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Monthly Safety Inspections

March 14, 2022
Four images of safety inspections in OMEGA EP.

Providing a safe work environment is critical for the success of every organization. LLE’s safety officers perform periodic walk-throughs on a rotating schedule to ensure every research space is inspected every six months. Issues and areas for improvement are identified and communicated to the work area supervisors who are present during the inspection. The Omega Laser Facility inspections are carefully coordinated to allow thorough reviews to be performed with minimal impact to operations. Photos from a recent inspection of the OMEGA EP Laser System are shown here. Inspections are led by LLE Safety management and include participation of work area representatives, LLE Safety Officers representing Chemical, Electrical, Fire, Laser, Mechanical, and Radiation Safety disciplines, and frequently include University EH&S personnel. To view LLE’s Safety Team members visit the LLE Safety Zone home page.