Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback

Computational Scientist
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Jonathan completed his Ph.D. at the University of Rochester where he studied supersonic turbulence in the context of star formation using a multi-physics adaptive mesh refinement code. His early research was on the nature of turbulence driven by jets and outflows from regions with high rates of star formation and the interaction between outflows and large scale driven turbulence. He then continued to study the formation of molecular clouds via condensation of interstellar flows and the impact of heterogeneity in those flows on the subsequent star formation rate. As the primary developer of AstroBEAR, he participated in a wide range of research projects involving the formation of discs in binaries, the role magnetic fields play in molecular cloud formation, and common envelope evolution.

After completing his dissertation in 2012, Jonathan stayed on as a Post Doc of Adam Frank where he studied the dynamics of winds driven from planets orbiting close to their host star. In 2013, Jonathan joined the Center for Integrated Research Computing where he continues to help researchers throughout the University leverage the High Performance Compute infrastructure on campus. In 2017, Jonathan began a more focused role where he primarily supports the efforts of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics as well as the Physics & Astronomy department.