Steven Ivancic

Diagnostic Development and Integration Group Leader

Steven Ivancic is the group leader for Diagnostic Development and Integration at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Highest Distinction, followed by an M.S and Ph.D. at the University of Rochester supported by a University Fellowship and later as a Horton Fellow. He joined the Laboratory in 2015 as a post-doctoral associate and was promoted to Scientist in 2018 and Group Leader in 2019.

Dr. Ivancic’s primary research focuses in the development of instrumentation in support of experimental high-energy-density physics, with specific concentration in ultrafast x-ray imaging, detector development, and project coordination. As the leader of the Diagnostic Development and Integration Group, he oversees the implementation of new diagnostic capability at the Omega Laser Facility, and works closely with scientific, engineering, and operations teams to ensure safe and scientifically reliable results from the facility for all users. He is the recipient of the National Nuclear Stockpile Administration Defense Program’s Award of Excellence and sits on the leadership committee for the National Diagnostic Working Group.

His present interest is in x-ray imaging and time-dependent spectroscopy and imaging, with application to the assessment of implosion performance of cryogenic deuterium–tritium fuel in directly driven thermonuclear fusion experiments at the Omega Laser Facility. He is the Principal Investigator for the OMEGA single line-of-sight time-resolved x-ray imager and ultrafast x-ray streak cameras, and the project coordinator for a planned expansion of the x-ray imaging diagnostic capability called the OMEGA x-ray hot-spot imager (XRHSI).

Steve Ivancic