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LLE Safety Zone

Safety Training

Chemical Chemical Safety Related links
C_001 Chemical Safety and Hazardous Waste Management Quiz
C_002 Beryllium Safety Training Quiz
C_004 High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Fill Station
C_006 Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Training Quiz
C_007 Handling Explosives in Quantities Less Than or Equal to 10mg (LLNL Course: HS2070-W)
Electrical Electrical Safety
E_001 Electrical Safety Training Quiz
E_003 Energized Work Policy
General General Laboratory Safety
G_001 General Laboratory Safety Training Quiz
G_002 Respiratory Protection Safety Training
G_003 Fire Safety Training MyPath Instructions
G_004 First Aid (see related links)
Medical Emergency First Responder Training
G_005 Guest Worker Safety Training Quiz
G_006 EHS Hot Work Training MyPath Instructions
G_007 RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event
G_008 Safety Footwear Policy
G_009 Silica Safety Training Quiz
G_010 Environmental Service Worker Safety Training Quiz
G_011 LLE Lockout/Tagout Training Quiz
G_012 EHS Lead Awareness Training MyPath Instructions
G_015 LLE COVID-19 Safety Training Quiz

Laser Safety

L_001 Laser Safety Training Quiz
Laser Hazard Analysis Software Instructions/Tutorials
L_002 DOE Laser Worker Training
L_003 Laser Instrument Specialist Training Quiz

Mechanical Safety

M_001 General Mechanical Quiz
M_002 Compressed Gas Safety Quiz
M_003 Overhead Hoists Quiz
M_004 Basic Rigging Quiz
M_006 Fall Protection Quiz
M_007 U of R Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Operator Training Requirements U of R PIT Operator Evaluation
M_009 Overhead Crane Quiz
M_010 Auxiliary Machine Shop Guidelines Quiz


Radiation Safety

R_002 Radiation Safety Training for General Radiation Workers
R_003 Dosimetric Calculations for Qual Card Rad Worker

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