54th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

29 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2012 —Providence, RI

K. S. Anderson NIF Target Design and OMEGA Experiments for Shock-Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion 2.7 MB
R. Betti High-Z Ablator Targets for Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 637 KB
T. R. Boehly The Evolution of Surface Defects Driven by Shock Waves 1.8 MB
A. Bose Non-inertial Eulerian Hydrodynamic Code for ICF Implosion Simulations 506 KB
P. Y. Chang Experimental Platform for Magnetized HEDP Science at the Omega Laser Facility 679 KB
T. J. B. Collins Optimization of NIF Polar-Drive Point Designs 1.2 MB
R. S. Craxton Optimization of Drive Uniformity in NIF Polar-Drive Implosions Using Gated X-Ray Self-Emission Images 1.8 MB
J. Delettrez Effect of Nonlocal Electron Transport on the Two Dimensional Symmetry of Polar-Drive Ignition Targets 449 KB
D. H. Edgell Modeling Cross-Beam Energy Transfer for Polar-Drive Experiments 609 KB
B. Eichman Time-Resolved X-Ray Brightness Measurements from Short-Pulse Laser-Irradiated Thin Foils 1.8 MB
R. Epstein Spectroscopy of Mid-Z Shell Additives in Implosions at the National Ignition Facility 640 KB
G. Fiksel Experimental Reduction of Laser Imprinting and Rayleigh-Taylor Growth in Spherically Compressed, Medium-Z-Doped Plastic Targets 1.1 MB
R. K. Follett Thomson-Scattering Measurements of Ion-Acoustic Wave Amplitudes Driven by the Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability 12.8 MB
C. J. Forrest Areal-Density Variations from Cold-Fuel Distributions in Layered Cryogenic-DT Implosions 812 KB
D. H. Froula Two-Plasmon–Decay Electron-Divergence Measurements in Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA 812 KB
L. Gao Observation of Self-Similarity in the Magnetic Fields Generated by the Nonlinear Rayleigh–Taylor Instability 742 KB
V. Yu. Glebov Absolute Ion-Temperature Measurements in Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Implosions on OMEGA 742 KB
V. N. Goncharov Performance of Cryogenic Deuterium–Tritium Implosions at Ignition-Relevant Implosion Velocities on OMEGA 607 KB
D. Haberberger Shock-Wave Acceleration of Ions on OMEGA EP 803 KB
M. Hohenberger Shock-Ignition Studies in Planar Geometry on OMEGA 527 KB
S. X. Hu Burning DT Plasmas with Ultrafast Soft X-Ray Pulses 1.1 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev Fuel–Ablator Mix from Surface Nonuniformities in Directly Driven Implosions 6.6 MB
S. Ivancic Ray-Trace Simulations for the Optical 4ω Probe Diagnostic on OMEGA EP 490 KB
M. Lafon Hydrodynamic Stability of Direct-Drive Targets with High-Z Ablators 1.1 MB
J. Li Collisional Effects on Hot-Electron Generation in the Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability in Inertial Confinement Fusion 484 KB
J. A. Marozas Cross-Beam Energy Transfer (CBET) Effect Integrated into the 2-D Hydrodynamics Code DRACO 1.4 MB
F. J. Marshall Polar-Drive Experiments with Shimmed Targets on OMEGA 741 KB
A. V. Maximov Scattering of Multiple Crossing Laser Beamsin Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Plasmas 2.7 MB
C. McCoy The Release of Shocked CH 909 KB
P. W. McKenty Drive-Symmetry Studies of NIF Exploding-Pusher Experiments 824 KB
D. D. Meyerhofer Polar-Drive Ignition Experimental Plan on the NIF 911 KB
D. T. Michel Experimental Validation of the Two-Plasmon–Decay Common-Wave Process 1 MB
J. F. Myatt Mitigating Two-plasmon Decay Hot-electron Generation Through the Modification of Langmuir and Ion-acoustic Dissipation in Directly Driven Targets 508 KB
P. M. Nilson Streaked X-Ray Imaging of Ultrafast Ionization Waves Inside a Metal 1 MB
R. Nora Analysis of Fast Electrons in Shock-Ignition Implosions on OMEGA 1 MB
P. B. Radha Polar Drive on OMEGA and the NIF 1.6 MB
S. P. Regan Hot-Spot Mix and Compressed Ablator ρR Measurements in Ignition-Scale Implosions 748 KB
S. P. Regan X-Ray Thomson-Scattering: Incisive Probe for Warm, Dense Matter 2.8 KB
T. C. Sangster Improving Cryogenic-DT Implosion Performance on OMEGA 864 KB
W. Seka Half-Harmonic Images and Spectra Point Toward Localized, Multibeam Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability 864 KB
R. W. Short The Effects of Beam Polarization and Orientation on Convective and Absolute Two-Plasmon Decay (TPD) Driven by Multiple Laser Beams 1 MB
A. Shvydky Two-Dimensional Numerical Evaluation of 1-D Multi-FM SSD Experiments 1.7 MB
A. A. Solodov Simulations of Cone-in-Shell Targets for Integrated Fast-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA 845 KB
C. Stoeckl Soft X-Ray Backlighting of Direct-Drive Implosions Using a Narrowband Crystal Imaging System 746 KB
W. Theobald Monochromatic 8.05-keV Flash Radiography of Imploded Cone-in-Shell Targets 541 KB
J. Zhang Three-dimensional Zakharov Model of the Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability in Inhomogeneous Plasmas Driven by Multiple Laser Beams 1.3 MB