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Glass Laser Amplifier

1974: Several laser-amplifier concepts were investigated in the 1970s at LLE, including this 90-mm-diam Nd:glass amplifier using phosphate glass. The basic design of this amplifier is being used in today’s OMEGA Laser System. Shown here is Steve Kumpan working on a laser amplifier

Numerical Modeling of Laser-Produced Plasmas

1973: In an article titled “Numerical Modeling of Laser Produced Plasmas,” Edward Goldman, who headed the LLE theory effort at that time, published results on numerical modeling in Plasma Physics. Theoretical calculations showed the benefits of short-wavelength laser irradiation for laser-fusion targets. There was also an interest in the use of laser fusion for the production […]

DELTA Target Chamber

1973: This vacuum chamber was used for a variety of early laser-matter interaction and implosion experiments at LLE in the early to mid-70s. Some of the pioneering experiments conducted on DELTA included: cryogenic deuterium targets, early measurements of stimulated scattering in laser-produced plasmas, and compressed plasma density measurements using Stark broadening of x-ray lines. Shown […]

The Laser Fusion Feasibility Project

1972: The Laser Fusion Feasibility Project (LFFP) was established at LLE. It was the first privately funded effort involving industry-university-government collaboration to investigate laser fusion as an energy source for the future. The LFFP consortium together invested $35 million to the development of inertial fusion as an energy source. This represented the largest single contribution […]

LLE Grows

1972: By 1972, LLE had grown to 40 faculty and staff with a budget of $1 million. Shown here is the LLE staff in 1972.