Meeting on Magnetic Fields in Laser Plasmas

23 April 2018

Presenter Title File size
D. H. Barnak Laser-Driven Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion on OMEGA 3.4 MB
A. Bruno Generation of strong external magnetic field at LULI 1.4 MB
A. Bruno Magnetized laser produced plasmas: A way to reproduce astrophysical systems at LUL 3.8 MB
K. R. Carpenter Temperature distribution and magnetic field impact on heat flow in laser-heating experiments relevant to MagLIF 3.0 MB
E. G. Carroll MagNIF Conceptual Design and Coil Testing 2.5 MB
J. R. Davies The Nernst Effect, the Thermal Dynamo and Flux Limitation 1.7 MB
G. Fiksel MIFEDS-10kJ project – results and status 4.3 MB
W. Fox Magnetic Reconnection Experiments with MIFEDS 1.4 MB
S. Fujioka A new scheme to generate magnetic field using relativistic intensity laser and its application to proton acceleration by magnetic reconnection 12.6 MB
S. Fujioka Magnetized fast laser isochoric (MFI) heating for efficient creation of high-energy-density states 17.3 MB
F. García Rubio Magnetic Field Dynamics in Imploding Plasmas 1.5 MB
J. Giuliani Self-Similar Solutions with Electro-Thermal Processes for Plasmas of Arbitrary Beta 7.6 MB
J. Hamilton Thermoelectric Transport with an 8-Moment Plasma Model in PERSEUS 1.4 MB
G. E. Kemp Enhancing multi-keV line-radiation from laser-driven, nonequilibrium plasmas through application of external magnetic fields on the OMEGA laser facility 15.5 MB
J. Levesque Observing Magnetized Shocks on OMEGA 26 MB
B. Grant Logan Inertial-melt helix regime to minimize coil mass and debris 2 MB
M. Manuel Magnetic Disruption of Inertially Collimated Flows on the Titan Laser Facility 1.7 MB
D. S. Montgomery Use of External Magnetic Fields in Hohlraum Plasmas to Improve Laser-Coupling 1.6 MB
J. D. Moody Plans for a magnetized warm hohlraum experiment on NIF 17.6 MB
J. Peebles Laser Driven Coils on OMEGA EP 3.5 MB
J. Peebles Current Capabilities of the MIFEDS System 1.6 MB
L. J. Perkins Use of External Magnetic Fields in Hohlraum Plasmas to Improve Laser-Coupling 5.2 MB
C. E. Seyler The importance of including XMHD physics in HED codes 2.4 MB
R. B. Spielman MIFEDS Gen III: A TIM-based 30-T pulser 1 MB
D. J. Strozzi Design of magnetized, gas-filled capsule experiments for NIF 2.8 MB
C. A. Walsh Effect of Imposed Magnetic Fields on Hot-spot Shape 1.4 MB
C. A. Walsh 3-D Extended-MHD Effects in Pre-magnetised ICF Implosions 881 KB
R. Young Scaling Arguments for Magnetically Effected (Collisional) Shock Experiments 1.4 MB