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Lubin Initiates Laser–copy

Pre-1970: University of Rochester Assistant Professor Moshe J. Lubin initiates laser-matter interaction studies using ruby, and Nd:glass lasers. Eastman Kodak Company abandons their medical laser line and Lubin obtains surplus Kodak lasers and electronics. Photo courtesy of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, and Preservation, University of Rochester Libraries  

Patent for LLE Technology Awarded

2020: A patent was awarded for “System and Methods for Spatiotemporal Control of a Laser and Laser-Plasma Applications that Require Velocity Matching,” by LLE’s Plasma and Ultrafast Physics Group Leader, Dustin Froula, and Optical and Imaging Sciences Group Leader, Terry Kessler. D. H. Froula and T. J. Kessler, “Systems and Methods for Spatiotemporal Control of […]

The Center for Matter at Atomic Pressures Funded by the National Science Foundation

2020: The Center for Matter at Atomic Pressures (CMAP) was awarded $12.96 million toward research focusing on understanding the physics and astrophysical implications of matter under pressures so high that the structure of individual atoms is disrupted. The Principal Investigator is Rip Collins, University of Rochester Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics and LLE’s Associate […]