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Review 139

  • Magnetic Reconnection Between Colliding Magnetized, Laser-Produced Plasma Plumes
  • Implosion Dynamics in Direct-Drive Experiments
  • X-Ray Continuum as a Measure of Pressure and Fuel–Shell Mix in Compressed Isobaric Hydrogen Implosion Cores
  • Soft X-Ray Backlighting of Cryogenic Implosions Using a Narrowband Crystal Imaging System
  • Time-Resolved Compression of a Spherical Shell with a Re-Entrant Cone to High Areal Density for Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion
  • Precompensation of Gain Nonuniformity in a Nd:Glass Amplifier Using a Programmable Beam-Shaping System
  • A New Neutron Time-of-Flight Detector for Fuel-Areal-Density Measurements on OMEGA
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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