Safety News

(2/6/2023 – 2/12/2022)

PI’s can ignore the Sivco emails indicating Chemical Inventory is overdue.  The Safety Office is working to get every lab reconciled.

Covid Boosters are available.  To find an updated COVID booster near you, ask your physician, pharmacist or community health center, or search for availability at your local pharmacy via

For more information visit URMC’s “What you need to know

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Safety Training

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General Laboratory Safety Training Modules
General General Laboratory Safety
G_001 General Laboratory Safety Training Quiz
G_002 Respiratory Protection Safety Training MyPath Instructions
G_003 Fire Safety Training MyPath Instructions
G_004 First Aid (see related links)
Medical Emergency First Responder Training
G_005 Guest Worker Safety Training Quiz
G_006 EHS Hot Work Training MyPath Instructions
G_007 RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event
G_008 Safety Footwear Policy
G_009 Silica Safety Training Quiz
G_010 Environmental Service Worker Safety Training Quiz
G_011 LLE Lockout/Tagout Training Quiz
G_012 EHS Lead Awareness Training MyPath Instructions
G_013 Fire Suppression System (FSS) Training Quiz