Omega Laser Facility Documentation

Instruction 3000: Laser Facility Organization and Regulation Manual

PDF version
Operator Qualification Cards Webpage
Blank WAP form M-TM-M-048 Word Version
Blank Post Test Sheet M-TM-M-049
Lock Sign out Sheet Word Version

Instruction 6950: Incident Review and Reporting

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Blank IR document S-SA-M-071 Word version

Instruction 6300: Lockout/Tagout

S-SA-M-059 PDF version
Lockout/Tagout Sheet M-TM-M-045

OMEGA Facility and Component Maintenance

Facility Training Modules Webpage
VisRad Information
PI Training



Cryo & Tritium Facility

System Description Volume I Volume VII Volume IV
Startup Procedures Volume IX
Operating Procedures Volume II Volume VIII Volume V
Maintenance Procedures Volume III Volume X Volume VI
Grounding Plan S-AA-G-002 S-AC-G-018

Procedure Organized by Operations Group

Shot Director Shot Director Amplifiers
Drivers Sources Power Conditioning
Beamlines Beamlines Cleanliness Controls
Experimental Experimental OMAN
Experimental Cryo Technician Controls