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Section Document Name Procedure ID
Front Matter Maintenance Index & Schedules S-OM-P-031
General Optic Cleaning Procedures Optic Cleaning Procedure S-SM-P-197
Laser Bay Optics
Inspect and Document Laser Rod Condition S-SM-P-198
Inspect and Clean Beam Splitter Optics SS-SM-P-199
Inspect and Clean Spatial Filter Optics S-SM-P-200
Inspect and Clean Liquid Crystal Devices S-SM-P-201
Inspect and Clean SSA Windows S-SM-P-202
Inspect and Clean FCC Polarizer / F Output S-SM-P-203
Inspect FCC Gimbal S-SM-P-204
F-ASP Optics
Primary Pick-Off and Calorimeter Absorber S-SM-P-205
F-ASP Shutter Optics S-SM-P-206
DPR Crystals S-SM-P-215
Upward Facing Transport Mirrors S-SM-P-216
Focus Lens Optics
Inspect Focus Lenses S-SM-P-209
Blast Window Assembly, Debris Shield & Vacuum Window S-SM-P-210
Replace Focus Lenses S-SM-P-211
Remove / Install DPPs S-SM-P-212
Inspect DPPs S-SM-P-213
Damaged Optics
Inspect Optics Listed as Damaged S-SM-P-214
Off-Axis Parabola Optics
Remove and Replace OAP Optic S-SM-P-217