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Section Document Name Procedure ID
Front Matter Maintenance Index & Schedules S-OM-P-029
Control System Procedures
Replace PLC Backup Batteries S-SM-P-225
Reprogram Neuron Module S-SM-P-226
Check and Balance Video Inputs S-SM-P-227
Laser Bay Structure Grounding S-SM-P-228
Laser Bay Non-Amp Structure Grounding S-SM-P-229
Target Bay Non-Amp Structure Grounding S-SM-P-230
Target Chamber, TMS, Fiducial Grounding S-SM-P-231
750 KVA Controls (Dump Buttons) S-SM-P-232
Facility Interlock Executive Warning Signs S-SM-P-233
Facility Door Interlocks S-SM-P-234
Check Charge Warning Bells & Beacons S-SM-P-235
Test All OMEGA Public Address Zones S-SM-P-236
Test All OMEGA AFCs S-SM-P-237
Inspect CAMAC Crate Filters S-SM-P-238
OMEGA Target Bay Elevator Test S-SM-P-386
Hardware Timing System Procedures
Rate Regenerator Module Replacement S-SM-P-239
Diagnostic Rate Check S-SM-P-240
Digital Fan-Out Unit Replacement S-SM-P-241