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Review 153

  • Nuclear Science Experiments with a Bright Neutron Source from Fusion Reactions on the OMEGA Laser System
  • Record Fifth-Harmonic–Generation Efficiency Producing 211-nm, Joule-Level Pulses Using Cesium Lithium Borate
  • An Ultrafast X-Ray Streak Camera for Time-Resolved High-Energy-Density Applications
  • Cross-Beam Energy Transfer: Polarization Effects and Evidence of Saturation
  • Suppressing Two-Plasmon Decay with Laser Frequency Detuning
  • Partitioning of Tritium Between Surface and Bulk of 316 Stainless Steel at Room Temperature
  • Experimental Signatures of Laser Wakefield Acceleration Assisted by Direct Laser Acceleration
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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40 Years of Excellence

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Inertial Confinement Fusion: An Introduction

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