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Review 147

  • Measurements of the Effect of Adiabat on Shell Decompression in Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA
  • Optical Smoothing of Laser Imprinting in Planar-Target Experiments on OMEGA EP Using One-Dimensional Multi-FM Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion
  • Plasma Characterization Using Ultraviolet Thomson Scattering from Ion-Acoustic and Electron Plasma Waves
  • Measurements of Hot-Electron Temperature in Laser-Irradiated Plasmas
  • A Pulse-Front-Tilt–Compensated Streaked Optical Spectrometer with High Throughput and Picosecond Time Resolution
  • Design of an Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer Suite to Characterize Rapidly Heated Solid Matter
  • Influence of Surface Modifications on the Adsorption and Absorption of Tritium into Stainless-Steel 316
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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