OMEGA Shot Director

System Description
Section Document  Name Procedure ID
OMEGA EP System Description System Overview
Control System
Facility and Safety Interlocks
Shot Procedures  Shot Director’s Watch Start Checklists S-OM-P-067
 Shot Director’s Shot Checklists S-OM-P-163
 Closed Access for OMEGA EP Type 7 Target Shot S-OM-P-164
Type 1 – Laser Drivers Only S-OM-P-165
Type 2 – Non-Propagating S-OM-P-166
Type 3 – A Splitter S-OM-P-167
Type 4 – Terminating in Laser Bay S-OM-P-168
Type 5 – Terminating in Target Bay (Non-Target) S-OM-P-169
Type 6/7 – Ambient Target Shot Checklists S-OM-P-170
Type 6/7 – Spherical Cryo Checklists S-OM-P-171
Type 6 – Planar Cryo Target Shot Checklists S-OM-P-172
General Procedures  Abort Checklists S-OM-P-069
 Post-Shot Checklist S-OM-P-070
 Shot Director’s Securing Checklist S-OM-P-071
 Shot Director Guidelines for Logging Delays on OADL S-OM-P-072
 Shot Request Form Interface – SRF Changes S-OM-P-073
 Facility Keycard Door Locks S-OM-P-074
 General Policy Reference S-OM-P-075
 TC-TRS Usage S-OM-M-066
DT Ops Tracker Training Q-TR-M-082
 Cryo Shroud Sequencing and Target Detection Overview S-OM-P-076
 MIFEDS Overview and Supplemental Checklists S-OM-P-077
Startup Procedures Shot Director/ Facility Interlock S-OM-P-019