Cleanliness Controls


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Section Document Name Procedure ID
Front Matter Maintenance Index & Schedules S-OM-P-033
User Area Cleaning Procedures
Clean Drivers Tables & Structures S-SM-P-335
Clean IRAT Area S-SM-P-341
Clean UVAT Area S-SM-P-354
Clean Periscope Mirror Assembly S-SM-P-358
Clean Amplifier Assembly Area Equipment S-SM-P-360
Clean PGR/DER Equipment S-SM-P-362
Clean LDL Equipment S-SM-P-364
Laser Bay Structure Cleaning Procedures
Clean Rod Amplifier Structures S-SM-P-336
Clean Spatial Filter & Relay Structures S-SM-P-337
Clean Beam Split Structures S-SM-P-338
Clean Disk Amplifier Structures S-SM-P-339
Clean FCC Structures S-SM-P-340
Target Bay Structure Cleaning Procedures
Clean F-ASP Structures S-SM-P-350
Clean End Mirror Structures S-SM-P-351
Clean Target Mirror Structures S-SM-P-352
Clean Target Mirror Structure Platforms S-SM-P-353
Floor, Wall, and other Platform Cleaning Procedures
Clean Manlifts S-SM-P-342
Clean Stairs & Ladders S-SM-P-343
Clean Cleanroom Floors S-SM-P-344
Clean Cleanroom Walls S-SM-P-345
Clean Non-Cleanroom Floors S-SM-P-346
Tacky Mats S-SM-P-348
Clean Overhead Crane S-SM-P-355
Clean Target Bay Elevator S-SM-P-356
Clean Target Bay Stairwell S-SM-P-357
Clean LIM Bridge S-SM-P-359
Clean Non-Cleanroom Walls S-SM-P-363
Cleanroom Laundry Procedures
Cleanroom Laundry S-SM-P-347
Air Quality Procedures
Air Quality Measurements S-SM-P-349
Check Operation of HEPA Filter Fans S-SM-P-361