Current Research Topics: HEDP Theory Group

First-Principles Equation of State (FPEOS)

For ICF and HED applications, we have been using ab initio quantum molecular-dynamics (QMD) and path-integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) methods to study the equation-of-state of materials under high pressures. Comparing the generated FPEOS tables with traditional EOS models, we can identify what important physics is determining the EOS property of materials, in particular in the warm-dense-matter (WDM) regime. These FPEOS studies have covered DT [1,2], CH [3,4], Be [5], and Si [6,7] for the past several years. Implementing these FPEOS tables into our ICF/HED hydrocodes helps to redefine reliable 1-D target designs. We are currently improving the QMD method by implementing the temperature dependent xc-functionals for more-accurate and mid-/high-Z materials. Some examples of our recent results are given: