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Chemical Inventory

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SDS Database

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? 

Safety Data Sheets contain important information on the chemical and physical natures of chemicals. This information is useful for safe handling of the chemical. Vendors are required to provide information about the chemicals they sell. The SDS also provides information on the hazardous nature of the respective chemicals.

Where do I get an SDS? 

  • Chematix (M)SDS online Search
  • LLE Database (password required), Search here if SDS is not available in Chematix
  • In the laboratory where the chemical is stored
  • In the Safety Library, in binders alphabetized by their chemical name
  • From the manufacturer by calling or faxing their customer service department
  • Sigma-Aldrich Online SDS database (This site contains nearly 90,000 SDS’s that can be accessed free of charge; however, you may need to register to view more-detailed SDS’s.)