51st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

2 – 6 November 2009 — Atlanta, GA

Author Title File Size
K. S. Anderson Single- and Multidimensional Robustness Studies of the NIF Ignition Point Design 816 KB
M. A. Barrios High-Precision Measurements of the Equation of State of Polymers at 1 to 10 Mbar 1.6 MB
R. Betti ICF Ignition, the Lawson Criterionand Comparison with MCF 2.6 MB
T. R. Boehly Shock-Timing Measurements in Directly Driven Spherical ICF Targets 2.8 MB
P. Y. Chang A Measurable Three-Dimensional Ignition Criterion for Inertial Confinement Fusion 800 KB
T. J. B. Collins Three-Dimensional Simulations with HYDRA of the Direct-Drive NIF Shock-Timing-Diagnostic Commissioning Experiments 1.1 MB
R. S. Craxton Hydrodynamic Simulations and Optical Diagnosis of a Long-Scale-Length Channeling Experimenton OMEGA EP 1 MB
J. A. Delettrez Analysis of the Effect of High-Z-Doped CH on Preheat and Hard X-Ray Radiation from Two-Plasmon-Decay Electrons 784 KB
D. H. Edgell Cross-Beam Energy Transport in Direct-Drive-Implosion Experiments 2 MB
R. Epstein Simulation and Analysis of Backlit Images of Cryogenic Implosions on OMEGA 952 KB
D. E. Fratanduono Measurements of Strain-Induced Refractive-Index Changes in LiF Using Direct-Drive Ramp Compression 1.1 MB
V. Yu. Glebov Development of Scintillator Detectors for Fast-Ignition Experiments and Down-Scattered Neutron Measurements 1.1 MB
V. N. Goncharov Multiple-Picket Cryogenic Target Designsand Performance for OMEGA and the NIF 960 KB
J. D. Hager Rayleigh–Taylor Measurements in Planar CH and SiO2 Foils on OMEGA 1 MB
S. X. Hu Theoretical Investigation of Strong Coupling and Degeneracy Effects in ICF Implosions 560 KB
I. V. Igumenshchev Modeling Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer in Implosion Experiments on OMEGA 880 KB
J. P. Knauer Compressing Magnetic Fields With High-Energy Lasers 3.1 MB
J. A. Marozas NIF Polar-Drive Simulations of a 1.2-MJ CH-Foam Ignition Target with 0.5 THz of 1-D Multi-FM SSD Using An Analytic Model 2.4 MB
F. J. Marshall Polar-Driven, Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA: Observations and Simulations of Low-Mode Perturbations in the Main Fuel Layer and Hot Spot 1.2 MB
A. V. Maximov Growth and Saturation of Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability Driven by Crossing Laser Beams in OMEGA Plasmas 1 MB
P. W. McKenty Design of High-Neutron-Yield, Polar-Drive Targets for Diagnostic Activation Experiments on the NIF 1.3 MB
D. D. Meyerhofer Performance of the OMEGA EP Laser System 976 KB
J. F. Myatt Extended Zakharov Modeling of Preheat Caused by the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in Direct-Drive ICF Plasmas 1.5 MB
P. M. Nilson Fast-Electron Generation with Multi-kJ Pulses on OMEGA EP 1.1 MB
O. V. Polomarov Effects of External and Self-Generated Magnetic Fields on Laser-Driven Implosions 1.5 MB
P. B. Radha Target Performance in Low-Adiabat, Warm Implosions on OMEGA 528 KB
S. P. Regan Inferring the Electron Temperature of Shocked Liquid Deuterium Using Inelastic X-ray Scattering 1.4 MB
T. C. Sangster Shock-Tuned Cryogenic-DT Implosion Performance on OMEGA 2.4 MB
W. Seka Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in Direct-Drive Experiments 672 KB
R. W. Short Anisotropy and Angular Dependence of Two-Plasmon Decay Driven by Multiple Overlapping Laser Beams in Direct-Drive Geometry 440 KB
A. Shvydky Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer (CBET) on the Drive Uniformity of OMEGA Implosions 1.4 MB
A. A. Solodov Simulations of Electron-Beam Transport in Solid-Density Targets and the Role of Magnetic Collimation 2.1 MB
C. Stoeckl Shock-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA at NIF-Relevant Intensities 1.6 MB
W. Theobald Integrated Fast-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA 1.2 MB
J.-H. Yang An Empirical Model for the Interaction of Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses with Fully Ionized Plasmas Including Electrostatic Effects 1.4 MB