LLE Review

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Review 155

  • Observation of Nonlocal Heat Flux Using Thomson Scattering
  • Ray-Based Modeling of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer at Caustics
  • Tritium Retention in Hexavalent Chromate-Conversion–Coated Aluminum Alloy
  • Simulation of Grating-Compressor Misalignment Tolerances and Mitigation Strategies for Chirped-Pulse–Amplification Systems of Varying Bandwidth and Beam Size
  • A Rate-Doubled 10-GHz Fiducial Comb Generator for Precision Optical Timing Calibration
  • Investigation of Laser-Induced Damage in Hafnia/Silica Multilayer Dielectric Coatings Under 1053-nm, 600 fs to 100-ps Laser Irradiation
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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