity and Flow Rate 839 KB
Julia Tucker Brighton R. Epstein The Dependence of Plasma Ionization Equilibrium on Electron and Radiation Temperatures 930 KB
Jack Valinsky Brighton W. R. Donaldson and D. H. Froula Electronic Analysis of Pulse Propagation Through an X-Ray Framing Camera 762 KB
Charles Wan Penfield K. L. Marshall Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Cryogenic Target Materials 604 KB

2011 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2011 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2011)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Brandon Avila Allendale Columbia R. W. Kidder Optimizing LLE Information Operations Through Natural Language Processing 309 KB
Andrew Boyce McQuaid W. T. Shmayda Water-Stimulated Tritium Release from Metals 1.2 MB
Matthew DeCross Pittsford Sutherland L. D. Lund Characterization of Cryogenic Deuterium–Tritium Target Motion 842 KB
Avery Gnolek Webster Thomas K. L. Marshall Photoaligned Liquid Crystal Wave Plate 1.1 MB
Dana Gretton Honeoye Falls Lima R. G. Peck and E. Druszkiewicz Design of a New Master Timing Generator 1.6 MB
Sean Hamlin Fairport R. Epstein X-Ray Fluorescence as an Imploded-Shell Diagnostic 748 KB
Felix Jin Brighton G. Fiksel Characterization and Design of Magnetic Coils for the Magneto-Inertial Fusion Electrical Discharge System (MIFEDS) 1.2 MB
Jefferson Lee Canandaigua Academy W. T. Shmayda Modeling Tritium Removal from Metal Surfaces 1.7 MB
Kevin Mizes Pittsford Sutherland R. Boni, D. H. Froula, and S. Ivancic Modeling and Testing Array Generation Techniques for Grid Image Refractometry on OMEGA EP 552 KB
Patricia Olson Brighton R. S. Craxton Optimization of Beam Configurations for Shock Ignition Experiments on the NIF and OMEGA 1.4 MB
Sean Reid Fairport M. Burke, R. Boni, and S. D. Jacobs The Use of Surface Grinding and Polishing to Remove Etch Induced Noise Pitting in CR-39 Samples 827 KB
Madeline Rutan Penfield K. L. Marshall Abrasion Resistant Anti-Reflective Sol-Gel Coatings 594 KB
Michael Statt School of the Arts C. Dorrer and K. L. Marshall Generation of Radially Polarized Beams Using Optically Patterned Liquid Crystals 766 KB
Troy Thomas Webster Thomas B. E. Kruschwitz Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry for the Transport Spatial Filter on the OMEGA Extended Performance Laser 282 KB
Harrison Xiao Pittsford Sutherland P. A. Jaanimagi Dynamic Defocusing in Streak Tubes 912 KB
Andrew Zhao Webster Thomas R. Boni, D. H. Froula, and S. Ivancic Modeling and Testing Array Generation Techniques for Grid Image Refractometry on OMEGA EP 552 KB

2010 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2010 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2010)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
James Baase Victor G. Brent, D. J. Lonobile Optimizing the Movement of a Precision Piezoelectric Target Positioner 524 KB
Andrew Chun Brighton F. J. Marshall X-Ray Imaging with Compact Kirkpatrick–Baez Microscopes 1.8 MB
Robert Cooper Allendale-Columbia R. W. Kidder Designing and Implementing an Ontology for LLE Experimental Diagnostics 128 KB
Luke Coy Greece Arcadia R. S. Craxton, R. Rombaut A Graphical User Interface for User Generated Opacity Files 540 KB
Kyra Horne Fairport M. J. Guardalben Reducing UV Near-Field Beam Modulation on OMEGA EP by Angularly Detuning the Frequency Conversion Crystals 196 KB
Karin Hsieh Webster Schroeder W. T. Shmayda Modeling Tritiated Water Desorption from Stainless Steel 1.1 MB
Connie Jiang Brighton D. W. Jacobs-Perkins, R. Huff Testing and Installation of the Reticle Projector on OMEGA’s Target Viewing System 464 KB
George Liu Pittsford Sutherland R. Epstein Imploded Shell Parameter Estimation Based on Radiograph Analysis 196 KB
Thomas Mo Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton X-Ray Backlighting of Shock Ignition Experiments on the National Ignition Facility 996 KB
Eric Pan Webster Thomas T. B. Jones Using Surface Evolver to Model the Behavior of Liquid Deuterium 380 KB
Ryan Shea Fairport W. T. Shmayda Tritium Desorption from Stainless Steel Surfaces at Variable Temperatures 424 KB
Laura Tucker Brighton R. S. Craxton A Design for a Shock Ignition Experiment on the NIF Including 3-D Effects 424 KB
Katherine Wegman Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Liquid Crystal Beam Shaping Devices Incorporating Coumarin-Based Photoalignment Layers 328 KB
Francis White McQuaid D. H. Edgell,
M. D.  Wittman
Determination and Correction of Optical Distortion in Cryogenic Target Characterization 1.3 MB
Barry Xu Brighton S. X. Hu Electron-Ion Temperature Relaxation Models for Inertial Confinement Fusion 336 KB
Andrew Yu Pittsford Sutherland K. L. Marshall Modeling Absorption Spectra of Optically Switchable Azobenzenes 368 KB

2009 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2009 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2009)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Dustin Axman Irondequoit R. Rombaut, R. Russo A Graphical User Interface to Oscilloscopes 260 KB
Leela Chockalingam Brighton K. L. Marshall Abrasion-Resistant Anti-Reflective Sol-Gel Coatings 292 KB
Ted Conley McQuaid J. Bromage Automated Injection for High-Power Fiber Amplifiers 388 KB
Cheryl Liu Pittsford Sutherland J. P. Knauer Neutron Detection with High Bandwidth and High Dynamic Range 612 KB
Trevor Lu Webster Thomas D. H. Edgell X-Ray Phase-Contrast Characterization of Cryogenic Targets 632 KB
Evan Miller Pittsford Mendon J. A. Delettrez Electron Reflection in Monte Carlo Simulations with the Code GEANT 84 KB
Lindsay Mitchel Spencerport R. S. Craxton Exploration of the Feasibility of Polar Drive on the LMJ 1.1 MB
Justin Owen Irondequoit R. W. Kidder, C. Kingsley, M. Spilatro Using Networked Data Services for System Analysis and Monitoring 560 KB
Ben Petroski Livonia W. T. Shmayda Water Desorption from Metallic Surfaces at Room Temperature 3.2 MB
Aaron Van Dyne Brighton J. A. Marozas Parameter Optimization of 1-D Multi-FM SSD on the NIF 600 KB
Marisa Vargas Webster Thomas C. Dorrer, K. L. Marshall Laser Beam Shaping with Optically Patterned Liquid Crystals 228 KB
Kate Walden Wayne T. C. Sangster, M. Burke Bulk Etch Rate Properties of NaOH/Ethanol as a CR-39 Nuclear Track Detector Etchant 280 KB
Victor Wang Webster Thomas K. L. Marshall Computational Modeling of Optically Switchable Azobenzenes 180 KB
Paul Watrobski Penfield W. Theobald UV Probe Beam for Plasma Characterization and Channeling Experiments 652 KB
Mia Young Penfield R. Epstein Including Emissivity in the Analysis of Implosion Radiographs 120 KB
Harvest Zhang Brighton L. D. Lund Resonance and Damping Characteristics of Cryogenic Fusion Targets 1.1 MB

2008 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2008 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2008)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Jay Amin Rush-Henrietta C. Dorrer Characterization of Ultrashort Optical Pulses by Spectral Shearing Interferometry 0.5 MB
Chris Baldwin Honeoye Falls-Lima R. W. Kidder Exploring Metadata for Laser Diagnostics and Control Systems on the OMEGA EP Laser System 0.7 MB
Husain Bawany Brighton R. Janezic Development of the Cryogenic Target Information System 0.3 MB
Krysta Boccuzzi Mercy E. Kowaluk Investigating the Causes of and Possible Remedies for Sensor Damage in Digital Cameras Used on the OMEGA Laser Systems 0.2 MB
David Brummond Honeoye-Falls Lima C. Stoeckl Controlling a Data Acquisition System with Java 4.3 MB
Nicholas Hensel Fairport D. Jacobs-Perkins High-Speed Measurements of Target-Support Vibrations Using Linescan Cameras 0.4 MB
Rachel Kurchin Harley R. S. Craxton, M. D. Wittman Characterization of a Cryogenic Fuel Capsule in a Transparent Hohlraum 7.7 MB
Alexis Kurmis Greece Arcadia T. C. Sangster, T. Duffy Counting System for the Carbon Activation Diagnostic 0.4 MB
Mangaladevi Patil Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Contamination Resistant Sol-Gel Antireflective Coatings by Vapor-Phase Silanization 0.3 MB
Angela Ryck Fairport R. S. Craxton Optimization of Cone-in-Shell Implosions 0.3 MB
Collin Sowinski Penfield W. T. Shmayda Minimization of the Tritium Contamination of Surfaces 0.1 MB
Jack Stokes Fairport S. Ingraham, D. J. Lonobile Investigation of Brushless dc Motor Commutation Techniques 0.2 MB
James Tsay Phillips Academy R. Epstein K-Shell Emission-Line Backlighter Source Optimization 0.3 MB
Brian Wang Webster Thomas J. F. Myatt, P. A. Jaanimagi The Effects of Space Charge on Electron Pulse Broadening in Streak Cameras 0.3 MB
Bradley Wideman Fairport F. J. Marshall Automated Determination of Crystal Reflectivity in the X-Ray Laboratory 0.3 MB

2007 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2007 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2007)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Joshua Bell Churchville-Chili W. R. Donaldson Development of a GaAs Photoconductive Switch for the Magneto-Inertial Fusion Electrical Discharge System 0.3 MB
Margaret Connolly Mercy T. C. Sangster, M. McCluskey, S. Roberts Response of CR-39 to Heat Exposure 0.4 MB
Juraj Culak Brighton P. B. Radha Neutron Imaging of Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 0.3 MB
Daniel Fleischer Brighton R. Boni, P. A. Jaanimagi ROSS Performance Optimization 0.5 MB
Jean Gan Pittsford Sutherland K. L. Marshall Patterned Photoresist Spacers and Photo-Induced Alignment Coatings for Liquid Crystal Waveplates and Polarizers 0.6 MB
Roy Hanna Williamsville J. A. Delettrez Extension of the Modeling of Collisional Blooming and Straggling of the Electron Beam in the Fast Ignition Scenario 0.5 MB
Katherine Manfred Fairport R. S. Craxton Polar Direct-Drive Simulations for a Laser-Driven HYLIFE-II Fusion Reactor 0.5 MB
Richard Marron Allendale Columbia R. Kidder Development of an Ontology for the OMEGA EP Laser System 0.1 MB
Alan She Pittsford Mendon R. S. Craxton Thermal Conductivity of Cryogenic Deuterium 0.3 MB
Benjamin Smith Webster Schroeder L. M. Elasky Expansion of Search Capabilities for the Target Fabrication Database 0.5 MB
Alexander Tait Allendale Columbia W. A. Bittle Data Analysis for Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Measurements 1.1 MB
Ernest Wang Pittsford Mendon K. L. Marshall Computational Modeling of Spectral Properties of Azobenzene Derivatives 0.1 MB
Eric Welch Livonia J. P. Knauer Design of an X-Ray Photoconductive Device Spectrometer 0.1 MB
Andrew Yang Fairport R. Epstein Unfolding X-Ray Spectra from a Multichannel Spectrometer 0.7 MB

2006 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2006 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2006)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Deshpreet Bedi Brighton F. Marshall X-Ray Diffraction Measurements of Laser-Generated Plasmas 368 KB
Ryan Burakowski Churchville-Chili T. Kosc PCLC Flakes for OMEGA Laser Applications 224 KB
Alexandra Cok Allendale Columbia S. Craxton Development of Polar Direct Drive Designs for Initial NIF Targets 576 KB
Zuzana Culakova Brighton K. Marshall Improved Laser Damage Resistance of Multi-Layer Diffraction Gratings Vapor-Treated with Organosilanes 272 KB
Eric Dobson Harley J. Delettrez Modeling Collisional Blooming and Straggling of the Electron Beam in the Fast-Ignition Scenario 144 KB
Elizabeth Gregg Naples Central S. Mott, J. Zuegel Fiber Optic Splice Optimization 64 KB
Daniel Gresh Wheatland Chili R. Kidder Implementing a Knowledge Database for Scientific Control Systems 128 KB
Matt Heavner Fairport C. Stoeckl Realtime Focal Spot Characterization 368 KB
Sean Lourette Fairport C. Stoeckl Neutron Transport Calculations Using Monte-Carlo Methods 256 KB
Ben Matthews York Central D. Lonobile, G. Brent Precision Flash Lamp Current Measurement-Thermal Sensitivity and Analytic Compensation Techniques 208 KB
Ryan Menezes Webster Schroeder D. Harding Evaluation of Confocal Microscopy for Measurement of the Roughness of Deuterium Ice 784 KB
Rui Wang Fairport K. Marshall Computational Modeling of Spectral Properties of Nickel Dithiolene Dyes 1.6 MB
Nicholas Whiting Bloomfield R. Epstein Dynamic Energy Grouping in Multigroup Radiation Transport Calculations 160 KB

2005 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2005 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2005)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Mary Brummond Honeoye Falls-Lima M. Guardalben Correcting Pulse-Front Errors in the OMEGA EP Pulse Compressor 0.2 MB
Philip Chang Pittsford Sutherland K. L. Marshall Application of Computational Chemistry Methods to the Prediction of Electronic Structure in Nickel Dithiolene Complexes 0.1 MB
Brandon Corbett Allendale Columbia T.J.B. Collins, P. B. Radha Maximization of Inertial Confinement Fusion Yields Through Laser Pulse Optimization 1 MB
Adam DeJager Greece Odyssey S. F. B. Morse, R. Kidder Optical Time Domain Reflectometry for the OMEGA EP Laser 0.3 MB
Frank Fan Webster Schroeder R. S. Craxton Investigation of the Effect of a Plastic Ring on the Uniformity of Ice Layers in Cryogenic Inertial Confinement Fusion Targets 0.4 MB
Alex Grammar Brighton R. Boni, P. A. Jaanimagi Relative Quantum Efficiency Measurements of the ROSS Streak Camera Photocathode 0.7 MB
Stewart Laird Harley School J. P. Knauer Characterization of a High-Energy X-Ray Compound Refractive Lens 1.1 MB
Brian MacPherson Penfield R. Epstein Dynamic Energy Grouping in Multigroup Radiation Transport Calculations 208 KB
Karyn Muir Honeoye Falls-Lima J. C. Lambropoulos Micromechanics and Microstructure of WC Hard Metals 0.5 MB
Brian Pan Penfield W. Seka Improving the Illumination Uniformity of a Cryogenic Target with a Layering Sphere 0.4 MB
Nicholas Ramos Palmyra-Macedon S. Mott, D. J. Lonobile X-Ray Framing Camera Characterization Automation 0.1 MB
Valerie Rapson Greece Olympia K. L. Marshall Contaminant Resistant Sol-Gel Coatings 0.2 MB
Martin Wegman McQuaid W. R. Donaldson Superconducting Electronics for the ICF Environment 0.3 MB
Lauren Weiss Brighton L. M. Elasky Categorization and Analysis of Defects in Cryogenic Laser Fusion Targets 0.8 MB
Rosie Wu Brighton D. H. Edgell Analysis of Inner Ice Surface Perturbations Using Bright Ring Characterization 2 MB

2004 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2004 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2004)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Daniel Balonek Byron-Bergen D. Jacobs-Perkins An Optical Measurement System for Characterizing Cryogenic Fusion Targets 368 KB
Gregory Balonek Byron-Bergen R. S. Craxton How Good is the Bright Ring Characterization for Uniformity of Deuterium Ice Layers within Cryogenic Nuclear Fusion Targets? 304 KB
Robert Balonek Byron-Bergen D. J. Lonobile Design and Fabrication of a Handheld Optically Coupled Water Flow Calibrator 272 KB
Bruce Brewington Fairport R. S. Craxton 3-D Characterization of Deuterium Ice-Layer Imperfections in Cryogenic Inertial Confinement Fusion Targets 480 KB
Daniel Butler Brighton R. Boni Automated Focusing of the ROSS Streak Tube Electron Optics 240 KB
Jeremy Chang Penfield M. Guardalben Grated Compressor Modeling 480 KB
Joseph Dudek Honeoye Falls-Lima C. Stoekl Hexapod Motion Through Remote Computer Activation 320 KB
Laurie Graham Bloomfield S. Regan Experimental Investigation of Far Fields on OMEGA 240 KB
Jivan Kurinec Rush-Henrietta M. Bonino, D. Harding Mechanical Properties of Spider Silk at Cryogenic Temperatures 496 KB
Jonathan Kyle Gates-Chili J. DePatie Operational Specifications for the Two-State Motor Controller 240 KB
Ted Lambropoulos Pittsford-Mendon J. Marozas Optimal Pinhole Loading via Beam Apodization 336 KB
Yekaterina Merkulova Penfield J. Delettrez Spatial Distribution of the Reflected Laser Light at the Experimental Chamber Wall 256 KB
Arun Thakar Pittsford-Mendon R. Epstein Numerically Calculated Spherical Rayleigh-Taylor Growth Rates 448 KB
Glen Wagner Fairport T. Kosc, K. L. Marshall Computer Modeling of Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flake Reorientation 768 KB
Tina Wang Webster-Schroeder V. Smalyuk Modeling of X-Ray Emission in Spherical Implosions on OMEGA 288 KB
Ariel White East Irondequoit-Eastridge K. L. Marshall Photopatterning of Liquid Crystal Alignment Cells 224 KB

2003 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2003 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2003)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Christine Beaty Livonia High School C. Stoeckl Controlling Scientific Instruments Using JAVA on LINUX 292 KB
Ryan Blair Canandaigua Academy R. Boni, M. Millechia Characterization of the OMEGA Sixty-Channel UV Spectrometer 280 KB
George Dahl Allendale Columbia R. Boni, M. Guardalben Pulse-Shaping Effects in Optical Parametric Amplifications 524 KB
Margot Epstein Sodus Central High School W. Bittle, J. Depatie Automated Laser-Beam Steering 940 KB
Wen-fai Fong Pittsford Sutherland R. Epstein Non-LTE Effects on the Speed of Sound in Plasmas 888 KB
Christopher Forbes Eastridge Senior High P. Jaanimagi Energy and Angular Distributions of Secondary Electrons Under High Electric Field 896 KB
Nathaniel Gindele Brighton Senior High J. Knauer Analyzing an Array of Diamond Photodetector Detectors 1.4 MB
Rohan Kekre McQuaid Jesuit S. Craxton Tuning Multiple Triplers Using a UV Spectrometer 1.6 MB
Kathryn Knowles Churchville-Chili J. Delettrez Analysis of Silicon Emission in Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Imploded Layered Targets 716 KB
Nadine Lippa Byron-Bergen A. Schmid, S. Lukishova Single Dye Molecule Fluorescence in Liquid Crystal Hosts 1.7 MB
Anthony Noto Greece Athena K. Marshall Development of Weighted Chirality Indices: Their Use in Modeling Nickel Dithiolene Systems 1.5 MB
Benjamin Schmitt Greece Arcadia F. Marshall X-Ray Microscope Mirror Characterization 1.6 MB
Nicole Toscano Greece Arcadia V. Smalyuk Compressed Core Characterization of a Cryogenic D2 Target at Peak Neutron Production 1.1 MB
Cam Tran Wilson Magnet K. Marshall Photochemically Induced Alignment of Liquid Crystals on a Polymer Surface 2.3 MB
Michael Wozniak Greece Athena D. Harding, S. Craxton The Effect of Nonuniform Illumination on the Shape of Deuterium Ice Layers 2.1 MB

2002 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2002 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2002)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Megan Alexander Honeoye Falls-Lima J. Zuegel, W. Seka Picket Pulse Shaping with Phase and Amplitude Modulation in the Frequency Domain 1.8 MB
Stefan Astheimer Honeoye Falls-Lima P. B. Radha Estimation of Magnetic Fields in Direct-Drive Implosions 2.7 MB
Christine Balonek Byron-Bergen K. Marshall Improvement of Self-Organization and Selective Reflection Quality in Lyotropic Crystalline Polysaccharide Films 360 KB
David Dingeldine Churchville-Chili J. Knauer Plasma Energy Measurement with an Open-Cell Metal Foam 360 KB
Sonya Dumanis Harley School V. Smalyuk Analyzing the Structure of Shell Modulations Around Peak Compression of Spherical Implosions 304 KB
Sid Ghosh Pittsford-Mendon P. Jaanimagi Secondary Electrons from X-Ray Photocathodes 456 KB
Kyle Gibney Livonia C. Stoeckl Computer-Controlled Neutron Diagnostics 300 KB
Sharon Jin Victor S. Craxton A Ray-Tracing Model for Cryogenic Target Uniformity Characterization 368 KB
Jue Liao Brighton R. Epstein Rayleigh-Taylor Growth Rates for Arbitrary Density Profiles Calculated with a Variational Method 372 KB
Christopher Moody Spencerport D. Harding Characterization of the Absorption Spectrum of Deuterium for Infrared Wavelengths 204 KB
Phoebe Rounds Irondequoit S. Craxton Multiple-Tripler Broad-Bandwidth Frequency Conversion for Laser Fusion 444 KB
Micah Sanders Pittsford-Mendon N. Bassett Thin Film Characterization of Al2O3 Utilizing Reactive Pulsed dc Magnetron Sputtering
Gurshawn Singh Rush-Henrietta J. Marozas 2-D Pulsed Laser Beam Modeling Using PROP 216 KB
Archana Venkataraman Brighton F. Marshall Characterization of Multilayer Diffractors for Framed Monochromatic Imaging 356 KB
Joy Yuan Pittsford-Mendon M. Guardalben Noncollinear Phase Matching in Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification 448 KB

2001 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2001 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2001)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
David Bowen Greece Arcadia C. Stoeckl Controlling Scientific Instruments with JAVA 240 KB
Matthew Fiedler Brighton W. Donaldson Modeling Streak Camera Sweep Speeds 428 KB
Melisa Gao Brighton J. Marozas Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping for the Design of Distributed Phase Plates 296 KB
Brian Ha Gates Chili R. Sobolewski Optical Characterization of GaAs with MSM Structures 200 KB
Gabrielle Inglis Honeoye Falls-Lima R. Boni Building and Characterizing 14-GHz InGaAs Fiber-Coupled Photodiodes 216 KB
Jennifer Jung Victor K. Marshall Guest-Host Dye Systems for Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Device Applications 332 KB
Joshua Keegan Aquinas Institute M. Guardalben Numerical Modeling of Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification to Design a Petawatt Laser Front End 560 KB
Kevin Monajati Pittsford-Sutherland K. Marshall Computational Modeling of Physical Properties in Liquid Crystalline Polymer Systems 352 KB
Christopher Piro Honeoye Falls-Lima R. S. Craxton Modeling the LCPDI with Refraction and Diffraction 312 KB
Abagail Rhode Brockport J. Taniguchi Experimental Simulation of Damage in Spatial Filter Lenses 460 KB
Uyen Tran Wilson Magnet S. Regan Experimental Investigation of the Far Field on OMEGA with an Annular Apertured Near Field 476 KB
James Wang McQuaid Jesuit D. Harding Cryogenic Permeability of Polyimide Shells 192 KB
Jeffrey Wilbur Victor J. Lambropoulos Inclusion Models of Laser Damage 460 KB

2000 Summer High School Research Program, Comprehensive Report (includes all student papers)

2000 Introduction

High School Students and Projects (Summer 2000)
Name High School Supervisor Project Title File Size
Andrew Campanella Webster P. Jaanimagi Large Area, Low Voltage X-Ray Source 224 KB
Jill Daum Rushville D. Smith, J. Taniguchi Experimental Simulation of Damage in Spatial Filter Lenses 192 KB
Abraham Fetterman Pittsford Mendon M. Skeldon Modeling Pulse Shape Distortions in the OMEGA Laser 312 KB
Ming-fai Fong Pittsford Sutherland S. Regan Experimental Investigation of Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion with Apertured Near Fields 552 KB
Robert Forties Irondequoit F. Marshall X-ray Sensitivity Measurements of Charge Injection Devices (CID’s) 356 KB
Binghai Ling Brighton R. Epstein Simulation of Plasma Spectra and Images of Foil Targets Using the Prism SPECT3D Radiation-Transport Post-Processor 752 KB
Anne Marino Hilton S. Jacobs Durable Phosphate Glasses with Low Glass Transition Temperatures 328 KB
Elizabeth McDonald Harley J. ZuegeI Adapting ASBO/VISAR for Foam Targets 284 KB
Ronen Mukamel Brighton S. Craxton Frequency Conversion of Phase-Aberrated Laser Beams for the National Ignition Facility 264 KB
Gloria Olivier Honeoye Falls-Lima K. Marshall Improvements in the Strength of Visible Selective Reflection in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Made from Cellulose Urethanes 256 KB
Colin Parker Brighton J. Marozas Dynamic Focal Spot Size Using a Static Phase Plate 556 KB
Priya Rajasethupathy Brockport J. Delettrez Improving Equation of State Tables 328 KB
John Savidis Gates-Chili R. Sobolewski Characterization of Ultrafast Superconducting Optoelectronic Devices 424 KB
Stephanie Wolfe Spencerport D. Smith, J. Oliver Coatings for Ultraviolet Lithography 292 KB