33rd Annual Anomalous Absorption Conference

22 – 27 June 2003 — Lake Placid, NY

Author Title File Size
R. S. Craxton Two-Dimensional SAGE Simulations of Polar Direct Drive on the NIF 1.0 MB
J. DeCiantis Imaging DD and D3Heburn profiles on OMEGA Implosions 0.3 MB
J. A. Delettrez Transport of Relativistic Electrons for Modeling Ignition in the 2-D Hydrocode DRACO 0.3 MB
R. Epstein On the Bell-Plesset Effects: the Effects of Uniform Compression and Geometrical Convergence on the Classical Rayleigh–Taylor Instability 0.2 MB
J. Frenje A Magnetic Recoil Spectrometer (MRS) for precise ρRfuel and Ti measurements of warm and cryo targets at OMEGA and the NIF 1 MB
J. Frenje Measurement of shock-coalescence timing and ρR evolution of D3He implosions at OMEGA 0.6 MB
V. Yu. Glebov Proton Temporal Diagnostic for ICF Experiments on OMEGA 0.4 MB
V. N. Goncharov Advanced Target Designs for Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 0.5 MB
S. Kurebayashi Using secondary protons and neutronsto study ρR fuel 0.4 MB
A. Maximov Nonlinear Propagation of Crossing Laser Beams in Direct-Drive Target Plasmas 6.06 MB
J. Myatt Fast Electron Transport in Dense Plasmas in the Context of Fast-Ignition 0.3 MB
J. R. Rygg The effects of implosion asymmetry on shock oalescence in OMEGA experiments 0.4 MB
J. H. Séguin Time evolution of ρR asymmetries in OMEGA direct-drive implosions 0.2 MB
W. Seka Investigation of the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability Using Thomson Scattering 1.10 MB
R. W. Short On the Role of Electron-Acoustic Waves in Two-Plasmon Decay 0.3 MB
C. Stoeckl Experimental Scalings for the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability 0.2 MB