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Quick Shot of OLUG 2021 Group

OLUG 2021

2020 Timeline plaque
John Palastro
Experiments using the OMEGA Laser System Campaign Optical Depth 19A&B with collaborators from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Soreq Nuclear Research Center, Yavne, Israel (SNRC), University of Oxford Clarendon Laboratory (UO) 21 August 2019; Gabriel Perez-Callejo, David Bishel, Josef Ehrlich, Moshe Fraenkel, Ze'ev Shpilman, Ed Marley, and Jim Emig
Video still from Adapting the Laboratory for Laser Energetics to the Pandemic video
Gilbert "Rip" Collins shown in APS TV video clip
Target chamber experiment shown on top and a group photo of the operations team beneath
Wade Bittle, Russ Follett, and Varchas Gopalaswamy
Energy being harvested from the sun
Frames were designed and produced for four-omega fiducial
Rick Spielman
Kim Budil, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2020 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Awards; Dustin Froula
Target rack

Cryogenic Target Racks

Terry Kessler
LLE Diversity Career Fair Friday, 11 December 3 to 5 PM