50th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

17 – 21 November 2008 — Dallas, TX

Author Title File Size
K. S. Anderson Parametric Study of Direct-Drive Fuel-Assembly Simulations of Fast-Ignition Cone-in-Shell Targets 1.2 MB
M. A. Barrios Precision Equation-of-State (EOS) Measurements Using Laser-Driven Shock Waves On the OMEGA Laser 0.6 MB
T. R. Boehly Demonstration of Shock-Timing Techniques for Ignition Targets 5.7 MB
T. J. B. Collins Planar Modeling of Target-Mount Perturbation Experiments on OMEGA using 3-D Ray Trace 2.0 MB
R. S. Craxton Simulations of Polar-Drive NIF Targets Optimized for High Neutron Yields 1.2 MB
J. A. Delettrez Transport of Energetic Electrons from Two-Plasmon Decay in the 1-D Hydrodynamic Code LILAC 0.5 MB
D. H. Edgell Precision Scattered Laser Light Spectroscopy in Direct-Drive Implosions 3.2 MB
R. Epstein Simulation and Optimization of Backlit Imaging of Cryogenic Implosions on OMEGA 0.6 MB
D. E. Fratanduono Optical Properties of Materials at High Pressure Using “Sandwich” Targets 2.6 MB
M. C. Ghilea First Tests on OMEGA of a Bubble Chamber for Neutron Detection 0.9 MB
V. N. Goncharov Multiple-Picket, Direct-Drive Target Designs for OMEGA and the NIF 1.1 MB
O. V. Gotchev Magnetized Hot-Spot Implosions Via Laser-Driven Flux Compression 2.6 MB
J. D. Hager Rayleigh-Taylor Measurements in Planar Cryogenic D2 Targets Using X-Ray Radiography on OMEGA 0.7 MB
S. X. Hu Two-Dimensional Investigation of Neutron-Yield Performance in Direct-Drive, Low-Adiabat, Cryogenic D2 Implosions on OMEGA 0.9 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev Investigation of the Effects of Target Mount on Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA 2.3 MB
J. P. Knauer Optimization of Multiple-Picket, Direct-Drive Laser Pulse Shapes with Foam Shells 1.3 MB
D. Li Modeling of Multiple-Ion Heat Transport in ICF Implosions 0.4 MB
G. Li Three-Dimensional Effects in Laser Channeling in Fast-Ignition Targets 2.1 MB
J. A. Marozas 1.0-MJ CH-Foam Ignition Targets on the NIF Using 1-D MultiFM SSD with 0.5 THz of Bandwidth 1.0 MB
F. J. Marshall Low-Adiabat, Polar-Drive-Implosion Experiments on OMEGA 6.9 MB
A. V. Maximov Modeling of Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in OMEGA Plasmas 1.6 MB
D. D. Meyerhofer Initial Experiments Using the OMEGA EP Laser System 2.5 MB
J. F. Myatt Two-Plasmon Decay Hot-Electron Distributions from Anisotropic Thick-Target Bremsstrahlung Measurements 1.2 MB
P. M. Nilson Fast-Electron Energy Deposition In Solid-Density Plasmas 1.2 MB
O. Polomarov MHD Effects in Laser-Produced Plasmas 2.2 MB
P. B. Radha Modeling Observables to Diagnose Areal Density in OMEGA Implosions 0.6 MB
S. P. Regan Hohlraum Energetics with a Plastic-Lined Laser Entrance Hole (LEH) 1.4 MB
T. C. Sangster Recent Experimental Results from Cryogenic Implosions on OMEGA 1.1 MB
H. Sawada Experimental Investigation of Thermal-Transport Models in Direct-Drive Targets Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy 1.0 MB
W. Seka Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in Direct-Drive-Implosion Experiments 0.9 MB
R. W. Short Two-Plasmon Decay of Multiple Obliquely Incident Laser Beams in Direct-Drive Geometry 0.4 MB
A. Shvydky Numerical Investigation of Initial Low-Adiabat OMEGA Polar-Drive Implosions 2.7 MB
S. Skupsky Nonlocal Ion-Heat and Momentum Transport in ICF Implosions 0.8 MB
V. A. Smalyuk Cryogenic Target Performance on OMEGA 2.0 MB
A. A. Solodov Integrated Simulations of Hot-Electron Transport and Ignition for Direct-Drive, Fast-Ignition Targets 3.3 MB
C. Stoeckl Advanced Ignition Experiments on OMEGA 3.0 MB
M. Storm High-Current Electron-Transport Studies Using Coherent Transition Radiation (CTR) 2.2 MB
W. Theobald Intense Laser-to-Fast-Electron Coupling Efficiency in Wedge-Shaped Cavity Targets 1.1 MB