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The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) of the University of Rochester is a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology. LLE was established in 1970 as a center for the investigation of the interaction of intense radiation with matter. The National Nuclear Security Administration funds LLE as part of its Stockpile Stewardship Program.

Target being shot by a laser
Office of the Director

Laser's 50th Anniversary

SPIE interview with LLE Director
Dr. Robert L. McCrory

Road Construction Near LLE

I-390 Corridor Overhaul:
With the completion of the Kendrick Road traffic circle and the on/off ramps for I390S, attention this Spring shifts to the construction of new on ramps for I390N at Kendrick Road and Route 15 (shown in orange here). Updates available from the NYS Department of Transportation Road Construction Near LLE

Quick Shot

NIF x-ray spectrometer

NIF X-Ray Spectrometer

In preparation for the OMEGA calibration shots, the NIF x-ray spectrometer (NXS) is shown with the development team consisting of Sean Regan, Milt Shoup, Mark Bedzyk, Chad Abbott, and Tim Clark. Funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, this time-resolved x-ray spectrometer for the National Ignition Facility was designed, fabricated, and calibrated by LLE through a contract with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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Around the Lab

Omega Laser Facility Reaches
its 25,000th Target Shot

The Omega Laser Facility recently completed its 25,000th experiment to create and study extreme states of matter. This achievement was noted by NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs Don Cook who underscored the important role [LLE] plays in advancing NNSA's mission of "maintaining the safety, security and effectiveness of the nuclear deterrent without nuclear testing." "It has made significant contributions to the Stockpile Stewardship Program," said Cook. "The Laboratory operates Omega as a very effective user facility. I congratulate the Omega team on this accomplishment and thank LLE for its sustained contributions to the stockpile mission."