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Review 138

  • Method to Measure Young's Modulaus and Damping of Fibers at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Self-Generated Magnetic Fields in Direct-Drive–Implosion Experiments
  • Absolute Calibration of the OMEGA Streaked Optical Pyrometer for Laser-Driven Shock Waves
  • Multibeam Two-Plasmon Decay in Three Dimensions: Thresholds and Saturation
  • Near-Ultraviolet Absorption Annealing in HfO2 Thin Films Subjected to Continuous-Wave Laser Irradiation
  • Static and Optical Properties of Warm Dense Polystyrene Along the Principal Hugoniot
  • Fabrication of a a Continuouse-Enfolding Grating by Ion-Beam–Sputter Deposition
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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