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Upgrade to the OMEGA Beamline Alignment System

July 12, 2021
The stage F Alignment Sensor Package (F-ASP).

Updated optical assembly shown on the left, and original optical assembly from 1995 shown on the right. Inset photo shows Mark Romanofsky installing one of the F-ASP’s in the Target Bay.

The stage-F alignment sensor package (F-ASP) is an end-of-chain alignment system that is used to monitor the pointing and centering for all 60 beamlines on the OMEGA Laser System. Each F-ASP consists of a highly achromatic 3.3-m effective focal length, f/12, all-spherical, three-mirror objective, often referred to as a Tri-Schiefspiegler and an optical relay package with camera. Six 30-ton, Granitan® structures located in the OMEGA Target Bay provide highly stable platforms for the F-ASP’s. The optical relay package was recently upgraded to use a digital camera, eliminate moving optics, and increase the field of view. Ray Huff managed the F-ASP Digital System Upgrade project that was supported by 30 LLE personnel and took approximately 15 months to design, procure, and integrate the upgraded relays onto OMEGA. Key members of the team were Joe Kwiatkowski (PI), Mark Romanofsky (lead ME), Rob Moshier (ME), Keith Shaugnessy (ME), Nermina Mahmutovic (Optical Engineer), Diana Coppenbarger (Software Engineer), Bob Peck (Controls Management), Alex Pita (Network Support), Matt Kamm (Lead Installer), Brian Lee (Lead Assembler), Mike Ngo (Assembler/Prep), and Don Farris (Cable Fabrication). Organization, procurement, and mechanical support was provided by Chad Abbott, Greg Amos, Tim Clark, and Mark Sickles. General project support was provided by Paul Melnik, Mike Hofer, Tom Buczek, Matt Heimbeuger, Mark Labuzeta, Albert Consentino, Anthony Agliata, Sam Morse, Jason Puth, Chuck Sorce, Milt Shoup, Jeff Hart, and Dave Weiner.