Quick Shot

Periodic Fire Extinguisher Inspections

November 21, 2022
Vivian Zinszer with Josh Jaworowicz performing inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Shown (bottom) is LLE Electrical Specialist Vivian Zinszer directing the extinguisher left to right at the base of the fire defusing the fire. Also shown is UR Fire Safety Inspector Josh Jaworowicz reinstalling the tamper seal after every use.

LLE personnel participated in hands-on training with fire extinguishers on 4 October. There are many aspects in maintaining emergency response equipment, especially fire extinguishers, which are at the forefront of fire responses. Shown (top) are LLE Electrical Specialist Vivian Zinszer with UR Fire Safety Inspector Josh Jaworowicz performing periodic inspection and maintenance of LLE’s fire extinguishers. This is one of the duties Vivian shares with Sher Mohammad Shafi, who is a Trades Helper that regularly performs extinguisher inspections. Monthly inspections include corrosion checks, yellow tag integrity, and gauge indication, all of which are signed off and dated. Yearly inspections include the monthly inspections in addition to breaking the tab and pulling the pin; weighing and recording the unit; continuity checks with select CO2 units, and the installation of and sign off on a new yellow tag. Additionally, monthly LLE inspections also include fire extinguisher checks.