Greg Brent

Electronics & Controls Engineering Group Leader

Gregory Brent is a Research Engineer and the Group Leader of the Electronics and Controls Engineering Group at University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE). He came to LLE in 1996 after several years in the electronics industry to join the Power Conditioning Group, working primarily to improve the reliability of the Omega Power Conditioning System and Flash-Lamp Test Facility. He was the lead engineer for both the controls and the electrical simulation and modeling of the OMEGA EP Power Conditioning System, and was made supervisor of this system in 2005, and manager of the larger overall Power Conditioning Group in 2016. His contributions and current interests include controls, instrumentation, and mechatronics for LLE’s Cryogenic Target Handling System, design of custom FPGA-based controls and digitizers, and designing pulsed-power systems of various sizes and repetition rates.