LLE Safety Zone

Instructions for completing safety training using MyPath

  • Open U of R MyPath Login page in browser of choice
  • Log in using your U of R HRMS credentials
  • From the Home screen, use the search bar to find the class of interest (e.g., “EHS Hot Work Training”), or press the “Browse for Training” icon
  • After locating the desired class, press “Launch”
    • You must enable “pop-ups” in your browser in order for the class to load/run
  • Complete the training and quiz that follows (if any)
  • Once complete, close the training window to return to your “Learning Transcript”
  • Change the Left-hand filter to show “Completed” courses
  • Press the Name of the course completed to open the detailed record
  • Print the transcript and submit it to the LLE Safety mailbox for credit

IMPORTANT: LLE Safety Officers can NOT access MyPath training transcripts, and do NOT receive automatic notification when a course is completed. You will not receive credit if you don’t hand in the printed transcript.