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The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) of the University of Rochester is a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology. LLE was established in 1970 as a center for the investigation of the interaction of intense radiation with matter. The National Nuclear Security Administration funds LLE as part of its Stockpile Stewardship Program.

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Studying Planetary Magnetic Fields

More than 80 percent of planets are composed of metallic hydrogen. However, metallic hydrogen is one of the rarest materials found on Earth. Mohamed Zaghoo, Research Associate, and Gilbert 'Rip' Collins, Associate Director for Academics, Science, and Technology, have studied the conductivity of metallic hydrogen using experiments on the Omega Laser System to understand how planets form magnetic fields. Jupiter has one of the strongest magnetic fields in our solar system, and the "dynamo" mechanism that causes this is also present deep within the Earth. This dynamo creates our own magnetic field, making our planet habitable by shielding us from harmful solar particles. A key to Jupiter's magnetic field may lie in understanding the properties of metallic hydrogen, which surrounds Jupiter's core. More information is available in the recently published article in The Astrophysical Journal, and in on the University website.

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From the Director

27 June 2018


To Staff, Students, and Colleagues:


Senator Schumer met with NNSA Administrator Lisa Gordon-Hagerty last week. He reiterated his strong support for LLE, expressed his concern with the FY 2019 budget, highlighted his reaction by Congress to the FY 2019 budget, and urged her to finalize our Cooperative Agreement Renewal.


Please see the link below to read the Senator's press release discussing this important meeting.


The support of Congress has been tremendous!!

Thank you and best wishes,



Senator Schumer's Press Release discussing meeting with NNSA Administrator Gordon-Hagerty






For more information on contacting your congressional representatives, sample letters to congress, and letters of support, please follow this link.


Senator Schumer Visits to Show Support for LLE