Author Title File Size
K. Anderson Adiabat Shaping of Direct-Drive OMEGA Capsules Using Ramped Pressure Profiles 0.1 MB
R. Betti Theory of Laser-Induced Adiabat Shaping 0.2 MB
T. R. Boehly Deuterium Equation-of-State Experiments on the OMEGA Laser System 1.24 MB
T. J. B. Collins High-Gain, Direct-Drive Foam Target Design for the NIF 0.2 MB
R. S. Craxton Microdot Expansion Trajectories in Long-Scale-Length Plasmas on OMEGA 0.7 MB
J. A. Delettrez Numerical Investigation of Laser Absorption and Drive Experiments of CH Spherical Shells on the OMEGA Laser 0.1 MB
R. Epstein Modeling the Effects Mix at the Hot Spot Surface in 1-D Simulations of Cryogenic All-DT Ignition Capsule Implosions 0.2 MB
J. A. Frenje Effects of Fuel-Shell Mix in Implosions of Plastic Capsules on OMEGA 0.2 MB
T. A. Gardiner Axisymmetric MHD Equilibria with Arbitrary Flow and Applications to NSTX 0.3 MB
V. Yu. Glebov Neutron Burn History Measurements of D2 Cryogenic Targets on OMEGA 0.4 MB
V. N. Goncharov Improved Performance of Direct-Drive ICF Target Designs with Adiabat Shaping Using and Intensity Picket 0.5 MB
O. V. Gotchev Experiments on Dynamic Overpressure Stabilization of Ablative Richtmyer�Meshkov Growth in ICF Targets on OMEGA 2.41 MB
L. Guazzotto Two-Dimensional MHD Simulations of Tokamak Plasmas with Poloidal Flows 0.1 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev Simulations of Cryogenic Target Implosions on OMEGA 1.05 MB
J. P. Knauer Improved Performance of Direct-Drive Implosions with a Laser-Shaped Adiabat 0.2 MB
M. V. Kozlov SBS in Multiple-Species Plasmas 0.1 MB
S. Kurebayashi Relationship of Secondary Nuclear Production to Implosion Characteristics at OMEGA 0.4 MB
C. K. Li Capsule Areal Density Asymmetries and Time Evolution Inferred from 14.7-MeV Protons in OMEGA Implosions 0.6 MB
J. A. Marozas 2-D SSD Model for Arbitrary Pulse Shapes Used in the Multidimensional Hydrodynamic Code DRACO 0.2 MB
F. J. Marshall Optimized Direct-Drive Uniformity 1.03 MB
A. Maximov Modeling of Laser-Plasma Interaction Near the Critical Density 2.89 MB
R. L. McCrory Prospects for Direct-Drive Ignition on the NIF 0.6 MB
P. W. McKenty Numerical Investigation into the Sensitivity of OMEGA Cryogenic Capsule Implosions to Low-Order-Mode Ice Perturbations 0.3 MB
D. D. Meyerhofer Fast-Ignitor Research at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics 2.09 MB
J. Myatt Modeling Laser�Plasma Interaction Physics Under Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Conditions 0.6 MB
R. D. Petrasso Proton Core Imaging Spectroscopy (PCIS) of OMEGA Implosions 0.2 MB
P. B. Radha The Effect of Laser Nonuniformities on Plastic Shell Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA 0.4 MB
S. P. Regan Experimental Investigation of Fuel�Pusher Mix in Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA 0.6 MB
J. R. Rygg Investigation of OMEGA Capsule Dynamics Using Shock Flash Measurements 0.4 MB
T. C. Sangster Direct-Drive Cryogenic Target Implosion Performance on OMEGA 1.64 MB
B. Schwartz Proton Core Imaging Spectroscopy on OMEGA Implosions 0.5 MB
F. H. Séguin Measurement of ρR-Asymmetry Time Evolution in Implosions at OMEGA 0.3 MB
W. Seka SBS in Long-Scale-Length Plasmas for Direct-Drive ICF: Comparing Experiments with Simulations 0.4 MB
R. W. Short A Linear Model of Anomalous Stimulated Raman Scattering and Electron Acoustic Waves in Laser-Produced Plasmas 0.4 MB
A. Simon A Model of Hot-Electron Signals with Overlapping Pump Beams 0.2 MB
V. A. Smalyuk Hydrodynamic Growth of Shell Modulations in the Deceleration Phase of Spherical Direct-Drive Implosions 0.9 MB
J. M. Soures Offset, Direct-Drive, D2-Filled CH Capsule Implosion Experiments 0.7 MB
C. Stoeckl Multi-Beam Effects on the Fast-Electron Generation due to the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability 0.2 MB
B. Yaakobi EXAFS Detection of Laser Shock Compression 0.6 MB