Department of Energy (DOE) Monthly Reports

2018 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2018 Replacement of Cryogenic Target System Linear Motor
February 2018 High-Performance Computing of High-Energy-Density Plasmas at LLE
March 2018 OMEGA Power-Balance Improvements
April 2018 Observation of Solid Ramp-Compressed Sodium Above 300 GPa
May 2018 Backlighter-Intensity Improvements for Radiography of Cryogenic Implosions
June 2018 Toward a Broadband Reflectivity Diagnostic on OMEGA EP
July 2018 High-Performance OMEGA Cryogenic Implosions
August 2018 Summer High School Research Program
September 2018 A New Wavelength-Tunable Beam for Laser–Plasma Interaction Experiments
October 2018 Laser–Plasma Interaction Experiments on OMEGA EP
November 2018 Laser–Plasma Interaction Experiments on OMEGA EP
December 2018 Laser–Plasma Interaction Experiments on OMEGA EP
2017 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2017 X-Ray Thomson Scattering from Strong Shocks in Carbon Foams
February 2017 Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulations of OMEGA Implosions
March 2017 In-Situ Measurement of Direct-Drive Target Illumination Uniformity
April 2017 Cross-Beam-Energy Transfer Diagnostic
May 2017 Effects of a Fill Tube on the Performance of OMEGA Direct-Drive DT Cryogenic Implosions
June 2017 Highest-Pressure Solid Aluminum X-Ray Diffraction Recorded on OMEGA EP
July 2017 Cryogenic Implosion Performance
August 2017 High-Resolution X-Ray Line-Shape Spectroscopy of Hot Dense Matter
September 2017 The Single-Line-of-Sight, Time-Resolved X-Ray Imager Diagnostic Records the Core Emission from Cryogenic Implosions
October 2017 Finite Atwood-Number Effects on Deceleration-Phase Instability in Direct-Drive Implosions of Gas-Filled Capsules
November 2017 OMEGA Nuclear Science Experiments
December 2017 The Cryogenic Equipment for Fielding Fill-Tube Targets
2016 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2016 Polarization Dependence of a Cross-Beam Energy Transfer
February 2016 OMEGA Graxicon
March 2016 High-Resolution, Ultrafast Streaked X-Ray Spectrometer
April 2016 Observation of Solid–Solid Phase Transitions in Ramp-Compressed Aluminum
May 2016 X-Ray Backlighting of Cryogenic Capsule Implosions
June 2016 Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Modeling

Dr. Michael Rosenberg awarded the American Physical Society 2016 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

July 2016 Shocked Foams on OMEGA EP
August 2016 Summer High School Research Program
September 2016 Direct-Drive Campaign at the National Ignition Facility
October 2016 Hot-Spot Mix in Direct-Drive DT Cryogenic Implosions
November 2016 Low-Mode Nonuniformity Measurement and Correction in Direct-Drive Implosions
December 2016 Cryogenic 1-D Implosion Campaign
2015 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2015 Mass-Ablation-Rate Measurements in Polar-Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA
February 2015 P11-NTD
March 2015 LLE/NROTC Intern Program
KBFRAMED Magnification and Resolution
April 2015 Implosions on OMEGA Exceed 50-Gbar Hot-Spot Pressures
May 2015 FY16 Laboratory Basic Science Experiments Approved
June 2015 Wavelength Detuning for Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Mitigation in Polar-Direct-Drive Ignition
July 2015 Laser-Plasma Simulation Environment
August 2015 Measuring Neutron-Induced d-Breakup Reactions Using High-Yield DT Implosions on OMEGA
September 2015 OMEGA Zooming Phase Plate
October 2015 Reduction of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer for Direct-Drive, Layered Deuterium–Tritium Implosions on OMEGA
November 2015 Development of Laser-Driven MagLIF on OMEGA
December 2015 Joint SNL–LLE Magnetized Linear Inertial Fusion Project
2014 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2014 Strong Shock Generation for Shock-Ignition Inertial Fusion and Donald and Linda Winter LLE/NROTC Intern Program
February 2014 “Instantaneous” Material Heating and Release
March 2014 Magnetized Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on OMEGA
April 2014 Omega Laser Facility Users Group (OLUG) Workshop
May 2014 National Ignition Facility (NIF) X-Ray Spectrometer (NXS)
June 2014 X-Ray–Backlit, Polar-Drive Implosions on the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
July 2014 Gas Cherenkov Detector 3
August 2014 OMEGA High-Resolution Velocimeter
September 2014 Spherical Strong-Shock Generation for Shock-Ignition Inertial Fusion
October 2014 Impact of First-Principles Properties of Deuterium–Tritium on Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Designs
November 2014 NIF Polar-Direct-Drive Campaign
December 2014 ShockSoundSpeed EP Experiment
2013 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2013 OMEGA EP Fourth-Harmonic Probe Activation
February OMEGA Cryogenic DT Implosion Performance
March 2013 Experimental Comparison of Hydrodynamic Efficiencies for Be, C, and CH Ablators
April 2013 Improving Laser-Damage Performance of UV Coatings
May 2013 Electron–Positron Pair Jet
June 2013 Implementation of a New Neutron Temporal Diagnostic
July 2013 Soft X-Ray Backlighting of Cryogenic Implosions Using a Narrow-Bandwidth Crystal Imaging System
August 2013 Polar-Drive Experiments with Shimmed Shells
September 2013 Controlled Symmetry Variation in Polar-Drive Experiments on the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
October 2013 Measurements of the Dependence of the Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability on the Plasma Scale Length
November 2013 Installation of the OMEGA Arbitrary Waveform Generator Pulse-Shaping System
December 2013 Cryogenic DT Implosions with a Laser-Shinethrough Barrier
2012 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2012 Multifrequency-Modulated Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion
February 2012 Measurement of Fast-Electron Preheat
March 2012 Polar-Drive Experiments with Shimmed Shells
April 2012 Improved Cryogenic-DT Implosion Performance
May 2012 OMEGA EP Two-Plasmon-Decay Experiments
June 2012 Magnetic-Field Generation by Rayleigh–Taylor Instability
July 2012 Thomson-Scattering Advancements
August 2012 Progress in Cryogenic Target Implosions
September 2012 Polar-Drive Experiments with Shimmed Shells
October 2012 2-D Modeling of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer (CBET) in Direct-Drive Implosions
November 2012 Fast-Electron Control with a Magnetic Field in Hohlraums
December 2012 NIF Polar-Drive–Ignition Design
2011 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2011 Thomson-Scattering from Direct-Drive Targets
February 2011 Mitigating Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer in Implosion Targets
March 2011 Polar-Drive Ignition Target Design
April 2011 Intensity Scan of Warm Plastic-Shell Implosions on OMEGA

Laboratory Basic Science Proposal Solicitation

May 2011 Improved Cryogenic-DT Target Performance
June 2011 Mitigation of Laser Imprinting in Spherical Implosions by High-Z Doping
July 2011 Optimization of Neutron Yield by Balancing the Reduction of CBET with Increased Nonuniformities
August 2011 Distributed Phase Plate Design for Polar-Drive Configuration on the NIF
September 2011 Plasma Nuclear Science at the Omega Laser Facility
October 2011 X-Ray Framing-Camera Characterization
November 2011 Streaked Optical Pyrometer Upgrade
December 2011 Diagnostic Timing Design for NIF
2010 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2010 X-Ray Thomson Scattering from Spherically Imploded ICF Ablators
February2010 Proton Radiography Measurements of Target Charging

NIF Magnetic Recoil Spectrometer

March 2010 NIF Polar-Driven, Direct-Drive Activation Shot Tests
April 2010 Three-Color-Cycle SSD Installation
May 2010 Basic Science Research at LLE

OMEGA Laser Users Group

Science Article on Proton Radiography

June 2010 Polar DIM Imager for the NIF
July 2010 OMEGA Cryogenic Target Development

Visit by Dr. Steven Koonin

August 2010 Spherical Crystal-Imager Diagnostic

NLUF Proposals Approved for FY11 and FY12

September 2010 First NIF Polar-Drive Deuterium–Tritium (DT) Implosions
October 2010 Measuring Multiple Spherically Converging Shocks in Liquid-Deuterium Targets
November 2010 Validation of Simulations of Cryogenic Target Implosions
December 2010 Lab-on-a-Chip ICF Target Manufacturing
2009 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2009 High-Energy X-Ray Radiography
February 2009 Fast-Electron Source Characterization
March 2009 Programmable Spatial-Light Modulator
April 2009 Positron Production Experiment

OMEGA Laser Users Group (OLUG) Workshop

May 2009 Multiple-Shock Timing
June 2009 OMEGA EP VISAR Diagnostic

Liquid-Scintillator nTOF Detector

July 2009 NIF Polar-Driven, Direct-Drive Activation Shot Tests
August 2009 Cryogenic-DT Target Implosions
September 2009 High-Energy Electron-Conversion Efficiency Measurement with High-Energy (2.1 kJ), Short Pulse (10 to 12 ps)

OMEGA EP Temporal Contrast Measurement

October 2009 High-Density Cryogenic Implosions

OMEGA EP Backlighter Development

November 2009 Hot-Spot X-Ray Spectrometer for the NIF

NIF Polar-Drive Implosions

December 2009 NIF 4ω Fiducial Laser
2008 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2008 Diagnosing Cryogenic DT Implosions at OMEGA Using Charged-Particle Spectrometry
February 2008 First Target Shots on OMEGA EP

Proton Radiography of ICF Implosions

March 2008 Multiple Shock Timing in Convergent Geometry
April 2008 OMEGA EP Project Completion
May 2008 NIF PAM for OMEGA EP
June 2008 Calibration of the NIF Neutron Time-of-Flight (nTOF) Detectors
July 2008 Multi-Shock Velocity Measurements
August 2008 Hard X-Ray Bremsstrahlung Measurements
September 2008 Polar-Drive Experiments
October 2008 Integrated Simulations of Electron Transport and Ignition for Fast-Ignition Targets
November 2008 DT Implosions Meet Requirements for Scattered Neutron Spectroscopy
December 2008 First Areal Density Measurement Based on Neutron Scattering in Compressed DT-Cryogenic Fuel
2007 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2007 Silicon Shinethrough Barriers

Intel Science Talent Search

February 2007 Laser-to-X-Ray Coupling for Direct-Drive ICF

Cryogenic Target Experiments

March 2007 Polar-Direct-Drive Ignition Design

Indirect-Drive Implosion Symmetry Campaign

April 2007 OMEGA Areal-Density Milestone
May 2007 High-Contrast Pulse Generation

OMEGA EP Use Planning Workshop II

June 2007 Diffractive Color Corrector for the OMEGA EP Laser
July 2007 Rapid Heating of Solid-Density Matter During High-Intensity-Laser Interactions
August 2007 Role of Preheat in the Stabilization of Rayleigh–Taylor Growth
September 2007 Doped-Ablator Implosions
October 2007 Experimental Studies of the Shock-Ignition ICF Concept
November 2007 Shock-Timing Validation
December 2007 Cryogenic DT Target Research
2006 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2006 Electron Transport Modeling for Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments
February 2006 National Ignition Campaign Hohlraum Energetics Experiments
March 2006 Cryogenic DT Target Implosions

High-Contrast Pulse Shape Generator

April 2006 Active Shock Breakout (ASBO) Upgrade
May 2006 Absorption in OMEGA Implosion Experiments
June 2006 High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging (HRXI)
July 2006 OMEGA Cryogenic Targets
August 2006 National Ignition Campaign Hohlraum Energetics on OMEGA
September 2006 X-Ray Absorption Measurements of Areal Density in Cryogenic DT Implosions
October 2006 Areal-Density Analysis of OMEGA Implosions
November 2006 National Ignition Campaign Hohlraum Energetics Experiments on OMEGA
December 2006 K-Shell Spectroscopy of High-Intensity Laser–Solid Interactions
2005 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2005 EXAFS Measurement of Iron bcc-to-hcp Phase Transformation in Nanosecond-Laser Shocks
February 2005 Progress on Polar Direct Drive
March 2005 Nonlinear Rayleigh-Taylor Growth of 3-D Laser-Imprinted Modulations
April 2005 Absolute EOS Measurements
May 2005 Neutron Diagnostics Development
June 2005 Spectrally Resolved X-Ray Scattering Experiments
July 2005 Cryogenic D2 Layer Characterization
August 2005 Plasma Electrode Pockels Cell (PEPC)
September 2005 NLUF Proton Radiography Experiments
October 2005 Low-Adiabat Implosions
November 2005 OMEGEA EP Construction
December 2005 Fractionation of Fusion Fuel in ICF Capsules
2004 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2004 Fast-Ignition Target Design
February 2004 Polar-Direct-Drive Experiments
March 2004 OMEGA EP Front End
April 2004 Beam Imprinting
May 2004 Fast-Ignition, Cone-Target, Fuel-Assembly Experiments
June 2004 EXAFS Measurements of Laser-Shocked Vanadium and Titanium
July 2004 OMEGA EP Project Highlights
August 2004 Defense Programs Award of Excellence
September 2004 OMEGA Shot Record
October 2004 Physical Data Research Program (LLNL) Recognition
November 2004 Drive Uniformity Improvement

NIF Neutron Bang Time Detector (NBT)

December 2004 OMEGA Cryogenic Capsule Implosions
2003 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2003 LLE High School Student Research

NIF Recognition Award

February 2003 OMEGA EP Project
March 2003 Cryogenic Target Characterization

Thomson Scattering from Plasmons near the Landau Cutoff

April 2003 Proton Core Imaging Spectroscopy (PCIS)

Proton Temporal Diagnostic (PTD)

May 2003 OMEGA EP Prototype Amplifier
June 2003 Tiled Grating Pulse Compressor
July 2003 Shock-Timing Experiments
August 2003 Simulations of Shock Propagation in DT-Wetted CH Foams

OMEGA EP Building Construction

September 2003 Cryogenic Target Characterization
October 2003 Optimized Irradiation Uniformity
November 2003 Picket-Pulse Implosions
December 2003 Cryogenic Target Performance
2002 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2002 Ignition Model
February 2002 Indirect-Drive Ablator Shock Propagation
March 2002 OMEGA Cryogenic Target Experiments

Picket-Pulse Implosion Experiments

April 20002 Cryogenic Target Ice Layering

Modulated Shock Waves

May 2002 Cryogenic Target Fabrication

First Shaped-Pulse Cryogenic Target Implosion

June 2002 High-Performance, Direct-Drive Target Designs

Controlled Target Irradiation

July 2002 OMEGA 2ω Probe Activation

Measurement of Capsule-Areal-Density Evolution

August 2002 Offset Target Implosions

Determination of Imposed Core Temperature and Density Gradients

September 2002 Cryogenic Target Implosions

Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification (OPCPA)

October 2002 Collapsing Radiative Shocks

New OMEGA Diode-Pumped Regenerative Amplifier

November 2002 Direct-Drive Fast-Ignition Research at LLE

2-D Performance of a Low-Adiabat Cryogenic Implosion

December 2002 Optimized Direct-Drive Illumination Uniformity

Deuterium Equation-of-State Experiments

2001 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2001 Shock-Related Structure in D-3He Proton Spectra

NIF 2-D SSD Preliminary Design

February 2001 Laser-Plasma Interaction Experiments
March 2001 Controlled-Prepulse Rayleigh-Taylor Experiments
April 2001 Smoothing Performance of Ultrafast Picket Fence Pulses on the NIF

Multibeam Streak Cameras

May 2001 Wetted-Foam NIF Direct-Drive Target Designs

Multibeam Interaction Experiments

June 2001 Shell Mix in Compressed Core of Spherical Implosions

Tertiary Neutron Diagnostic

July 2001 Cryogenic Target Characterization

Improved Capsule-Surface Roughness

August 2001 Cryogenic Target Implosions

Summer High School Student Research Program

September 2001 Time-Integrated UV Photographs of OMEGA Implosions
October 2001 Spectral Sculpting for IFE Lasers
November 2001 Power Balance and Implosion Symmetry

R&D 100 Award

December 2001 Comparisons of High-Resolution Neutron X-Ray Imaging

OMEGA Operations Summary

2000 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 2000 High-Intensity Distributed Phase Plates

CCD-Based Diagnostics in High-Neutron Environments

February 2000 Inner-Shell-Mix Diagnostic

OMEGA Power Balance

March 2000 1-THz SSD Bandwidth Measurements

Density Diagnostic for Cryogenic Target Implosions

April 2000 Determination of Preheat Due to Fast Electrons on OMEGA

Imprint Reduction with Shaped Pulses

May 2000 Power-Balance Diagnostics

Shock-Heating Measurements

June 2000 Charged-Particle Diagnostics

Neutron Imaging

July 2000 Cryogenic Target Implosion
August 2000 OMEGA Integrated Spherical Experiments (ISE)
September 2000 Laser–Plasma Interaction (LPI) Experiments
October 2000 Cryogenic Target Shots

IR1 Streak Camera

November 2000 SSP Material Properties Studies

LANL’s Double-Shell, Indirect-Drive Implosions

December 2000 Mix-Model Analysis of Direct-Drive Implosions

Characterization of Core Conditions

1999 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 1999 Integrated Spherical Experiments (ISE)

Implosions of D-3He-Filled Capsules

February 1999 Plasma Physics

High-Bandwidth, Frequency-Tripling Cell Installation

Cryogenic Fuel Target Development

March 1999 NIF Direct-Drive Target Designs

LLE/NRL Collaboration Experiments

April 1999 Cryogenic Target-handling System

Gratings for 2-D SSD

May 1999 SSD Smoothing Rate

DMX Installed on OMEGA

June 1999 Ion Temperature Measurements

Shell Integrity Imaging

July 1999 2-D ORCHID Simulation

Secondary Neutron Spectrum Measurements

August 1999 OMEGA Prepulse Control Contrast

Diode-Pumped Multipass Preamplifier

September 1999 Laser Prepulse Contrast

NLUF Experiments

October 1999 Cryogenic Target-Handling System
November 1999 Comparison of Measured Cold-Shell rho delta r Modulation with ORCHID 2-D Simulations

Laser Source

December 1999 1-THz, 2-D SSD on OMEGA

Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability

1998 DOE Reports
Report Topic
January 1998 Charged-Particle Spectrometer

National Ignition Facility Optics

February 1998 X-ray Diagnostics

Laser-Plasma Interactions

March 1998 Diode-Pumped Regenerative Amplifier
April 1998 Laser Imprinting

Indirect-Drive Experiments

NLUF Steering Committee Activities

May 1998 Charged-Particle Spectrometer

New Diode-Pumped Monomode Laser

Spherical Burnthrough Experiments

June 1998 Laser Imprinting

X-ray Spectroscopy

July 1998 Charged Particle Spectrometers

Imprinting Experiments

Direct-Drive Cylinder Implosions

August 1998 Cryogenic Target Fabrication

Interpreting Results from the Charged-Particle Spectrometer

September 1998 Integrated Spherical Implosion Experiments

High-Density Diagnostics

Cryogenic Target System

October 1998 Distributed Plate Development

Pulse Shaping

Two-Dimensional Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion (2-D SSD)

November 1998 Irradiation Uniformity

Control of Ablation Velocity with Shaped Pulses

December 1998 Neutron Diagnostics–MEDUSA

OMEGA Surrogate Cryogenic-Target Experiments

Distributed Phase Plate Development

1997 DOE Reports
Report Topic
July 1997 Planar-Target Rayleigh–Taylor Experiments

Diagnostics Development–Imaging the Cold, Compressed Shell

Diagnostics Development–Neutron Burn History and Bang Time

High-Bandwidth 2-D SSD Tests on OMEGA

New Diode-Pumped Master Oscillator for OMEGA

August 1997 Dynamic Stabilization of Cryogenic Capsules

Indirect-Drive ICF Campaign (ID3, ID4)

Multiple-Beam UV Pulse Shape Measurements

Planar Rayleigh–Taylor Experiments (SI/S2)

September 1997 Imprinting Experiments (S2)

Long-Scale-Length Plasma Generation (PP3)

Distributed Phase Plates (DPP’s)

Portable Diagnostics Meeting

National Laser Users’ Facility

October 1997 High-Resolution X-Ray Microscope

S3 Experiments

Pulse Shaping

Computing at LLE

November 1997 Core Diagnostics

Pinhole-Array X-Ray Spectrograph

Polyimide Capsules

December 1997 High-Bandwidth Frequency Tripling

Distributed-Phase-Plate Installation

Distributed Phase Plate for Flat-Foil Experiments