Quick Shot

The BEST Research Program for Rochester City Schools

August 16, 2021
Group shot of BEST Research Program for high school students and teachers

The LLE Broad Exposure to Science and Technology (BEST) Research Program for high school students and teachers is being held this summer at East High, part of the Rochester City School District (RCSD). The participants include (from left to right) East High teachers Trent Russell and Gavin Jenkins; East High students Yusuf Gazali, Reganae Walters, Taiasia Gibson, and Ramir Wearen; and program coordinator Terry Kessler, Senior Research Engineer and LLE Diversity Manager. Examples of the many experimental activities can be seen on the TV screen behind them. To display each day’s goals and to address questions raised by students and faculty, a “Google board” staging is used, employing markers and self-stick notes. These participants will serve as ambassadors of the research program as it expands within the RCSD.