Quick Shots

Alexei Kozlov, Semyon Papernov, Brittany Taylor, Andrey Okishev in New Damage Test Facility

New Damage Test Facility

Staging Cryogenic Targets; Desiree Bouwens securing one of the carts and Matt Maslyn preparing for the next cryogenic campaign

Staging Cryogenic Targets

Attendees of 2012 OSA and APS meetings tour
Engineer Raymond Huff characterizing probe laser beam at a relay image plane of target chamber center
Scientist mounting cryogenic targets
Christa Caggiano holding a photoaligned liquid crystal device she made that converts linearly polarized light to radially polarized light
A NIF phase plate is being characterized within this test facility by Jo Bunkenburg and Charles Kellogg.
Scott Hylas (left) and Mark Bowman (right) examine large UV-beam reflecting mirrors
Aimee Owens with her advisor, Tanya Kosc, at a liquid crystal circular polarizer (LCP) identifying and testing possible degradation mechanisms
Rick Roides and Christophe Dorrer at the Ultrafast Optical Parametric Amplifier in the Laser Development Laboratory
Riccardo Betti Honored with DOE Award from Steven Chu
Multiple-FM Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion (Multi-FM SSD)
NIF Preamplifier Module (NIF PAM)
Multilayer-Dielectric Diffraction Gratings; Heather Howard
Attendees of the OLUG 2012 workshop
Josh Reindl accessing the flash lamps in one of the sixty beamlines

Maintaining OMEGA

OMEGA electron spectrometer
Mackenzie Hall mounting a sample of an adhesive into a dynamic mechanical analyzer
Streaked Optical Pyrometer Upgrade
Four of the moving cryostat transfer carts (MCTC) are shown ready for docking with the target chamber
View OMEGA from the Visitors Gallery
Stephen Craxton and Patricia Olson
Matt Moore (left) describing the upgrade of the OMEGA EP's infrared alignment table to Doug Jacobs-Perkins
Mark Romanofsky fine tuning the installation of the shroud cooler and guide rail plates