LLE Safety Zone


  • If risk of inadvertent or unintentional operation of a valve, switch, breaker, or control device exists and if such operation could cause either personnel injury or equipment damage, operation must be prevented by a tagout or lockout.
    • A tagout is defined as the placement of a tag on a breaker, switch, control device, or valve that states “DANGER DO NOT OPERATE.”
    • A lockout is defined as the installation of a physical barrier to operation such as a lock or the removal of a connecting link to prevent operation of the component being worked on.
  • Tagout and lockout procedures will be used as required to support maintenance or if equipment is suspected of presenting a hazard to personnel or other equipment. Specific procedures are found in article 4005 of the LFORM (LLE INST 3000). In summary,
    • Tagouts within the OMEGA, OMEGA EP, and CRYO CT&F Facilities are described by LFORM
    • Supervisor/maintenance personnel must determine the need for and then initiate the tagout. The tagout should contain the reason for the tagout, and the Shot Director must approve the tagout.
    • Tags must be hung before maintenance is started. The tags should be securely affixed to the actual valve, switch, breaker, or control device in a manner that ensures their visibility to anyone who might attempt operation. For equipment or devices that do not have unique isolation switches or breakers, the equipment or device should be disconnected from its power source if possible and a tag placed on the plug or connector. The individual placing the tags should sign each tag after it is placed and then sign the tagout sheet when all tags are placed.
    • Maintenance can begin only after all tags are hung.
    • Tags must be removed before restoring or testing equipment.
  • Under no circumstances will tagged-out equipment be used without formally clearing all tags.