46th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

15 – 19 November 2004 — Savannah, GA

Author Title File Size
K. Anderson Simulations and Experiments on Adiabat Shaping by Relaxation 0.2 MB
R. Betti (Invited) Application of the Low-Frequency Energy Principle to Wall Modes 0.2 MB
R. Betti (Contributed) Nonlinear Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability 0.1 MB
T. R. Boehly Direct-Drive Shock-Timing Experiments Using Planar Targets 0.4 MB
M. J. Canavan A Modified Accelerator for ICF Diagnostic Development 0.6 MB
T. J. B. Collins Shock Propagation in Wetted Foam 2.8 MB
R. S. Craxton (Invited) Polar Direct Drive: Proof-of-Principle Experiments on OMEGA and Prospects for Ignition on the NIF 1.4 MB
J. DeCiantis The Dependence of Measured Burn Profiles on Capsule and Laser Parameters 0.4 MB
J. A. Delettrez Simulation of Enhanced Neutron Production for OMEGA EP Cryogenic Implosions 0.2 MB
D. H. Edgell Three-Dimensional Characterization of Ice Layers for Cryogenic Targets at LLE 15.5 MB
D. H. Edgell (Poster) Shadowgraphic Analysis Techniques for Cryogenic Target Ice-Layer Characterization at LLE
R. Epstein Simulations of X-Ray Core Images from OMEGA Implosions Driven with Controlled Polar Illumination 0.4 MB
J. Frenje Measurements of Time Evolution of Ion Temperature in D3He implosions at OMEGA 0.2 MB
M. C. Ghilea First Results from a Penumbral Imaging System Design Tool 0.2 MB
V. Yu. Glebov NIF Neutron Bang-Time Detector Development on OMEGA 0.3 MB
V. N. Goncharov Effects of Pondoromotive Terms in the Thermal Transport on the Hydrodynamic Flow in the Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments 0.1 MB
O. V. Gotchev Mass Ablation and Self-Emission Measurements in Planar ICF Experiments 0.2 MB
L. Guazzotto (Invited) MHD Equilibria with Poloidal and Toroidal Flow 0.7 MB
D. R. Harding OMEGA Direct-Drive Cryogenic Deuterium Targets 5.9 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev The Role of Viscosity in Simulations of Strong Shocks in Low-Density Foams 0.4 MB
P. A. Jaanimagi The Rochester Optical Streak System (ROSS) 0.6 MB
J. P. Knauer (Invited) Improved Target Stability Using Picket Pulses to Increase and Shape the Ablator Adiabat 0.9 MB
C. K. Li Stopping, Straggling, and Blooming of Directed Energetic Electrons in Hydrogenic Plasmas 0.3 MB
D. Li Effect of the Temporal Density Variation and Convergent Geometry on Nonlinear Bubble Evolution in Classical Rayleigh–Taylor Instability 0.3 MB
G. Li The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on Electron-Thermal Transport in Laser-Produced Plasmas 0.1 MB
J. A. Marozas Evolution of the Laser-Deposition Region on Polar-Direct-Drive Simulations on the National Ignition Facility 0.2 MB
F. J. Marshall (Invited) Direct-Drive Cryogenic Target Implosions on OMEGA 6 MB
A. V. Maximov Two-Plasmon Decay Instability in Plasmas Irradiated by Incoherent Laser Beams 0.4 MB
D. D. Meyerhofer Dynamic EXAFS Probing of Laser-Driven Shock Waves and Crystal Phase Transformations 0.2 MB
J. E. Miller Time-Resolved Measurement of Optical Self-Emission for Shock Wave and Equation of State Studies 0.4 MB
J. Myatt Numerical Studies of MeV Electron Transport in Fast-Ignition Targets 0.3 MB
P. B. Radha (Invited) Multidimensional Analysis of Direct-Drive Plastic Shell Implosions on the OMEGA Laser 0.6 MB
S. P. Regan Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Irradiation Nonuniformities on the Performance of Direct-Drive Spherical Implosions 0.1 MB
J. R. Rygg Testing Hydrodynamic Equivalence of D2 and 3He Mixtures 0.2 MB
T. C. Sangster High-Areal Density Cryogenic D2 Implosions on OMEGA 0.2 MB
H. Sawada Diagnosing Shock-Heated, Direct-Drive Plastic Targets with Spectrally Resolved X-Ray Scattering 0.3 MB
J. H. Séguin Studying Effects of Drive Asymmetry on Burn Asymmetry with Proton Emission Imaging 0.7 MB
W. Seka Absorption Measurements in Spherical Implosions on OMEGA 0.3 MB
R. W. Short Convective Versus Absolute Two-Plasmon Decay in Inhomogeneous Plasmas 0.1 MB
V. A. Smalyuk Measurements of Imprinting with Laser Beams at Various Angles of Incidence in Planar CH Foils 0.2 MB
J. M. Soures Polar Direct Drive Experiments on OMEGA 0.4 MB
C. Stoeckl K-Shell Spectroscopy Using a Single-Photon-Counting X-Ray CCD in Ultrafast Laser-Plasma Interaction Experiments 0.2 MB
S. Sublett Hydrodynamic Jet Experiments on OMEGA 0.7 MB
W. Theobald X-Ray Line Emission Spectroscopy of 100-TW Laser-Pulse-Generated Plasmas for Backlighter Development of Cryogenic Implosion Capsules 0.5 MB
E. Vianello The Effect of Incidence Angle on Laser-Drive Shock Strengths 0.6 MB
C. Zhou Asymptotic Bubble Evolution in the Bell-Plesset and Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities 0.5 MB