53rd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

14 – 18 November 2011 — Salt Lake City, UT

K. S. Anderson Simulations of Shock-Ignition Targets for the NIF 1.2 MB
T. R. Boehly Radiative Precursors and Temperature Measurements in Shocked Deuterium 1.7 MB
P.-Y. Chang Experiments and Simulations of Laser-Driven Magnetized ICF Targets on OMEGA 1.4 MB
T. J. B. Collins Preparing for Polar Drive at the National Ignition Facility 4.6 MB
R. S. Craxton Three-Dimensional Distributions of Scattered Light in NIF “Exploding-Pusher” Polar-Drive Experiments 2.7 MB
J. A. Delettrez Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of Oblique Laser Irradiation of Planar Targets 628 KB
D. H. Edgell First Results from the South-Pole Bang-Time Diagnostic on the NIF 930 KB
R. Epstein Analysis of Diagnostic X-Ray Spectra of Implosions at the National Ignition Facility 1.1 MB
G. Fiksel Fusion-Yield Enhancement in Magnetized Laser-Driven Implosions 1.1 MB
C. J. Forrest Measurement of the Areal Density (ρR) Using Neutron-Triton Elastic Backscattering on OMEGA 916 KB
D. E. Fratanduono Refractive-Index Measurements of LiF Ramp Compressed to 800 GPa 2.1 MB
D. H. Froula Measurements of an Increased Neutron Yield with Reduced CBET 1.6 MB
L. Gao Magnetic-Field Generation in Planar Plastic Targets on OMEGA EP 2.7 MB
V. Yu. Glebov Measurements of D2 Neutron Yield and Ion Temperature in DT Implosions on OMEGA 607 KB
V. N. Goncharov Tuning Laser-Coupling Models Using Cryogenic and Warm Implosions on OMEGA 635 KB
M. Hohenberger Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions with Seeded Magnetic Fields on OMEGA 2.4 MB
S. X. Hu Analysis of Laser-Imprinting Reduction in Spherical-RT Experiments with Si-/Ge-Doped Plastic Targets 1.2 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer for Direct-Drive Implosions 2.7 MB
S. Ivancic Initial Channeling Studies of a Kilojoule-Class Laser in Long-Scale-Length Plasma 2.2 MB
J. P. Knauer Neutron Spectra Measured with Time-of-Flight Detectors on the National Ignition Facility 1.1 MB
J. A. Marozas Two-Dimensional Analysis of Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer (CBET) in Direct-Drive ICF Implosions 1.3 MB
F. J. Marshall High-Convergence-Ratio Polar-Drive Experiments on OMEGA 987 KB
A. V. Maximov Energy Transfer Between Crossing Laser Beams in the Plasmas of Direct-Drive ICF 644 KB
P. W. McKenty Numerical Evaluation of Subtangential Focusing in OMEGA Target Implosions 945 KB
D. D. Meyerhofer Status of the OMEGA EP Laser System 968 KB
D. T. Michel Measurements of Hot Electrons Produced by Two-Plasmon Decay in Near Direct-Drive–Ignition Plasma Conditions 993 KB
J. F. Myatt A Self-Consistent Quasilinear Model for the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in Inhomogeneous Plasmas 779 KB
R. Nora Cryogenic Shock-Ignition Target Designs for OMEGA 1.0 MB
P. B. Radha Polar-Drive Designs for OMEGA 820 KB
S. P. Regan Hot-Spot Mix in Ignition-Scale Implosions at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) 4.7 MB
T. C. Sangster Cryogenic-DT-Implosion Performance with Improved Target-Surface Quality 2.1 MB
W. Seka Half-Integer Harmonic Images from Spherical Implosions Point Toward Localized, Multi-Beam Two-Plasmon Decay 2.5 MB
R. W. Short Convective Multibeam Two-Plasmon Decay for Spherical and Planar Irradiation Geometrics 619 KB
A. Shvydky Preparing for OMEGA EP Validation of 1-D Multi-FM SSD for the NIF 1.1 MB
A. A. Solodov Simulations of Implosion and Core Heating for Integrated Cone-in-Shell Fast-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA 1.1 MB
C. Stoeckl Preheat Studies Using Low-Adiabat Plastic Shell Implosions with Triple-Picket Pulses on OMEGA 579 KB
W. Theobald High-Intensity Shock-Ignition Experiments in Planar Geometry 1.3 MB
R. Yan Energetic-Electron Generation in Two-Plasmon-Decay Instabilities in Inertial Confinement Fusion 1.0 MB