Microscope Measures Submicron Features on Cryogenic DT Targets

A new cryogenic microscope has been  deployed to measure submicron features in cryogenic DT targets. The microscope was installed in the Fill and Transfer Station #2 (FTS#2) where targets, travelling in the  Moving Cryostat Transport Carts (MCTC), are imaged without the MC shroud. The system requires a minimum of three technicians to simultaneously and independently operate the MCTC, the cryogenic microscope, and the FTS#2. Shown here are the  MCTC operator Michael Coffey, microscope operator, Dean Bredesen, and FTS#2 operator, Ben Ruth collaborating to measure a cryogenic target. The FTS#2 microscope control interface is seen in the foreground showing an image of the meniscus of the liquid DT fuel in the target prior to freezing. MCTC#7 is shown immediately behind them while the Dome of FTS#2 can be seen in the background. A composite, processed image of the shell surface is shown in the inset. This image from a previous Quick Shot helps show the scale of the MCTC.