Volume X Subsystem and Component Maintenance

Chapter 1 – Laser Sources

Operations Procedures

Start Up/Shut Down Procedures

Support Procedures

Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance Index
Sources Subsystem & Component Maintenance S-AB-P-016
Koheras Output Power S-AB-P-072
Velocity Laser Output Power S-AB-P-666
Modulator Calibration (ModCal) S-AB-P-075
Modulator Calibration (MinCal) S-AB-P-415
Pump Diode Efficiency S-AB-P-074
IFES Synchronization S-AB-P-540
Weekly AWG Synchronization S-AB-P-274
PSPL 10 Volt Box Calibration S-AB-P-530
Colby Exercise S-AB-P-596
12Ghz Agilent DS091204A Scope Calibration S-AB-P-651
TMPS Dynamic Voltage Calibration S-AB-P-275
TMPS Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-317
Regen Slicer Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-033
Regen Cavity PCD Voltage S-AB-P-031
Regen Cavity PCD Timing S-AB-P-036
Regen Slicer PCD Voltage S-AB-P-037
Regen Slicer PCD Timing S-AB-P-032
Regen Alignment S-AB-P-556
Check Regen Settings S-AB-P-535
SP Regen Timing S-AB-P-528
SBSS Failsafe System Inspection S-AB-P-179
SBSS Green Laser Maintenance S-AB-P-649
SBSS Phase Modulator Bandwidth Measurement S-AB-P-568
SBSS Phase Modulator Replacement S-AB-P-599
CLARA Alignment S-AB-P-558
CLARA PCD Voltage S-AB-P-081
CLARA Pockels Cell Contrast S-AB-P-082
CLARA Head Maintenance S-AB-P-078
Check Frequency Conversion Efficiency S-AB-P-080
SHG 2w Energy Diagnostic Calibration S-AB-P-559
CLARA PCU Chiller Maintenance S-AB-P-473
SHG Tuning/Performance S-AB-P-560
CLARA/LARA PC Driver Replacement S-SM-P-401
CLARA Ring SSPD Pulse Width Adjustment S-AB-P-600
UOPA SP Regen Timing Check S-AB-P-528
UOPA Selection Pockels Cell Contrast S-AB-P-561
UOPA Selection PCD Timing S-AB-P-529
SPO Autocorrelator Alignment S-AB-P-349
UOPA AOM Timing Check S-AB-P-554
Stretcher Alignment S-AB-P-555
Best Compression Search S-AB-P-474
Check SPO Performance S-AB-P-579
SPO Autocorrelator Alignment S-AB-P-349
TBWP Laser Cavity Maintenance S-AB-P-047
OPCPA S1 Performance/Tuning S-AB-P-562
OPCPA S2 Performance/Tuning S-AB-P-563
SP Throttle Calibration S-AB-P-557
OPCPA / OPA S1 Saturation Energy Calibration S-AB-P-587
SP Isolation Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-588
High Fluence Apodizer
HFAPOD Pinhole Check S-AB-P-533
LS1/2 SP HFAPOD Alignment S-AB-P-650
15cm SSA
15cm SSA Amplifier Alignment S-AB-P-564
15cm SSA Amplifier Hold-Off Test S-AB-P-547
15cm SSA Amplifier Timing Test S-AB-P-565
Glass Amp Input ED Calibration S-AB-P-160
Source Output NF Energy Calibration S-AB-P-566
Source Output Isolation Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-567
Switchout SSPD Pulse Width Adjustment S-AB-P-600
Phase Modulator
Phase Modulator Bandwidth Measurement S-AB-P-568
Failsafe System Inspection S-AB-P-179
SBSS Phase Modulator Replacement S-AB-P-599
Pre-Amp Alignment S-AB-P-570
Pre-Amp Timing S-AB-P-571
Pre-Amp Hold-Off S-AB-P-572
Pre-Amp Chiller Maintenance S-AB-P-473
Pre-Amp Flashlamp Replacement S-AB-P-573
Nd:Glass Rod Replacement S-AB-P-574
Pre-Amp Isolation Stage Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-575
Pre-Amp Out ED Calibration S-AB-P-606
LARA Hold-Off Test S-AB-P-161
LARA Cavity PCD Timing S-AB-P-410
LARA Cavity Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-162
LARA Cavity PCD Voltage Check S-AB-P-496
LARA Switchout PCD Timing S-AB-P-409
LARA Switchout Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-546
LARA Switchout PCD Voltage S-AB-P-496
LARA Alignment S-AB-P-402
Sources/LARA Output Energy Diagnostic Calibration S-AB-P-566
Sources Output NF Energy Calibration S-AB-P-566
Sources Output Isolation Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-546
LARA Input Isolation Contrast Measurement S-AB-P-589
CLARA/LARA PC Driver Replacement S-SM-P-401
Bournlea Pockel Driver Replacement Checklist S-AB-P-577
Large Aperture PC Driver Voltage Check S-SM-P-023
4w Probe
IR Transport Alignment S-AB-P-585
UV Transport Alignment Check S-AB-P-586
4w Probe LARA Out Diagnostic Energy Calibration S-AB-P-614
4w Frequency Conversion Table
FCC Tuning Procedure S-AB-P-578
FCT IR NF Energy Calibration S-AB-P-615
FCT UV NF Energy Calibration S-AB-P-616
Check FCT Focus Lense Alignment to TCC S-AB-P-583
4w Probe FCT Retraction/Insertion S-AB-P-524
Inspect and Clean Optics S-AB-P-576
Pinhole Centering Check S-AB-P-533
Energy Diagnostic Calibration S-AB-P-160
Glass Amp Input ED Wavelength Factor Calibration S-AB-P-664
UOPA Energy Diagnostic Calibration S-AB-P-527
Throttle Calibration S-AB-P-557
Check AOM Timing S-AB-P-554

Maintenance Procedures -Diagnostic

Ross Installation and Setup S-AB-P-341
ROSS Camera Installation and Setup S-AB-P-494
IR & UV Ross Calibration S-AB-P-548
IR & UV Ross Temporal Calibration S-AB-P-379
Ross Weekly Camera Check S-AB-P-358
Scientific Chiller Flush S-AB-P-257
Energy Diagnostic (ED)
ED Camera Replacement S-AB-P-046
Tessa Maintenance S-AB-P-424
SPDP Ross Temporal Calibration S-AB-P-584
SPDP Ross Slit Alignment S-AB-P-539
Scanning Autocorrelator (SAC)
Scanning Autocorrelator Maintenance S-AB-P-421
IR Spectrometer Calibration S-AB-P-433
PSC / PSM Oscilloscope Calibration S-AB-P-343
70 Ghz Tek Scope Calibration S-AB-P-667
Periscope Vacuum Maintenance S-AB-P-598


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